Questions Concerning PayPal Credit for the WA Black Friday Special

Last Update: November 14, 2019

The Scenario...

Sorry for the space above the image. The image is there for a functional purpose rather than decoration. I have not mastered GIMP yet and I'm in Linux right now :)

This concerns some questions about Wealthy Affiliate and PayPal Credit.

I find that I do not have enough available funding to subscribe early under the Black Friday Special. Ironically, this day, upon reading Kyle's recent blog post concerning the Special and the parameters of it this year, I also received a PayPal Credit offer in the mail, which is very eppealing to me at this time! It makes for an awesome co-incicence!

First I want to commend Kyle and Carson for making the grandfathering in of the $299 to subsequent years as a member here at Wealthy Affiliate. I have been paying the 2005 amount since I first became a member in 2010. This is indeed a savings!

For the first time in my life, I have applied for a credit account. I have always been against doing this because of the consumer credit scene and the traps this system generally holds.

This says a lot for Wealthy Affiliate because I found it to be more of an investment than a consumer-based purchase - for very obvious reasons!

I was approved for a PayPal line of credit which will ONLY be used as "debt service" rather than consumer credit. Debt service is that kind of credit that is normally used by business entities in calculated risk scenarios. Even though the PayPal creditline is essentially a consumer credit arrangement, notthing keeps me from treating it like a debt-service account.

In 2008, I approached Wealthy Affiliate regarding questions about creating a website for books that I was writing at the time. When I actually joined, I attempted to create campaigns the usual way as prescribed in the teaching here. This has not worked for me, not because of any short-comings on the part of Wealthy Affiliate, but anomalies in my own character.

I am suited only to reach a very limited audience. It happens that this rules out most niches and even industries. It isn't that this hasn't worked for me, just that it hasn't held my interests and my own writing is not suitable for most audiences, as I have repeatedly found in my vital stats.

I plan on useing my account here, for that which I originally approached Wealthy Affiliate about 12 years ago. The resulting website will contain articles and research that will eventually be transferred to a multi-volume non-fiction set I am now contemplating.

My Questions...

That's that. Now my questions regarding PayPal Credit.

I need answers before resting assured this is going to work with getting in on the Black Friday offer...

Today I applied and was approved for PayPal Credit. Does Wealthy Affiliate accept this form of payment?

Please refer to the image above for the next question.

Does the phrase, "We'll use your balance first." refer to the actual amount available in PayPal, or does it refer to my bank account? I have not been able to find this answer in PayPal nor have I been able to get PayPal representatives to properly understand what I have asked them.

My Wealthy Affiliate subscription is set up as "automatic." Do I have to undo this before I can pay my subscription manually (hopefully with PayPal Credit) during the upcoming four-day special?

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BusyGirl Premium
They use your paypal balance first when specified over other payment forms like bank account or debit/credit cards. To make a payment from your bank account, it is called a transfer from your bank to your paypal account or transfer from your paypal account to your bank account. Paypal does not know the balance of your bank account and therefore will not use that as a payment form, that would have to come as a transfer. I hope this is clear!

As far as WA billing your paypal account, it works the same whether you pay from your paypal balance or your paypal credit account. Every merchant accepts your paypal payment from paypal - it is up to you to specify where the transaction is being paid from your balance or other card or bank associated with your paypal account. So you shouldn't have to undo anything in WA, when I didn't have enough on my paypal balance to make an automatic payment, paypal automatically used my other payment method that month.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Daniel, we can set the payment sources for automatic payments.

You may find this helpful.,-subscription,-automatic-billing,-or-installment-plan-faq1414

It is possible to set the source on individual payments to different providers.

Good to see that you are, here for another year best wishes.
Hi Alex,

Yes, I had initially followed these instructions as given in the WA Account Settings and so this has been done albeit I left the automatic payment option unticked because I don't think WA will automatically draw the funds for the Black Friday event and this needs to be done manually.

My big question right now is whether or not WA accepts PayPal credit. I initially did not plan on getting in on paying my yearly subscription during the Event. Being grandfathered into this every year however highly appeals to me. I had purchased very expensive and very rare books for my library that I need in my studies.

The PayPal Credit allows me to have my cake and eat it too! - That is, if WA accepts it! I guess what I really need to do is go to the WA Sales page and submit the question to the business office. My past experiences with that venue has not been satisfying.
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
Hi Daniel,

I assume you got your answer. I'm not familiar with PayPal credit, but I imagine that PayPal credit is between you and paypal. As long as it's a valid payment method in your paypal account I imagine the charge from Wealthy Affiliate would go through.
MarionBlack Premium
I haven't used PayPal Credit, Daniel, but when I've purchased stuff using PayPal they have used my PayPal balance first and only accessed my bank account and credit cards when my PayPal balance is exhausted. I'm sure they'll use your PayPal Credit before accessing your bank account. Otherwise, there would be no point in having a PayPal Credit option.

I'm glad you're sticking around for yet another year ✅😎💜
I have just never done very well with Affiliate Marketing. Again, that's me, not any kind of reflection on WA at all. The reason why I thought it best to stay here is primarily because of the wealth of tools and support that is here.

The work I'm going into is very massive and will likely take the rest of my life to complete if fate doesn't interrupt this effort. This will involve a new website and possibly some affiliate marketing on it though it will be primarily a springboard where I will be developing articles that will be joined together in a logical sequence in the finished volumes. The Platform here offers everything I need to this end. It is well-worth it to stay here now that this is materializing.

Being what it is, I cannot discuss this project on here because it involves church history. Of course, the mechanics involved can be discussed as they are the same as in any niche.
MarionBlack Premium
I wish you well with this endeavour, Daniel. Your perseverance is sure to pay off.
Mick18 Premium
Will use your balance first. This means any available funds that you have in Paypal to me.

Congrats on going with the Black Friday offer. It is definitely the way to go.
That's what I'm thinking but need to be sure my bank account doesn't get accessed first. I got two PayPal representatives with English notably their second language! Usually presents a communication barrier.

Another thing I noticed was that my Internet service went up - at a cost that totals $60 /year. The Offer here offsets that exactly and this of course, is just for this year only as the Internet service will only go up again next year LOL!

Thanks :)
Mick18 Premium
Another thing if you don't want them taking your Paypal funds you'll want to transfer that money to your bank account beforehand.

Also, I believe it is possible to set up your preferred way to pay online as Paypal Credit.

When they raised our internet my husband calls and asks if there are any specials or any way to get the rate lowered. Which normally leads them to give us a better deal. Just saying it doesn't hurt to ask if there are any deals.
Yes, I did this. Shown in the image above, that's where I got the balance thing from.

As far as upping the price on my Internet service yes, I tried to have it lowered the last time it went up. That was "no-dice." I have Spectrum. In the apartment complex where I live, it's the only ISP allowed. Don't know why but that's the rules here. However, the only other service available is Frontier. Ha! I just happen to live in one of the very few, very small pockets of area that isn't serviced!

There are other ISPs in the area but none of them provide any more than a fraction of the speeds Spectrum offers. I'm stuck with the current price or simply drop my Internet service altogether. Of course, that is out of the question, especially staying in WA.