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Car Oil Changing Benefits Engine Life, Myths Lies, and Truths

Car Oil Changing Benefits Engine Life, Myths Lies, and Truths. The myth of car oil changing at 3000 miles or 5000km is a lie. Your car has a service schedule and it’s written in black and white how often you need car oil changing.


Why Should you change the oil in your car at its recommended schedule, Because there is so much dirt in the gasoline/Diesel that we use to power the engines, we need to keep it regularly maintained, You have an oil and fuel filter in your car somewhere underneath or in the bonnet of your car, that is not enough protection. The fuel and oil filter will eventually clog up fail blocking fuel flow and reduced engine performance and then damage your engine. This why having the oil changed at the recommended time is essential. Otherwise you are waisting $MONEY$


Many newer cars do not have to be changed until 15000 miles or 8,000 km or higher than that is the case of some newer European models. Having clean engine oil is important, but we are conditioned to believing in the 5000-mile myth by the big oil companies. Read your manual it’s right in the maintenance schedule.


There are three methods of Car Oil Changing

1. Take your car to your local mechanic drop it off for the day or wait around a while for them to complete the job. This is usually the least expensive.

2. Drive your car for a quick oil change drive over the pit they dump the oil and check your filters and tire pressure usually takes 10 minutes or so. Most dealers have this option available.

3. Here is the cheapest but, most labor intensive way. Do it yourself, its a bit messy sometimes but, if you are careful the clean up is fairly quick and easy.

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