Why am i being charged American money for my Membership fee. I am in Canada and WA is in Canada.

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LRenee Premium
That’s a good question. It could be that USD is still considered the reserve currency. Since people from all over the world purchase WA membership, they likely wanted to use a currency more individuals new how to roughly calculate into their own currency. Maybe that’ll change and we’ll see another currency as the anchor point.

I’ve worked with clients in Canada before. I’m in the United States. PayPal converts the funds so it’s an even exchange.
MKearns Premium
An interesting article here about the potentiality of the US flirting with annexation of BC and Canada's rush to federate to prevent that happening. http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/british-columbia-and-confederation/
Kambas Premium
I would say it's because WA is connected to PayPal so they want to receive payments in US Dollars otherwise there are exchange fees from CAD to USD.
Gordon-D Premium
Because that's the currency WA works with
emerald860 Premium
I'm here over 5 years and it's always been charged in U.S. dollars. Perhaps it's because most of the members were from the U.S. in the beginning. I'm in Ireland so I pay in USD as well. Alanna