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Last Update: Dec 13, 2015


What you want to know.

The first thing you want to know is that Four Corners Alliance Group LLC Just Another Pyramid? or is it a legal Muli-Level marketing company. It is a legal Business. Whether it is ethical is another story.

Four Corners sells personal financial Planning books along with real-estate investment and stock market educational Materials.

Using a 4X6 matrix pyramid system. You start by recruiting four People and then they hopefully recruit 4 people. Then as the pyramid compounds to six levels deep or more, eventually, your affiliate matrix could grow to a staggering Four thousand ninety-six people (4096).

I can show the potential numbers with this infographic below, but they probably won’t be accurate and, to be honest, they usually do not show the real amount of money that can be made, just the potential income you might compile. But at this point, it's not true for most people.


The cost to start is $18 after that you will pay an ongoing monthly fee to receive the Four corners newsletter $29.95 and you get an 80% commission from your downline when they sign up for the newsletter. Then with each person you sponsor into the Matrix you get an $18 Eight dollar commission.

You have to get the four ( GOOD LUCK ).

You, then buy several books in each of 6 levels which you will receive a commission. The deeper your matrix goes the higher the commission becomes.

By the way, it is all residual income for as long you remain a member of the Four Corners Alliance Group.


Ok, Lets say you can get the four people to start a business with you. You are not going to make a lot of money. They say you will make thousands of $$$$ Dollars but in order to make the big bucks, you will pay for the extra training materials.

Not mention the amount of Promoting, upselling and recruiting you have to do to make the amount of money projected in the company sales pitch.

Level One- books $16 are about learning about the essentials I guess that means the business you have just joined

Level Two- $16 All about becoming a billionaire Investor ( Building the DREAM)

Level three- $33.25 How to get out of your credit card debt, buying life insurance and setting up a living will.

Level four- $79.80 How not to get into debt and identity theft.

Level five- $199.50 Real estate and precious metals investment.

Level six- $399 More about real estate and stock market investing.

Who can benefit from this business– people that have time and money to invest in a Multilevel-Marketing Scheme.If you don’t have the extra time or money don’t bother, because the longer you stay in and don’t make any sales the more money you will spend on the training/books, which, by the way, are the same books you are actually selling to others that might join your Matrix.You GOT It! They make money while you stay at home and buy! buy! buy!

Then when you Quit they have your money and you, You have nothing but a bunch of books to throw in the recycling pile or you canstart a BONFIRE with them.

Well as you can see by now I am not at all impressed by the system Four Corners Alliance Group uses or the methods that they call THE MATRIX they use to make themselves rich. I will not recommend the company to any of my friends, family or business associates,

I hope we are friends now too.

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Thanks Dan. There appears to be a lot of this style schemes popping up daily. Always making their claims of easy wealth capturing many that really are not aware of how these things work until they realize they may have been had. It is not a sound foundation to build a business upon.

Getting the word out is so important and then offering them the real solution the this madness...Wealthy Affiliate.
Have a great day!

I think this one is a little more legit they have a good product but the MLM is the part i don't like.

Agreed Dan. Actually I should have been a bit more clear in my comment which was pretty broad and I do apologize for that as it was not meant to condemn them in particluar. FCA has worked for some, they do have good product, but the structure as it is could be a problem at least in my experience.

Have a great week Dan

Who can MOST benefit from this business, (or any other of its type) -usually guaranteed to be those that start it up or are right up near the top. I enjoyed this discussion thread Dan. :)

I only with that this discussion was on my website it would have been great for rankings for all of us.

If we're not careful, we can lose a lot of money joining these companies. Thank you for the warning.


If you have a big mailing list of gullible people you can probably recruit 4000 people and make some good money. For me, making money is not the issue. Having to sell product of questionable value and having most of the people who get involved loose money is the issue. Very few people will be able to fill even their third level.

What Dan describes is a classic MLM scam. That doesn't mean the MLM business model is a scam. Creating an income based on the sales of you team makes a lot of sense. Just make sure you are working with a quality product that is competitively priced and an ethical company with a fair compensation plan. Look out for front loading, big back end up-sells and incomes based on recruiting rather than sales of quality products.

What MLM do you consider not to be a scam?

Example: Lopoca, Herbalife, Amway, those are no Scams for sure, but on Dan's website even Herbalife is a scam...

Really Bert? You must to be smarter than following (and promoting) an MLM scam.

I was part of herbalife and Amway and other pyramids ... WOW - is all I can say ..... what a way to scam peeps out of money ...

You know why I do not agree with MLM's/pyramids Bert, why is it that you defend them so valiantly, have you recently been 'brainwashed by one'?

Have you been burnt by an MLM, or are you currently in one and do not like to hear others opinions of MLM's?

In the U.S., understand that "legal" is not equivalent to 'moral' or 'ethical' standards.

I expect we are still cool and are able to speak candidly with one another Bert.

E Here is proof and I didn't write it.

I think you have to search for the latest status of the whole HBL situation:

This is the guy that you are following, where you believe in:

This is, and numbers never lie, what their current situation is on the stock market:

And this is a typical example of which kind of sources you use:

So, after September 2015 there was not development anymore?
Of course, there was development, but it is a development they don't like and so they don't publish it...

It is very easy to get some people before a camera and let them say, what you want them to say, that is really not difficult...
Especially when they lost some $$$ with HBL and they don't want to take own responsibility...
Because that's something people "like" tot forget: When you start with HBL, you start also your own company with your own tax number and everything, that means that you have to be devoted to your business, certainly the first years, to get it successful.
And that also a big part of the problem, people start their own company, with presenting the products they buy from another company and they expect that they can sell those things without hard labour, they expect people coming to them and ask them if they can join their group...
Things do not work like that....

Or do you want to know Bloombergs opinion:
Important sentence: "Just because you don’t like a business doesn’t mean it is destined to die."

And to end I want to give you this very honest article which explains the ups and the downs of HBL as a company, an MLM company...
In every company there are ups and down...

HBL and FTC have almost settled everything and HBL has made some changes to be more a year 2015 company then a year 2000 company, also a process every big company has to do every 10 - 15 years...

I know it will not change your mindset and actually the only thing I wanted to do is helping you to change the negative image people in the internet marketing business clearly have about sites like yours...
And probably also outside the internet marketing business....
That is not something that I have been saying, I am just the messenger, but I can understand why people say this...

Please, read the opinions on my blog of yesterday, you cannot ignore all those people their voice...

And now I want to stop this subject, cause it doesn't matter.
If you don't want to open your eyes, then I don't want to spend more energy in this matter...

And please Dan, I don't know you as a person, so don't think this is personal for me...


Hey E, of course, we stay cool and I am glad we having finally a different opinion about something! :-)

Look, when I have to choose for the same opportunity and everything exactly the same, but the first company is an MLM company and the second a "normal" company, then I would definitely choose for the normal company...
To start because people have a bad perception on MLM companies...

But that does not matter, the thing that I try to say is: Give a company a fair chance! MLM or not...

I have been an HBL distributor also, 12 years ago for 1,5 year.
Made nice money with it, was almost GET team member, but I stopped with it, because I am not that "healthy" guy that never drinks or smokes... And my personal lifestyle and the expectations of lifestyle you have presenting those products where getting a problem.
(I was 23 - 24 years old, I mean, I wanted to party ! )
And I bought at the start for €4500 products, which were sold within 3 months, but I worked for it, I had a site online, I went on the street, I did what I had to do when you start your own business...
I mean: I think it is normal that you invest some money in starting up a company and you really have to understand where you start with.
You are not an employee anymore, you start a business that sells products and that supports people to start up their own business...
That's a lot of work and you need to invest in your knowledge to be able to do that...
And I think that's why MLM's have such a bad name, people do not realize where they start with, they think too much: people will come to them, but that's not how the world works....

I think we can close the MLM subject more or less?
You can better send me some good music.... ;-)


lol - I figured as much - we remain! Ans it is good to disagree on somethings, keeps things real. :-)

Let's table MLM's until we meet someday and we can pitch a debate over some brewskies! .... In Vegas next year!

For now we can just call MLM - Much Love Man and roll on. :-) lol

I'l be sure to pass along some more tunes! I just got back from the emergency room, had to rush my wife in a 6 this morning. She's good for now but gonna need surgery.

So I am ROCKING - to vent of course!


:-) Of course, you know how much I discuss with my girlfriend, because we have another opinion.... ;-)

But that's a great idea: NEXT year in VEGAS!
That's a great goal!

Very MLM back to you.. ;-).

All's gonna be alright with your wife I hope?
That's stress, I can imagine you have to vent!

Good luck mate...


Thanks man, and yes, we shall meet in Vegas then!

My wife will be fine but sore, she's tough though (glad she's on my side when we hit the town lol).

I know your not a big metal fan but if you haven't heard Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny check it out, it's funny too. I'm jamming some of it right now. :-)


Their videos are funny, that's for sure..
I don't know why, but I have to think at Manowar and Iron Maiden at the same time, probably weird... :-)

I can imagine that you can express some emotions when you play this music!


I sure do

Hi Dan, I just watched the video at your link. A real eye opener about the "failure" rate of herbalife. That poor mans $$$ loss at 6.17 minutes. Did I hear correctly $45 000? It pays to do research on earnings disclaimers, etc before joining any company. Not just take the ra-ra dished out by those recruiting, at face value.

But also, people must accept responsibility for their own actions too. Why keep plugging money into buying products, tickets for seminars,etc when for whatever reason/excuse, it's not working for them?

Thanks for the share.

Just a note to everyone. I live in the Four Corners region and have a website promoting the Four Corners region. I looked up this scam site and they are located in Las VVegas, Nevada, not in the Four Corners!

Hello Dan,

I would like to show you this blog: Well, your blog here is a typical example of people that write negative reviews without any reason...

Did you actually joined 4 corners and tried to get 4 people in the business?
Maybe it does work?
Do you have a username at 4 corners?
Did you buy all those books, because you say it is crap, but did you read them before you say this or do you just assume this because you don't like MLM's?
Do you know a lot of businesses that have a startup cost less than $1000?
Do you know the yearly fee at WA is almost $600 (Jaaxy included)?
Why is 4 corners a scam, because I do not read any proof, only assumptions?

By the way= I know some people that have started with 4 corners, I do not hear any complaints about it....
They add easily 4 people in their group every week.
And those books learned them some stuff about the real-estate and the financial market...
And they are happy with the earnings....
Does that sound like a scam to you?
For me, it does not...

Your reviews sound more like the scam here...
And when I check your website: In your opinion almost everything is negative, or it is not recommended or it is a scam!
(I found "1 recommended with reservation"! Whoehoe!)
I did not check your complete site, so it possible that there is another somewhere behind a corner...
Do you really think people believe this?


I hope you didn't have a stroke when you read my review site. I think you got a little to excited. To see my website trying to promote WA. Which you apparently are currently a member. You wouldn't be here reading it if someone had not done a review. We are all entitled to an opinion. Thank you for yours.

It's ok, I still live... :-)

It's just like I told in my blog: People on the internet laughing with WA, because of this kind of review sites and I like WA too much to not say something about it.
And I am also convinced that there are other good programs out there...

And you cannot ignore the reaction of other members on my blog, I am not alone who thinks like this....

I saw you used this as your example do you have any more sites to use.

No, I added this as an example in my comments, because then there is crosslink between the 2 blogs, which is interesting for the readers...

But my initial blog was very vague, I did not want to tell names because that is no added value, but after all the things that have been said here and have been said there, I thought a crosslink was the needed to show all the readers how different people can think about something...

But to answer your question, I can easily provide you another 5, 10 or more sites that exactly do the same thing, but I prefer not to do that.
You can find them yourself, with google and the words review, scam and wealthy affiliate you will find them in no time...

Thanks for the review.


More to come!

I know there are many bad MLM that take advantage of people, but i don't think they are all bad and I know of one that is good. More to come.


Just another MLM/pyramid/scam

I was seriously looking to get in but I looked closer upsell is incredible and unsustainable.

Sure is. I've tried a few MLM's and found that having a clear conscious and peddling pyramids doesn't work. :-)

Is there a "ANTI MLM" club where I can join? ;-)

No but apparently there is a pro MLM club Bert. I choose not to be a member though. ;-)

Me neither, don't understand me wrong, but I just think they all deserve a fair chance until proven differently... But I mean: Proven!

More folks have "proven" MLM's a scam that those you "prove them" not a scam.

I will fold and say that yes MLM's can make you money . . . if you want to spend money and peddle goods that you may or may not agree with ... and do not have a conscious that you'd like to keep clean.



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