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Any one who has been following me here will know I have shared a few social media links. Well today I have removed any links from blogs and questions. I personally have paid for traffic on Facebook got lots of likes and new friends, many from WA as well and I thank you. I know it hard to get organic traffic, there is ton of competition. I can't write reviews about businesses I don't know about( scam angle).I will be going into drop shipping on eBay. Two websites active and eBay will keep me bus
Car Oil Changing Benefits Engine Life, Myths Lies, and TruthsCar Oil Changing Benefits Engine Life, Myths Lies, and Truths. The myth of car oil changing at 3000 miles or 5000km is a lie. Your car has a service schedule and it’s written in black and white how often you need car oil changing.Why?Why Should you change the oil in your car at its recommended schedule, Because there is so much dirt in the gasoline/Diesel that we use to power the engines, we need to keep it regularly maintained,
March 24, 2016
TaglineBuy Your Dream Machine @ hotcarscoolmotorcycles comIntroductionThis website About-Hot cars and Cool Motorcycles will be dedicated to Promoting of Hot Rods Cars Automotive and Cool Motorcycles for sale.If you find anything of interest don't hesitate to have a good look at it and click through.You may just find the bargain you have been looking for.Buy Your Dream Machinesandman@hotcarscoolmotorcycles com
February 21, 2016
HOT CARS COOL MOTORCYCLESThis is the second page on my website i Hope you likeCars and Bikes Do Not Get Any HotterChevrolet Camaro High-Performance 1967-2016Chevrolet Camaro was first introduced to the Automotive market September 1966 for the 1967 model year.Chevrolet Camaro is a Pony car and a Muscle car.The Chevrolet Camaro was Chevys direct answer to the Ford Mustang.The Chevrolet Camaro has had 6 generations of, body and engineering changes in its long history. From 1967 to 2002 when Chevro
Let me Know what you Think. I use yoast all in one SEO to get all green lights before i publish.The Best and Only The BestFORD MUSTANG AMERICAN ORIGINAL PONY CARFORD MUSTANG AMERICAN ORIGINAL PONY CAR. The Mustang Brand was established on April 27th, 1964. This model is also known as 1964 1/2 since the car was released to the public mid-year.Cost $2,368The car was produced/manufactured in Dearborn Michigan.The Mustang was the most successful Ford brand since the Model A in 1903-04.FORD MUSTANG
Build 2 Websites Free Hosting Included How To.Build 2 Websites Free how to Start Today Hosting Included. 7 Day Free Trial. I am happy you landed on my build 2 websites free.I am Dan and I was also looking for free websites, But free isn’t always the best way to go when building a website.I was also looking to build 2 free websites to help me with my internet presence, in order to build an online marketing business.My first attempt was on a blog hosted on one of Facebooks many off-shoot ap
December 31, 2015
BBB Top Ten Scams of 2015#1 Scam this year of 2015 is the Tax audit scam 2363 are from The IRS (USA) and 50 From CRA (Canada) Between the two countries this makes up 24% of the scams being reported.#2 Debt Collectors Scam They call your home and threaten you to pay the money and you make a credit card payment over the phone and they have all the info they need to run your credit card to the max and even open new credit accounts in your name.#3 Sweepstakes, Gifts and Lottery Scams. You receive a
All free. I just posted the URL so you can see them and judge for yourself :)9 Free Anti-virus programs for 2016Here is a list of 9 top free Anti-virus programs for 2016 available for computer PC and laptop users worldwide.Since there is a ton of anti-virus programs out there, there is no reason not to have one of them on your computer, besides that most computers you can buy these days come preprogrammed with one already.That doesn’t mean can’t use another one as a backup just in c
On the lighter side of things, i have discovered through my email this lovely collection of Christmas Carols sung by a bunch of goats. I am sure you will enjoy them and hope you get a laugh from them. Merry Christmas. Here is another link.
What you want to know.The first thing you want to know is that Four Corners Alliance Group LLC Just Another Pyramid? or is it a legal Muli-Level marketing company. It is a legal Business. Whether it is ethical is another story.Four Corners sells personal financial Planning books along with real-estate investment and stock market educational Materials.Using a 4X6 matrix pyramid system. You start by recruiting four People and then they hopefully recruit 4 people. Then as the pyramid compounds to