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January 13, 2020
Just sharing my 3 year badge!!WA has given me the education to start 2 new businesses implementing what j have learned the the last year my global business has turned over $24000 and my U.K. business £14000.For the first year for these business's I'm very pleased ! WA changes lives!
Hey everyone! I hope we are all acheiving our goals here at WA so far! 2019 has been a very good year for me so far and I am truly grateful for what I have acheived as well as not giving up.Giving up was never in question but towards the end of 2018 I must admit I was frustrated at how things were going as I was not getting any referrals even though I was following the plan.Then I had referral and a paid subscription and was also hired to design a website for a client that I host on WA. Now I e
So I’ve started a daily forecasting service for one of my websites and I have subscribers who are paying me a subscription each month for my services.I have a contact within the niche industry who has his own mailing list and he actually wants to promote it through his business.My question and what I need help with is how can I create an affiliate code for his clients when they subscribe to my website? I was thinking a landing page for his clients with an affiliate code? Any advice would
So I have had a strange notification come through that I have just investigated.I requested site feedback on my website’s home page and I have actually received sure connebtd on a page I have not even requested comments on or requested any comments what’s so ever! I will have to take it up with site support but thought itvamuding to share.Has anyone else experienced this?
February 15, 2019
I have my first referral of the year!I find it amusing as on my last blog I wrote, I did say that I do not focus on WA referrals and not 24 hours later I get one! Yes I am delighted I won’t deny it! Ha ha I’m particularly happy as this referral was from my website and by the looks of it, it was an organic search to my WA landing page on my referral website.This is a great way to end the week and I cannot wait to start next week, however I will not stop just because it’s the w
Christmas Website2 days before Christmas I was approached by a business contact about doing a joint venture in an industry he has been on for over 30 years. He had the expertise and I had the know how on how online.This week our website has shifted yet again in momentum and has started to bring in revenue. $550 in the last 3 days in fact! I spent most of my holidays setting the site up and adding content in between family time however it is now paying off, I'm pleased to say.I had a great Chris
Site Commentsrecently I had a comment rejected for two reasons.The first reason that was given was that that my comments were not promoting the product !The second reason was stated that there were a few spelling mistakes.Now I am not annoyed or frustrated at this as I move on and get on with my day as I have no time to worry about this.I am not writing this blog to have a moan or rant but it got me thinking. Common Sense Please! I have never rejected a site comment as I believe every persons o
No Sales On a page with 732 hits per day!Thats right one of my pages on a niche website had 732 hits so really I should be really happy right?I am but it never generated any sales or click throughs to other pages, The PageThe page in question is just a page I posted with a watertank puzzle created by Albert Einstein as seen below from a screenshot.The page has sort of become a landing page and I would would really like to utilize it more but I'm not sure how.Further down the page I have include
Today I filed for divorce! How do I feel about that? LIBERATED!I have heard some people feel sad over filing for divorce as it is a sign of a failure of the marriage.I get that but for me, I am on a mission this year.I want a clean start for the future I am creating for myself and my kids. Filing for divorce is all part of my plan to be focused on my goals for this year as I am REMAIN POSITIVE If any of you are in a similar position, try and see it as a positive and channel that into your futur
For the last 5 weeks I have been setting up a subscription service on a new website which got indexed last week.Today I had my first paying subscriber to the new subscription service that I will deliver via an Auto responder broadcast.The Reason I am Sharing This is News! to share this as that first sale on my new website as on anyone new website in a new Niche gives you self belief that all the work you have done has paid off. For me it drives me on to the second sale, the third and so on.Just