Google Analytics Is Junk!

Last Update: May 28, 2019

I really don't like or understand why Google hates my site.Direct Traffic with no time on page or anything else done leaves me scratching my head.

If anyone can help me to understand how to stop this nonsense please let me know.

Here is one from bing

That's all I got for this very brief post.

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Pedrone Premium
My Friend Kyle give you an appropriate answer,
I only can tell you that before in my past I always looked out for the problems and I had a hell of times! because I lost time and stopped for understanding the problem and try to fix it, but never really I did fix it! or by the time I found a way to fix it, was already not a problem no more,
Have a good day!
LLettau1 Premium
I think Kyle is right about the bot traffic.
Swangirl Premium
I have figured out sometimes "direct" traffic is actually from Google etc. Also, the time on page may show as zero when that is not true. I have seen instances where someone was on my site and Analytics showed zero time on page but I know they were there for a while.

Basically, you can't trust it. It is a good reference but not highly accurate.
cramervod Premium
I am confused about how to even know which things to work on now. No numbers to go by with 115 post makes it seem pointless.
ophyax Premium
Hi Eric, how about you ask for Site feedback specifically about your content, and try to collect various opinions? Just a thought.
Kyle Premium
That is likely bot traffic, there is plenty of that online. It has nothing to do with Analytics or Google hating you, your traffic spike was not natural and was related to something else taking place that created this boost.
jlclayton1 Premium
It looks like you have a high bounce rate because there's some spam referral traffic hitting your site. Here's the link I used to filter them out, and maybe it will help you as well:
cramervod Premium
No, it's direct traffic Source direct medium none