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Really Short Blog Post Here.Has This Happened To Anyone Else?I am getting feedback intended for another person. If you look at the image it is inside of my site feedback area, but the actual response was for Mr. Positivity.
I really don't like or understand why Google hates my site.Direct Traffic with no time on page or anything else done leaves me scratching my head.If anyone can help me to understand how to stop this nonsense please let me know.Here is one from bingThat's all I got for this very brief post.
Let's talk about some strategy today. Why is SEO so profitable for those who go out and teach it? One big reason that Everyone Should Teach SEO is that it is the SLOWEST way to do marketing.Think about what this means. You can convince somebody else to invest in following your training for more then a year because you keep them in suspense for that big OUTCOME!One day you will see results but for now, you need to keep adding content so that the Search Engines Will Give You More Trust!Brilliant
Have you ever dealt with the frustrations that go with writing for a deadline? Or maybe you have gotten through your morning routine, set everything up just to sit and stare at the screen trying to think about what you will write today?What to do when you have writer block? Should you step away and try doing another task? Or can you simply look at the wall and pray for an idea?Recently I sat down and came up with ten wonderful ways to remove this painstaking ordeal from your day to day life. Al
April 07, 2018
Thought I would write this as a FYI, For anyone that has a domain coming up that needs renewal make sure you have the correct payment information. I expected it to use my paypal but since I didn't have that yet when I bought the domain it was still on a different payment option.Anyways mine didn't cause any problems other then it was a surprise I found in my email a few minutes ago. For others it could mean overdraft charges or something that wouldn't be much fun.
There are many things which come up and will stop a person from being themselves. But why is it people assume a phrase is harmless and cute.What's wrong with being shy? I ask this because I see it all the time, somebody is telling you "don't be shy" poking fun at a personality trait as if it's a disease.That's a bit of an exaggeration because no harm is meant, and still it remains a negative to many people.The idea that you can't voice your opinion or take action based on one factor. You just h
Some of you know that fear is just a simple emotion brought on by your instant thoughts. But others think of it as a handicap.What happens when you allow fear to cause bad thoughts? It overwhelms and removes your capabilities faster then you can get out a scream.But what is fear and how does it influence your mind? Because you know that you will be afraid again, it's just a matter of time before it happens.What can you do to prepare yourself, and what could you think about that will work to eli
February 28, 2018
Bring on the list of things for March :-)Eric
Would knowing how you can create the greatest motivation in your life yourself matter to you? It does for me and is why I work so hard to research everything I want to know.This alone gives me so much power that is required to understand every possible event that will ever happen in a way that becomes natural.Maybe you want to be the guy or girl who stays cool under pressure? Maybe you just want to wake up each morning and pick something that will be your activity for that day?No matter what yo
I just checked my email and saw this same thing 8x. Thinking it was probably a mistake I opened each one and saw that there was 8 different titles.