Increase Website Traffic with SEO - 479 Visitors Yesterday

Last Update: March 29, 2018

Pretty much all my visitors are organic. I have found the best way to increase website traffic is SEO content and plenty of it. When your website gets traction and you become a bit of an authority, your posts will start to rank well most of the time. The training here is the real deal.

They say the proof is in the pudding. Time and time again I have read success stories on here but it's only when you see it with your own eyes that you truly believe it.

I've had 900 visitors in one day. That was a one-off and I am not entirely sure how that happened. It was a bit of a freak event.

But this last week has seen my website traffic remain above 300 and peaking yesteday at 479! I woke up to 15 emails this morning so this is probably why.

Getting Organic Traffic

I don't bother too much with social media. I sometimes share a post on FB but I'm not active now on Twitter or Instagram. Each to their own of course but I prefer to focus on adding quality content.

Since day one this was my plan. In my first 12 months I published 192 posts and I could see my traffic growing all the time. I managed to earn just over $3000 in that first year.

If you are looking to start an online business this is the best place to do it. But you have to be prepared to work. It's all about buidling a foundation and adding content.

Pat Flyyn (I think) said that websites get full traction at 18 months, which is where I am now. It's encouraging when you start to see results improving.

Tips for Increasing Traffic

I'd like to share what I do when I write a post. Please follow the training here but there's a couple of things I do that help with ranking.

When I do a Google search on my main KW's I always look at the related searches at the bottom.

My main KW's for one of my recent posts (this week) was NTV payment problems. You can see from the related searches at the bottom, that people are having credit card problems.

So, what I did was try to add this into my Post Title, effectively adding LSI content next to my main KW's, all in the same line.

You can see in the photo below that I am already ranking #1 for this. I find this technique works well for getting higher ranks. Of course, the higher ranks mean more traffic.

Another tip for getting higher rankings is to focus a bit on the LSI kw's or related searches. I will write a chapter on these related searches but I always make sure if flows well and doesn't look like I am targeting keywords.

So far, this technique is also helping me to get higher traffic and rankings. The best thing about organic traffic is? It's FREE of course.

Writing Naturally

Hugely important. If Google thinks you are targeting these related searches you may get penalised so always try and make it appear natural and flowing.

How are your rankings doing?

I hope this will help you get higher ranks now.

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Steven-A Premium
As someone struggling with the social media stuff, I really like this post. Thanks for sharing your process.
Happy Easter
CraigUKTV Premium
Yes Steven, social media only equates for 4% in the grand scheme of things.
BlSt Premium
Thanks for sharing. The training here really works. Persistence is the key indeed.
CraigUKTV Premium
Yes keep at it!
MMoncur Premium
Great results! Thank you for sharing your tips!
CraigUKTV Premium
Thanks Max
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks for sharing. The results are really positive.
CraigUKTV Premium
You're welcome
QYTan Premium
Good information, Craig.
It's good to know and make it works as well.
Thank you for sharing with us.

CraigUKTV Premium
Your'e very welcome Gunawan