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November 24, 2020
It's been almost two and half years since I posted here. I had to leave for personal reasons but I never canceled my membership here at Wealthy Affiliate. I always knew deep down that I would return. Today is the start of a new journey for me.My aplogies to anyone who was trying to contact me over the last couple of years. I struggled with the decisions I had to make but I now have my mojo back and aim to use it to my advantage.I have identified a new niche which is of great interest to me and
My dream is to go full-time with my online business ventures and this is now very plausible, certianly after this year.I now have 136 active customers on my IPTV platforms. What does this mean? Approx. $2000 p/month in recurring and increasing income.I may be within reach of moving to the Philippines soon. I'd like to be earning $3000 p/month before making the jump but that is easily attainable this year.I just had 2 weeks holiday there and returned to Malaysia at the weekend. It's time to get
We've all heard this before but when you build an online business from scratch it can be quite frustrating. This is why I want to show you that persistence really does pay. You will be faced with many speed bumps on your road to building a successful business. Let me start by saying my journey is not yet over. I am still learning after joining Wealthy Affiliate in Sep. 2016 but I can now see the proof in the pudding.Do I consider my website a success?I would say it's still a long way from where
That was probably my busiest weekend since I started my website in Sept 2016. To get more than 1000 visitors on Sat and Sun was epic and I have received almost 200 emails over the 2 days.All last week my daily traffic was hovering around 400/day and then this happened at the weekend.A lot of customers contacted me looking for trials and some have already taken subscriptions. I think around 10 new signups over the 2 days, plus affiliate commissions from Amazon, Shareasale and I even got a $10 VP
Pretty much all my visitors are organic. I have found the best way to increase website traffic is SEO content and plenty of it. When your website gets traction and you become a bit of an authority, your posts will start to rank well most of the time. The training here is the real deal.They say the proof is in the pudding. Time and time again I have read success stories on here but it's only when you see it with your own eyes that you truly believe it.I've had 900 visitors in one day. That was a
I can't take the credit for this, it's all down to Tae. I was searching through WA for an online live chat plugin and found Tae's post. checked it out and all I can say is WOW!This plugin is so awesome, I can't believe it! Not only is it super cool and customisable, but there is an app for Android which I installed on my phone. It's so easy to use and when you are offline the message will be sent by email.It's a full blown custome
I bought this premium plugin today for creating a quiz on my site used to try and build my email list and generate leads.I must say it's quite impressive with excellent training from the guys over at Thrive Themes. I've used my exit popup for my CTA. This then opens another page with the quiz on it.It's designed to capture email addresses but it can also be used for geenrating leads to other parts of your site, depending on the results.This is my popup which takes you to the quiz...The quiz is
I joined WA in Sept 2016 so it's now been 18 months of hard work and many ups and downs. I am writing this progress report to share my journey and if you have recently joined WA hopefully my story will give you an idea of what it takes to build your online business.I had some expereince in affiliate marketing and building websites with WordPress before I decided to join WA. I initially purchased a system called Google Sniper which pretty much crashed and burned.I did make some sales but not eno
You're probably thinking WHAT???Did you know that 1 minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words? This is according to one social media research company.Yesterday I got my first No. 1 Google rank with a YouTube video lasting just over 1 minute long. Okay, the QSR was lower than a rattle snake's belly but it still ranked higher than all of the written articles. 1 minute long.This video was created from one of my posts using Lumen5. Thanks to Karen for adding the training. Here is a link to
As many of you may know I don't promote WA here, I have my own niche which is TV services for expats mainly. Therefore, I cannot qualify for Vegas which is unfortunate for me.So, I will chase my own Vegas. The photo above is a white beach in Boracay, Philippines. I have decided to make this my "Vegas trip" when I reach 300 IPTV customers.Right now I have 90 customers so I'm still quite far off. The one point to note, when I do get 300 customers I will be effectively replacing my current full-ti