1st $1000 month - Wealthy Affiliate success!

Last Update: March 12, 2018

I didn't expect to meet this milestone last week but I got a couple of late sales on my TV subscriptions which took my earnings up to $1100 for the month of Jan.

It's taken me almost 1 year and 5 months to achieve this level of earnings but I set myself a target of 18 months so I'm pretty chuffed to have made it.

I want to share my journey, not to gloat but to show you how things can change along the way and also how I had to re-focus and change my strategy.

Income Streams

I started off with 3 income streams all related to my niche which is IPTV (TV delivered over the internet).

My income streams were:

  • Amazon, Shareasale for TV boxes
  • VPN subscriptions
  • IPTV subscriptions

It took me some time to realize that my income from TV boxes (Amazon, Shareasale), was not going to make it for me. This was partly due to taking advice on-board from successful Amazon Associates who said it would eventually take off.

The problem I have with Amazon is the price of the TV boxes that I am reviewing. These are generally below $100 and commission for these is very low.

Without re-focusing it became clear that I was never going to make huge commissions from Amazon but I could still use it to my advantage. I started using the reviews to promote my IPTV service as an alternative to free TV apps that can be used with these TV boxes.

This meant that organic traffic would still reach my site. Currently my traffic is 250 - 300 daily which is not huge but it's constant. I have slowed down with posts recently due to various factors but my 238 posts are still pulling in readers.

Email List

I also set about building my Email List and this has proved to be a shrewd move. I would encourage everyone to get an email list going. It was very slow at first but I found a way to increase sign ups. I'm now getting around 5 per day.

I have a sidebar CTA and also a popup which is great for advertising my TV offers. I only have the popup when people are about to EXIT my site. That's something that Sumo plugin is good for.

With Sumo you can also now integrate an email responder free of charge. I use MailChimp but there are others out there.

I utilized my IPTV signups too and added these to my Email List. I now have approx. 800 in my list and whenever I have a new offer these customers get notified.

The Importance of a good Affiliation

Commissions are what it's all about. Here at Wealthy Affiliate the commissions for affiliates are awesome, but if you are not doing Boot Camp and promoting WA it's not easy finding good commissions elsewhere.

It took me more than a year to realize that I could get better commissions elsewhere. I finally found a company that has a great product with 50% commissions, similar to WA. This is my new IPTV service and it gives me complete control over my customers and any offers that I want to promote.

I would encourage you to look around and don't settle for poor commission rates. I am now entirely focused on my IPTV platform and this now has my full attention. Going forward, I am hopeful that I can double my monthly earnings by 24 months. That is my next target.

I wish you all much success and if you can take something from this it will make me happy.



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ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Thanks Craig for sharing your success and information. Congratulations to you on your achievements.
CraigUKTV Premium
You're welcome Valerie! Cheers :)
DBlanchard Premium Plus
Good job Craig. Persistance Brother. You've just proven that it works when you don't quit! Keep on keeping on!!!!

CraigUKTV Premium
Cheers Denis, huge effort but I'm excited about the future now. Not quitting is the best advice for anyone. I've been close once or twice but I pushed on.
Melissa901 Premium
Thank you for that it is a true inspiration!
CraigUKTV Premium
You're welcome
luke61 Premium
Well done Craig, congrats!
CraigUKTV Premium
Thanks Luke!
SondraM Premium
Great!!! I probably need to heed your advise about focusing on things with higher Commissions.

Again, congrats on achieving that goal.
CraigUKTV Premium
Thanks Sondra, finding the higher commissions is the best thing to happen to me.