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December 30, 2020
Just wanted to share a quick post since it has been a long time.2020 was by most standards a mess of a year! But my website chuged along and brought me the passive income stream I wanted from it!Super high level summary:Type of Website: Amazon AffiliateNew Posts in 2020: 10Total Traffic: 160k unique visitors for 180k unique sessionsTotal Earnings: ~$12,000And as they say, the proof is in the...screenshot? So for anyone who would maybe not believe it check out the screenshots below!Summary from
So far Q1 of 2019 has been a lot of fun for me. And no, this isn't an April Fools post, it just so happens to be the first day of Q2! I've seen some great success on my website and it has stabilized well. I haven't been working on my site nearly as much as I'd like and I've barely had a chance to post this year because I've been busy with other things.I don't recommend approaching your site this way, but I've been only doing minimal posts since December of 2018 and I'm still seeing passive inco
January 21, 2019
If you haven't visited your own website lately in Incognito mode or in Privacy mode then be sure to pop it open and do so.I was reading the comic on Marketoonist this morning (which is a hilarious website in general) and it made me think to go visit my own site and see what the experience is like.I have a few things in place that I'm sure drive other people nuts since they definitely drive ME NUTS when they happen on other sites. Time to make some changes folks...And it is not lost on my that y
Hi All,I just wanted to share a quick update from my side for December 2018. While I haven't been nearly as successful as Ralph, Jerry, Robert or Grace, I've still had an absolutely wonderful month. Congratulations to the 4 of them (and anyone else that had a great month!).But I did still want to share what I had going on from my Amazon Niche site. I had some limited growth compared to November. I have a feeling if I had not destroyed my OneLink code in November the months would have been simi
I was asked by another WA member recently to give my thoughts on the Amazon Associates program. Then immediately after I got asked why I use Amazon instead of say Chewy or PetCo or PetSmart. If you didn't catch it, I'm in the pet care niche.Given this I just wanted to sum up my thoughts on Amazon's program so people have a clear picture of it. Note I've had a great experience so far with Amazon so I definitely lean on the positive side.The Pros of Amazon:Amazon is a well trusted name in eCommer
Howdy folks,I just wanted to provide another monthly update for everyone for November of 2018. While I certainly did not see as much growth or success as some of my fellow WA folks (congrats to littlemama, JerryHuang, Ericcantu on amazing months!!!), I still saw a solid month and wanted to share.First and foremost, the money!I earned a total of $1,345 dollars from Amazon this month. The unfortunate part here is that I screwed up and accidentally dropped my Amazon OneLink code. This lost me A LO
This is just a friendly reminder to be careful of updating your Wordpress Theme. I don't use plugins for a few choice items in my theme because I don't want the additional overhead. This includes header and footer related code.I made an update to my Theme in mid November and spaced on replacing my Google Analytics code. A few days later I checked in and thought my site was offline. I freaked. I had zero traffic for 5 days. What happened?!?!?!When you replace your theme you overwrite your header
Howdy folks,Just checking in with another update. October has been an excellent month for me. I spent very little time generating new content and spent a lot of time reworking old content in advance of the holidays as well as to get consistency across my site for tracking.A few things I did:I added new Amazon tracking codes to all pages with major traffic to identify what's convertingI added new content to several of my posts to improve their qualityChose some better reviewed products to replac
So in the interest of always sharing my progress I just wanted to share another update with folks now that I'm 2 months farther along than I was before. Admittedly these two months have been incredibly unproductive from a new post standpoint (day job got very busy), but that hasn't stopped my site from continuing to improve from a performance standpoint.A quick overview of the month of September can be seen below:September has been by far my most successful month. I shipped a little over 10.5k
A lot of new joiners to Wealty Affiliate wonder if you can truly make money using the training here. Really, you can make money anywhere. The difference is how much work you have to put in to do it and how long it will take you. As the old saying in sales goes 'You can sell 10,000 of anything.'But most people want something more concrete than that. They want to not only that a few people are successful, but that many people are. We humans take our cues from the crowd and if everyone is doing it