Thoughts Become Things, and I Can Easily Prove It

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Maaaannnn, I love the topic of mindset so much. If you've read any of my last blog posts, you might get that idea. lol

I feel that your mind is the most important thing you have to succeed at any goal, or to obtain any desire that you want.

So we're on here at Wealthy Affiliate, and of course we all have goals, right?

Maybe your first goal is to just get a good domain name.

Maybe after that it's to get your site up.

Then to get indexed.

Then ranked.

Then get traffic.

Then build an email list.

Then make money (of course!)

These are all great goals.

But what's your BIG goal? Why are you really here?

(And do you even have a big goal? You should!)

What is it that you're trying to accomplish? What's the end result?

For instance, in case you didn't know, mine is to make it to Vegas in 2020.

Do you know how I'm going to reach that goal?

I'm putting it into my subconscious mind. And whenever I feel doubt about it, I push that feeling aside and I put that image of being in Vegas right back into my mind.

(Of course I'm doing lots of other things like writing, writing, writing, messing stuff up, learning, growing, working, writing down my goal and reading it over and over and I'm about to print out an invite and put my name on it for even better visualization.)

Thoughts Become Things.

You mind is extemely powerful.

Do you believe thoughts become things?

It's so clear that it's true. It's easily proveable.

Look around you.

EVERYTHING that exists was once first a thought.

I'm sitting at my kitchen table right now. I see all kinds of things around me.

There's a big water jug with a plastic straw. Essential oils. A notebook and a pen. A little book. (P.S. An AMAZING book called "It Works" that's all about the power of the mind.) A kitchen table. A chair. A computer.

All of those things had to be someone's thoughts first in order to bring it into existence. There's no other way for it to have happened.

Someone thought of how to make paper from wood.

That's crazy if you think about it.

How did someone think about that and then create all the necessary steps to make paper? And then how about the people who thought of the machines and tools to cut down lots of trees and make LOTS of paper?

Use Your Thoughts to Get What You WANT

Now that we KNOW that thoughts become things, we have to learn how to control our thoughts to get the things that we want.

It's not like you just think about something and then POOF! It comes into being.

lol. That would be kind of nuts.

What happens is that you have something that you want, right? It's on a certain frequency. Your thoughts are on another frequency. It's very much like a TV.

Wheel of Fortune is on one station, and Family Fued is on another. When you change the station (frequency) to Family Fued, it doesn't mean Wheel of Fortune doesn't exist, it's just that you're not on the right frequency to see it anymore.

Same with your thoughts.

If you can "tune" your thoughts into the frequency of what you really want, you will match the vibration of the thing you want and it HAS to come to you by law.

Now, it's not just going to POOF out of thin air.

You still have to take action and make it happen. But it'll be a lot easier because you'll start getting the resources that you need to get it done!

People will show up in your life to help you. Or, you'll get a nudge to go do something that will lead you in the right direction.

Step by step, things will fall into place. Sometimes it feels magical when it all comes together. I'm often surprised by the things that happen!

It Takes the Same Power to Think About What You Want

Do you know that it takes the same amount of power to think about what you DO want instead of what you DON'T want?

The thing is, we're so used to the habit of thinking about what we don't want, or having doubt about what we can accomplish that we don't even realize it.

I saw this trick in a video the other day that I've been using.

When you start to feel feelings of doubt, or start thinking about what you don't want, try to catch youself.


And then immediately think about what you DO want.

As you do this more and more, it becomes easier and easier.

You've got to push those self-doubting thoughts out because they change the frequency and put you back on the level of what you don't want.

It sounds woo woo, but it's actually not. It's energy and vibration. Everything is evergy and vibration. You attract to you what you're vibrating.

So...What Do You Want Out of Wealthy Affiliate?

I'd love to hear from you. Why are you here? What's your true purpose? Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 2 years? 5 years?

Do you see yourself as successful?

Do you have doubts that it'll happen? Why?

What vision do you hold of yourself when you're here?

For me, I see myself in those Vegas pictures. I see my face in that group. This scares me too because I'm pretty shy. But I don't care. I want to do it. Comfort zone be damned!

Now tell me what you're thinking! I'd love to hear about it. :)

Thanks for taking another look inside my brain! It's a little messy in there. lol

Until next time...

- Christina

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Great post Christina. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that!

Thanks so much!

- Christina

Cool stuff, Christina. Love your thinking! Or maybe I love the things you are thinking about. I can't decide which ;)

Haha, thank you! Great minds think alike, perhaps?

- Christina

The power of the mind is real there’s no doubt. I’ve recently enjoyed watching the Australian Open Tennis on TV. I’m always struck by how powerful a role the players minds have in their game.
I mean at the highest level they can all ‘play tennis’ well. They’ve spent years honing their technical playing skills since they were kids. What sets the great players apart is their ability to control their thoughts and minds. What a great skill THAT is!

Yes, it's a great skill to have! I feel that we all have it, but we have to practice it just like those tennis players practice.

- Christina

Great post! Very thought provoking! I love the power of the mind! If you can think it and envision it. Also with the power of the mind, you can create it and do it with focus and desire! Thank you!
Michael Inman

Yessss, Michael!

- Christina

Love your post, Christina! I guess we think alike - I'm constantly in the same state of mind. When you open your mind and become completely self-aware, there is literally nothing that could ever stand in your way.
And it's working!
All my life so far I've been working as a translator. Until one day I realized that I really want to stay and work from home. Then I found WA and less than a year later I quit my day job to blog full time.
And all that goes along with my ultimate dream to be a professional screenwriter. Which I opened myself to last year.
Fast forward another 6 months and I placed in the top 15 of world-wide screenwriting competition...
The bottom line is - you are the master of your faith and you are captain of your destiny.
So I'm sure that you're going to Vegas next year!

Wow! You are living proof that you get what you think about. Good for you! Thanks so much for sharing. I love hearing other people's stories.

- Christina

It's something that we have in common, Christina!
Thanks for reaching out!

Brilliant, Christina!

I second every thought you expressed in your post.

Can't wait to have a coffee together in Vegas next year!

Have a great week ahead,

That's going to be great, Alenka! I can't wait to meet you!

- Christina

Love the brain snapshots!!
It helps to know that I'm not the only one that does these things 🤣!!
Thank You for another peak inside your Brain!

I'm also glad I'm not the only one that does these things! lol

- Christina

Ah Christina, a girl after our own heart!! We absolutely love the topic of mindset too.
We start our day with gratitude journaling, a vision book, visualization and are always playing inspirational videos throughout the day.
We have just put a picture of the MGM Grand Hotel in our vision book as we also want to get to Vegas in 2020. Look forward to chatting all things mindset over a drink next Feb!!

Keep up the great work

Jon and Debbie

🥂 I'm pretty sure you'll see 2020... You two are working so hard to get there!!

That's so great! I'm always happy to meet other like-minded people.

What kind of inspirational videos do you watch? I listen to tons of Bob Proctor on YouTube while I'm doing chores or walking outside. Or audio books. I'm always looking for new stuff! I can't get enough of it.

You just reminded me to work on my vision board! I have things that I write down and read out loud, but I want to get a vision board together. Thanks for the reminder!

I'd love to hang out in Vegas to chat about this. :)

- Christina

Hi Christina

We love Bob Proctor and have incorporated one of his affirmations into our daily gratitude journal.

My absolute favorite video is 'You Gotta Jump' by Steve Harvey.

Debbie is the one who finds all the good stuff. She often emails me (even though we sit next to each other in the office!!) with the latest link!

We love video compilations of quotes from well known people. Will Smith and Jim Carrey are good.

Our favourite mindset book is "Creating a Bug Free Mind" by Andy Shaw. Mindblowing!

Look forward to sipping cocktails and discussing all things mindset!

All the best

Jon and Debbie

Oh, you just gave me a new book to check out. I also haven't seen the Steve Harvey video, so I'll be watching that too!

Thanks for the recommendations.

I got my vision board done yesterday too.

Now, back to work! Gotta get to Vegas. :)

- Christina

I listened to Steve Harvey's You Gotta Jump speech yesterday, and it was SO good. Thank you for that. I'm about to check out the book you recommended.

- Christina

Glad you liked it. I will warn you, the books (there are 2 of them Creating and Using a Bug Free Mind) are not cheap. If you go to you can get the first 5 chapters for free to see if you like it.

Thanks so much!

I sent you a PM about this too.

- Christina

Thank you Christina

Our thoughts become actions indeed
Unless wE have no thoughts

You're right! I have seen some people who it seems have no thoughts. lol

- Christina


Thank you Christina, I am going to follow your lovely words starting today and put my thoughts into making them come true :)

Great! I'm glad to hear that. :)

- Christina

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