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Last Update: January 20, 2016

I've read a few blogs here recently about how people are getting frustrated with the quality of comments through the Site Comments feature. For the first time today, I decided to brave it and put the three (yes, yes, need more!) posts currently on my site forward for comments.

What can I say? THANK YOU to the people who took the time to comment, they had read the posts, left relevant comments that related to the content. Asked questions, and showed real engagement.

I had also wondered how long it would take for people to respond. Particularly as I live in UpsideDownLand and most of the world is asleep when I am online. Well, another surprise, within an hour or two, hey presto, COMMENTS.

Just another thing to remind me that WA is really great! I'm very happy to be here, with my slowly-coming-along-pink-website.

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paulgoodwin Premium
Comments are great and I am happy to get good and bad because I can then improve my site as that is the only way to learn !!!
Profithog Premium
Good to hear it works!
XinZhang Premium
The site comments tools is a very good and useful tool in my opinion. Yeah, sometimes you get poor comments but more often you get good ones.
SJB Premium
That really is a great aspect of WA! Even though some comments aren't always " good", most of the really are! Here, we work as a team! Anyone who doesn't work in that same direction will realize it sooner or later! Great post!:)
ClareG Premium
I've been really happy that the comments I've received are exactly the type of comments I'd like to get "organically". People reading the content, and engaging with it. Really good experience :)
playfulheart Premium
I'd be happy if the site comments app would just approve the comment I got a week ago.
jvranjes Premium
You have to approve the comment yourself.