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Translating 'continue reading' to french?

Translating 'continue reading' to french?

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I translated my entire WP web site but there are still a few things that aren't translated such as, CONTINUE READING''. Does anyone know of a plugin that I can use that

Hi there,

If your site is multi-lingual (French and something else), and you want professional quality translations, then I recommend the WPML plugin.

That plugin has a number of extensions, one of which is 'String translation'.

String translation presents you with all the automatically generated text strings (like 'continue reading') and enables you to translate them in a separate screen. It then applies your translations to all automatically generated text strings.

Happy to explain in more detail if that would help.

On the other hand, if your site is monolingual, then you can install a French language version of WordPress. After that the plugins you install need to have French versions or you will get a mix of French and English.



Hi Sonia,

I am French, born and raised in France - the correct translation would be "Lire la suite".
If you need any help with translation, lmk.



Careful with translators some them translate to literally until what you are saying makes no sense. I'm not talking about anything at WA yet as I have not tried a translator there but I have seen that type of thing happen elsewhere on the net.

I’m not sure but looks like some answers in comments

This plug in allows you to edit the Read More to whatever you wish ... https://wordpress.org/plugins/expand-maker/

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