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February 08, 2016
Ugh. Ever since posting last week about the great experience I had been having with SiteComments, it seems that the Kraken of SiteComment Idiocy has been unleashed.Gents: when visiting a website about Cellulite (the website is pink), mentioning that you do not have cellulite and nor does your girlfriend makes me wonder how you got there. Then to go on to say that you have no interest in cellulite as it doesn't affect you is unhelpful. These comments are supposed to at least appear somewhat orga
January 20, 2016
I've read a few blogs here recently about how people are getting frustrated with the quality of comments through the Site Comments feature. For the first time today, I decided to brave it and put the three (yes, yes, need more!) posts currently on my site forward for comments.What can I say? THANK YOU to the people who took the time to comment, they had read the posts, left relevant comments that related to the content. Asked questions, and showed real engagement.I had also wondered how long it
January 04, 2016
Well, here we are at 5th January and here is my blog to tell you all about what I haven't achieved in these two months. I joined on 5th November, went yearly premium with the Black Friday deal...and then...stalled. Why? Because, in typical style, as soon as I had something to focus on, my entire family descended upon me from the other side of the planet (yes, really) and are still here. Granted, I knew they were coming, even when I joined WA.December seemed to go by in a flash with one thing af
December 06, 2015
Trudging slowly through the Affiliate Bootcamp training, going forwards then backwards to make sure I could wring every last bit of information out of the lessons. Tasks! Tick the box if you've done the tasks! Naughty me. I'd managed, with a lot of hand-wringing and hair-tearing, to put up an About Me page, and the nice'n'easy Privacy Policy. Top of my to-do list this Monday morning was create my Getting Started page. Get started? How on earth can I tell someone how to get started? I've barely
December 02, 2015
...Or jumping ahead when you should stay on track.This is my first blog here at Wealthy Affiliate. Well, truth be known it’s my first blog ever. Not perhaps my first article, but the first that is officially entitled “blog”.Congratulations to me.I’m very new to all this, the last time I had anything to do with website construction was back in the Middle Ages of Microsoft Front Page, and when Dreamweaver was something I could only hope to aspire to. I stumbled into Wealth