Anyone want some snow?

Last Update: February 15, 2015

Hi everyone,

We are currently having a big snow storm here in NB Canada. It's the 4 this month and apparently another 4 more to go for the month.

Just wanted to share of few photos from my friends houses to show what we are currently dealing with...and it's not even stopping as of this minute yet.

Got to love snow in Canada lol ;)

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AllynBeekman Premium
Looks pretty bad, especially the picture of the door. I will admit that I miss the snow. I grew up with quite a bit of lake-effect snow on the western coast of Michigan and lived in Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana the majority of my life.

I always enjoyed the fun part of snow - skiing, sliding, sled-pulling, making angels in the snow, snowmen, snow forts, climbing up large piles of snow, playing football in the snow at Christmas but will admit that the driving was often not fun.

I've moved a lot but never to avoid weather. In fact, I found southern California weather to be very boring.
Sui_generis Premium
UGH, been there, done that.....moved.
MsDebbie Premium
I can empathize! But I really don't want any.
JudyJacks Premium
Hello Cj, the only thing I like white is sand. You keep it. Ky here is suppose to get snow tomorrow and Tuesday. Nothing like you get.
SowAndReap Premium
Wow! No snow for me, no thanks. It's nice and sunny where I live. I would be very moody if I had to deal with that. Hope it clears up soon!