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My name is Curtis. I retired on June 30,2017. I am really happy I did! I have been happily married for almost 37 years. I have





How to import a google doc article into wordpress?

How to import a google doc article into wordpress?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Does anyone know how to import an article from Google Docs into WordPress to maintain the original formatting? I have a guest post I need to import.

Thanks to those who answered. I found that if I copied the Google Doc and pasted it into WordPress while using the Block editor, everything is retained perfectly. I then switched to the old editor and it is still all good.

You are very fortunate to have discovered that because WordPress recommends staying with either the Block Editor or the Classic Editor and not switching back and forth all of the time.

Ooops, oh well it worked so now I know how to use Google Docs with WordPress.

Jay Neil uses this approach in writing hs WordPress Blogs. I believe he just copies and pastes it into WordPress. And that seems to maintain the formatting.

Have you tried that approach yet?

Hope this helps.


Just reading comments learning

Hey Curtis,

Google searching your question, I was provided with an answer that may interest you. See screen print below...

Personally, I use my own computer software copy of Word to write my posts in and then simply copy and paste into WordPress editor once my post is ready to add to my website.

Hope you find this helpful.

Great info,

Thank you 👍

I'm not sure what sort of formatting you have, but for me I do a select all, then copy in Docs then I paste it into word press. My list and heading formats stay the same. I don't know if it makes any difference but I use the block editor.

Hope it helps

I tried that and lost all my formatting.

Do you use classic or block editor?

Works as long as you use Block editor and then can switch back to classic and all is good. Thanks!

Very welcome. I'm a fan of the block editor.

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Why don't starter members have access to site support?

Why don't starter members have access to site support?

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Getting Started

Why don't starter members have access to site support?

good question worth asking.In the training you are given for free is so much. unless you are looking for some quick money you had better progress in learning then good revenue is on its way that i dont see in any other place.they pitch so well then nothing here you have it all for one good week.then you want more you kindly upgrade .

Thats one of the many benefits of Premium Membership Level along with many others to numerous to mention in a post.

Interesting question. I thought they did. Jim

Great information

I think, because during that first starter week, there is the training to follow and for the most part, they should be following it., There are lots of training and every one of them offers comments, so any confusion or queries can be aired there. Also, I think that if this is the case and starter members cannot access site support, it might be a reason that they would be asking all sorts of basic questions that can be answered more easily by premium members themselves.

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Need to know how to add your affiliate disclosure?

Need to know how to add your affiliate disclosure?

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Getting Started

Several people have recently asked about adding an Affiliate Disclosure. Even though this is covered in the OEC training, some here have decided to go straight to the Affiliate

Thanks for this Curtis.
Stay safe

You are very welcome Gaz.

Well said, Curtis.


Thank you Wilson.

I thought an MMO didn't need an affiliate disclosure statement.

If you are going to be an affiliate marketer and add affiliate links to your site, you need it.

Yes, on your niche website, but I don't believe it is necessary if your site is promoting Wealthy Affiliate or other affiliate programs, such as Fiverr, Jaaxy, iWriter, etc.
I could be wrong but when I first started ABT, I remember Kyle saying it wasn't necessary to have one.


If you are an affiliate for anything, you need one. Feel free to check with Kyle and he will tell you the same thing.

Thank you Curtis.

Very helpful, thank you for sharing.

Glad to help.

Very true, Curtis! This is vital!


Thank Jeffrey.

You're welcome!

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