I am Begging, Please Learn the difference between Comments and Feedback.

Last Update: May 27, 2020

Like many of you, I write a lot of content for both my sites. I request comments routinely. Sadly, it appears most people that are newer here do not know the difference between Site Comments and Site Feedback. They are totally different.

Comments are your input on a specific article, after you have read the WHOLE article. You don't provide an analysis of how it was done but the content itself.

Feedback is an analysis of the post process or the website design, popups, colors, and things like that. It isn't comments on one article.

The best training I have found here beside following Kyle's lessons is the following which desribes commenting and feedback in great details. Please check it out and save everyone from having to reject comments that are feedback and for rejecting feedback that are actually comments. Thank you.


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LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi there
This is an ongoing challenge in the community, I made the mistakes when I first joined (enthusiastic as a Great Dane puppy, lol!) and many after will too. Well done on taking the time to write a respectful and informative post on this important topic.
Blessings always
chender684 Premium
Always trying to make this community even better so we can help each other out and do things the right way.
WaltM Premium
Great of you to point out the difference between a comment and feedback!

Whew! I am now following you!

I must admit as a newbie developing a writing style, it is tough work, especially when I try and leave out my own imagination.

Before WA.

I would never--just "reading" think that the two (2) differences of a comment & feedback would impact my writing concerns.

I didn't see before how obvious--feedback is (more or close) connected to the creative processes, while commenting deals (directly) with putting into words something to understand, or that is understood.

I didn't know nor understood (..as a newbie writer) that out-of-habit I actually ignored showing--up in my own words.

As if, what is... my own attitude (thinking) about stuff didn't make a difference. (It didn't matter whether I like it or not either.)

You have the right attitude when it come to writing about critical stuff, and I think it's because you know how to use your imagination.

I am glad I read your post, it helped jumpstart my opinion on this discussion.

To try and interpret for other newbies a perspective (tough-to-grasp mentally,) when learning the difference using commenting & feedback.. creatively.

It is a process.

All the best,
chender684 Premium
Thanks, Walt, I am glad it is helping.
dkohsh88 Premium
Hi Chender,
That was a good reminder. I shared the same scenario of mixing the two. It took quite a while to get it right. Especially, doing too many feedbacks and comments concurrently. The solution is not to do both at the same time.

Read other WA members feedbacks and comments. To learn their writing style. Then, come up with your own way of writing.

To your continual success,
David Koh
chender684 Premium
Sounds good to me David. Pick one day and do site comments and another day for site feedback.
boomergp08 Premium
I agree with you 100% Curtis. It is bad enough that I sometimes get comments that are feedback I have to delete but even more bothersome when I get low quality comments or comments that says that they are a WA member too.

If the comment is really low quality I will delete that to because it is obvious they didn't read the post. If I can edit the low quality comment to make it acceptable I will. There are simple steps to know the difference between a comment and feedback,
chender684 Premium
Right on Rob! Thank you for adding that training as well. Maybe people will get the message that comments are important and should be well thought out.
BobMargroff Premium Plus
LOL!! Truer words could not have been written. When I was a new member here and in my first month. I may have written feedback when it should have been a comment without realizing what I was doing. It wasn't long after that when I learned the difference and felt so dumb about it.

It happens sometimes and yes learning the difference is VERY important. 🤣🤣🤣

Take care!

chender684 Premium
Thank you, Bob, hopefully, this will help.
BobMargroff Premium Plus
I hope so too. 😀