WordPress Website Building has Taken a Huge Leap Forward!

Last Update: April 24, 2017

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to let you know about an update that we've just made to our SiteBuilder here at WA! The process of building a WordPress website on our SiteRubix network has just got a lot easier.

First though, I want to talk a little about our ideologies and goals in regard to building websites and what WE think a great website builder should be.When we started WealthyAffiliate back in 2005, we were a simple keyword list delivery site. Kyle and I hand-picked keyword lists after doing manual research and delivered them within the Wealthy Affiliate members area. Each week we would deliver a new keyword list. Folks were EXTREMELY happy with these lists because they were truly gems as far as Keyword lists go...things were good!

As our service evolved, it became evident that people were having an extremely hard time building websites...heck, we were spending a lot of our time building websites from scratch. WordPress was in its infancy, and had not really caught on, so we created our website builder and called it "SiteRubix" - it was pretty good for its time!

That said, the SiteRubix website builder wasn't open source, and we wanted to focus on building the WA community into something AMAZING, so we gave up on our proprietary website building software and adopted WordPress.

This led to all kinds of opportunities for us...one of those opportunities was to create a truly EASY-TO-USE website installer that could get folks up and running with a website in just a few minutes. So, we went to the drawing board and created the first version of our website builder which was live and being used until just yesterday!

The idea of the website builder was to allow people to build both FREE websites on the SiteRubix.com sub domain, but also build sites on domains that have been registered. Hundreds of thousands of people built websites on this platform and it worked well...that said, we always see room for improvement and that's exactly what we've attempted to do with the latest version released just yesterday!

So, there is a brief history of our SiteBuilder WordPress Website installer that we build to install sites on our SiteRubix network.

Today I get to talk about the new and improved website installing process that we rolled out less than 24 hours ago!

A Live Website in Just 4 Focused Steps

...and 1 minute of your time

The idea behind the new design of our SiteBuilder is to allow for you to focus on each small task of installing a website. Although there are just a few steps that are extremely easy to complete, they can seem overwhelming if they are not presented as 4 easy-to-complete Steps.

Here is my explanation of the steps to build your WordPress website in under a minute!

Step 1: Choose a Type of Site to Build

Install your website on a FREE SiteRubix.com sub domain OR on a Domain that is Registered (one you may own). The other option is to go and register a new domain. Our SiteDomain registration process also uses the same method of a stacked step-through - super easy to follow!

Step 2: Choose a domain name for your website

Choose a domain name for your website. Again, really simple, and if you choose to install on a domain you own, you can also choose from a drop down if the domain has already been added to our hosting here at WA.

Step 3: Choose a name for your website

Choose a name for your website - this is just the TITLE of your site and it can be changed at any time

Step 4: Choose a design for your website

This process has also been totally redesigned. You can easily find beautiful themes, add themes to your favorites, see themes that you've previously installed, and view theme details directly from the theme designers themselves.

After a choosing your theme have a quick quick review, click the button that reads "Click Here to Build This Site!" button and you'll have your website installed and live on the Internet in just a few short moments!


Our goal has always been to simplify complex technical processes and make them into easy to follow platforms that everyone can make use of! With this update to our WordPress Website Builder here at WA we've built an easy to use, fast, and fun system that will get you up and running with a powerful (and beautiful) website in a matter of minutes.

We already have many plans for this SiteBuilder platform and it's going to continue to evolve and improve over time. We would love to hear your feedback! If you haven't already built a website using our SiteBuilder here at WA, then give it a try, I would love to hear what you think!


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IvyT Premium
Carson, Kyle. Love your work.

Re: Sitecontent editor. I have something on my wishlist. I don't know how feasible it is, but here goes: for those of us with shoddy connections, will it ever be possible to create an offline app version of WA sitecontent creator that we can synch with our accounts when we log in? Like the offline app that WP offers?

I would make SO much use of that!
I have a my website via WorPress is that going to prevent me from doing what I need to do with Wealthy Affiliates??? I want to be able to start settling and promoting my products online. My domain is with Go daddy...or should I switch everything with your services?
MsMerry Premium
you can point the servers to WA at GoDaddy and then use the domain here. There is a training on this and very easy to follow. GoDaddy is one of the easier ones and it is almost instant. Hope you have it figured out but if not just shout.
Christiarna1 Premium
Hi Carson,

Wow what great news as I have been stuck on setting up my website for two weeks. My domain is registered with WA and the category was limited so it hard to choose a theme template for my Niche so that's held me up. So during this time I have researched other sites in this Niche so I can be clear on what I need in the site and the style layout of the theme. So many thanks Carson and Kyle and see how I go as I really just want to get this done.

jewels44 Premium
The best way to go is the training it is packed with the information you need to get your site up and running correctly, it took me a month to get my site up it's an informational site for affiliate marketers: https://jewelsaffiliatemarketinginfo.com go check it out to get some ideals on what you can do and how to set your site up leave me comments and questions and I will do the same for you we call this Paying It Forward it helps you to build your foundation
Christiarna1 Premium
Awsome thankyou Jewels much appreciated. I will take a look at your site if any questions I'll get back to u.
jewels44 Premium
Awesome and thanks again
WBlackwell Premium
I built a website with this new platform using a domain I already own and didn't even know it was new. I felt while I was going thru the proccess that this time was easier than before. Now I know why it was easier. I look forward to upcoming improvements as I know they will be very beneficial to all of us, especially those of us that are just learning.
EltonThomas Premium
Are you going to have a "training video" on this.....I certainly hope so, as I now am working on adding training videos to my newest page "Training Videos"!

My immediate goal is to have ten "Training Videos" on that page, and then I will be doing a separate page on "Webinars" .
Carson Premium
Hi Elton,

We will most certainly be building the new website building process into our training. Keep in mind that the training video's produced by WA can't go on your website (this includes Webinar video's. If you wanted to do your own personal walk-thought video's of specific areas of WA that's ok!
EltonThomas Premium
What has confused me on this is that I see where you make affiliate links available for the videos, and I recall seeing in the training that links to training were allowed on our sites.....wow...all that work for nothing!

It is frustrating in that other members in discussing this were also under the impression that it was allowed.
boomergp08 Premium
In step 2 you say,

you can also choose from a drop down if the domain has already been added to our hosting here at WA.


If I have a domain name that was purchased at another registrar like NameCheap and only have the DNS pointing to the WA servers, will this domain name be included in the drop down that you mention in step 2?

If not, how would I get that domain name to be recognized within the drop down?
HisbelA Premium
I would also be interested in knowing the answer for this question.
zidane786 Premium
I have multiple domain names registered with different domain registrars. They are all in the drop down menu. Hope that helps
Carson Premium
Hey Rob, great question.

If you have a domain at another registrar that is pointing to WA nameservers you can simply enter that domain name in the box in step 2. To see that domain in the drop down, you would have to add that to your account first from your SiteManager dashboard:


boomergp08 Premium
Awesome! Thanks Carson!
GiuliaB Premium
Any of these updates and improvements to processes you guys have been introducing, Carson, are alway welcome - a breath of fresh air and they truly make WA more user friendly than ever and more functional.
If I may ask though: is the introduction of categories going to have a positive impact on SEOs, at the point when the website is registered and goes live?

Look forward to hearing from you :)

Carson Premium
Hey Guilia,

The introduction of Categories is not at all related to SEO or are the categories published anywhere on your website. We've got big plans for categorization of sites here at WA, but that's all I can say at this point - so many projects on the go in the background of WA!
KatyaColvin Premium
Fantastic improvements, Carson! Thank you for your hard work and such dedication to WA and its members. You asked for the feedback, so here are my two cents.
Everything looks clean and easy to do. In fact, I just registered another site for another niche that I wanted to do. But as I was registering and even when I was reading your blog I thought that the list of categories is rather limited. Are you planning to expand it or maybe adding some sort of sub categories?
Here's what I thought could be easily added that would enlarge the list:
Mental Health
Cars/Heavy machinery
Books/Magazines/Printing Materials
Of course, it is just the top of my head and I'm sure there are many more that can be added.

HisbelA Premium
Also, if the website was going to be for a brand or own business shop instead of an affilliate marketing website, would it be appropiate to also have such categories as possibilities?
Carson Premium
Hey Katya, great suggestions - I'm going to bring then up in our Monday meetings. I've already added a few categories to the list since release, but I agree that these are great ones!

Thanks again for the suggestions, I've got the list saved :)
TamTech400 Premium
Thanks so much for this awesome information. I am almost ready to build my 1st website here at WA. I am so thankful that I get to use the updated version to build my 1st website here at WA and that I am confident will turn out great.

On my journey...Loving every minute of it,

suea Premium
Thanks Carson. The Site Rubix platform was already fantastic! This just takes it to another higher level. Thanks for all the amazing work that you and Kyle put into everything here at Wealthy Affiliate. I am so happy to have found you guys, and I love the community here. It's my online home!
Thanks again.
MNorton Premium
Hi Carson,
This is wonderful!! I have a site pending removal, this may be what I need to do in order to build a new site. I will look into it to see it for myself. I think this will help me and lots of other people with website issues. Thanks for the information and the updates. Have a great weekend, take care.
Mark1957 Premium
More excellent upgrades to this already brilliant platform Carson, whatever next??????
Quick question, what do you think about pagebuilder type plugins like divi, beaver etc working alongside our new sitebilder/wordpress back office? Do you think the front end drag and drop nature of them is a help or hindrance when building out our sites?
Carson Premium
Hey Mark, thanks for the comment. When it comes to plugins and add-ons to themes, you really have to test them out and see how they perform. Some are just fine and offer great features and functionality, while others can completely BOG down your website and make it extremely slow and sluggish feeling. Testing is important when you're adding plugins or theme extensions to your website, but always keep in mind that the fewer plugins or add-ons that you can have, the better.

Mark1957 Premium
Thanks for your reply Carson, we understand how busy you guys are so a response to posts is always appreciated.
PatsyC Premium
This is awesome Carson :)
I love WA it's the best and just got better.

Yesterday I forwarded my domain email to my own so I can check messages in one place. I went back to find the video and followed it. I should have waited because it's not working, I didn't receive my email confirmation for an upcoming webinar with the link in it. I did the forward so I wouldn't have to go check my domain email.
I contacted tech support and so far I received a test email and a message that they are working on it. Is it possible to fix this so it doesn't happen again? I noticed that several others had the same issue when I asked for help. I hope it gets fixed today.

Thanks to you and Kyle for being hands on for everyone here and not off in the background out of reach.

Carson Premium
Thanks so much Patsy - totally encouraging words!

Email forwarding is a technology that can present some issues, simply because of the nature of how the technology works.

We are working on a much improved email platform here at WA - if you are not receiving emails on your domain email address, you could always delete the forwards, and setup MAILBOXES. Mailboxes are going to send and receive at a much more reliable rate. I won't get into the technicalities of email forwarding here, but for some folks it works amazingly well - for others it's less than 100% reliable.

I still use email forwarding and we still recommend it, but if you're seeing missed emails, try a MAILBOX and see if that corrects the issue.

PatsyC Premium
Hi Carson, you are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to reply :)

Should I start with creating a new domain email again? Then delete the forward one? I have not heard from tech support yet. I am also waiting to see if I got accepted for an Affiliate Network! I can't miss this email.

I'm not receiving the emails at my 'personal email' address where I had my domain email forwarded to. I hope the emails sent to my domain email recently aren't lost.

So, a mailbox replaces a domain email address? I wanted to use the forward option to get everything at one place, I hope it's possible still, that it gets fixed. I am so computer illiterate I don't even know what a mailbox is.....
PatsyC Premium
Update :)
I heard from tech support and it should be working now.
Thanks again for your helpful reply.

Looking forward to continuing with WA!!

Patsy :)
Duanerr Premium
Very impressive and although I am working on a site and building it up it is my intention to have two sites to work at eventually. So this will help me tremendously when I start the second site because by then I will have "completely" forgotten what I did to start the first one anyway so simple is going to be good then lol.....just saying tks, it's worth the price of premium just to be a part of all this and a great community of helpful friends too boot....Duane.
Carson Premium
Hey Duane - the new SiteBuilder will be all ready to go when you build your second site! I hope you find it easy, intuitive, and fun!
jewels44 Premium
Very nice I like this ideal and upgrade you guys just keep coming up with great stuff and I am going to keep going with this, I might not have alot of time to do post and things of that nature cause of my other job but I know what I do now will pay off in the end.
Roybretton Premium
This sounds really good, although I have several websites, I hadn't used your website builder until about a month ago, I couldn't believe how straightforward it was and this sounds even easier, if that's possible! I look forward to trying the new system out soon, thank you very much Carson.

RobertWalsh Premium
Hi Carson. Another step up for WA. You guys really do care about your members and I love that you constantly strive to make things easier, more intuitive and simple to execute. I'll be heading home to change the theme of my current site and will give your new 6 step build process a go. Cheers!
JohnT01 Premium
Brilliant! Awesome as always Carson. You guys have been doing a terrific job at updating WA lately. In just a few short months you guys have somehow still improved an already perfect platform in my eyes.

I really appreciate how much you work you put into wealthy affiliate. We all do. As usual just when I thought it couldn't get any better and more user friendly, it does.

Again, great job and love the new features!
DaveSw Premium
Hi, Carson...

Is there a way to quickly find a particular theme you may be looking for as you build your new website, i.e. a search tool or a field to type in the theme name...

The reason I ask is twofold...

(1) First, I have seen free versions of the themes here on SiteRubix but to get all the features of that theme you have to upgrade to the paid version...

Nothing wrong with that, because often the free versions are fine for starting out with your new website. Later as you want to add more features available and see the website theme is working for you, you can upgrade...

(2) Secondly, I do research to build lists of themes for missions at hand (varies by what I am looking to build), and if I want to find that theme here, to now I have no way of doing so quickly (I am all about quick hehe)...

An example...

If I decide to build a website needing a membership theme, I will look at my spreadsheet of themes...I find one and then I have to try and find the theme here...

If not, I go back to the spreadsheet, which has the external site/link to get the theme...

I could download the free or paid version as I continue to build and add to this list, so I guess doing so would omit this possible step, but I really don't need 50 themes on my hard drive plus they are updated all the time, so the version I download then may not work now with the latest versions of WordPress...

So this is an extra step to now, but not a big one...Having a search tool here for finding a particular theme would avoid this...It may help others who also are looking for one particular theme...


This may have changed and I am going to experiment right now with the changes you have added to see how they look and work...

Bottom Line...

I do appreciate your and Kyle's constant efforts to update what is offered here...Innovate or suffocate is my motto! You and Kyle are breathing deeply with your constant search for excellence!

Dave : )


I just went through the website builder tool and I see a search window, and some themes came up while others did not...

I do like that I can quickly find out whether I need to go back to my spreadsheet and external link to get the theme I want to use....

The system works flawlessly and is a good upgrade!

Two thumbs up!

: )
@RICH. Premium
Hey Dave.

Just as a quick workaround, and to save you downloading and storing themes, use any theme at the time of creating your site, and then in Appearance > Themes click on the blank theme square with a + sign in it and Add New Theme.

You can then use the Wordpress theme search (top far right) to find the actual theme you want to use, select that and then delete the temporary theme you used to set up the website. :)

DaveSw Premium
Yes, I have used this procedure in the past, thanks....Sometimes I will go with just a WordPress setup without a particular theme at all, then added the theme I needed too (Not with SiteRubix)...Cheers! Dave : )
hirohurl Premium
Thanks Carson,

I noticed the changes yesterday as I happened to be making a new blog about Japanese Mahjong.

It is part of a process of moving all my old sites over to WA. :)

A couple of things:

1. I had to select "Other" in the website categories panel because mahjong is a table-top game, not a video game etc etc.

2. I wanted to search for a specific layout rather than scroll through the designs. I ended up searching for specific themes that matched my criteria directly on Wordpress, then entered the theme name in the search panel on the WP theme panel on SiteRebux.

No big deal. The whole process of creating beautiful blogs is so much easier nowadays.

Keep up the good work!

David Hurley
DarleneB Premium
It's just amazing how much work you & Kyle put into WA. What's also unbelievable is the constant improvements that are being made, the fantastic support & at a price I can actually afford.

I've used SiteRubix. Unbelievable how easy it was to use. I didn't think it was possible to make more improvements on it but you have. Thank you so much.
TopAchiever Premium
Hi Carson!

Ever changing, ever evolving for the better of entrepreneurs!

What another amazing improvement to help pay it forward!

Thank you so much Carson and Kyle for ALL the hard work and oodles of effort you put into making this a viable and workable platform for us to build solid and lasting websites.

Much appreciated!

You guys are amazing!

I definitely remember those days. Used to spend all my time building every page, making buttons, making it all work and trying to be fancy. Needless to say, it wasn't until WordPress when I actually began making money. I didn't like change at first, but how awesome it is now to Bam Bam Bam - there it is! What can be done now in those six clicks literally took weeks to build the hand-coding way!

I remember the day I built Yabba-Dabba-Dooo with the old Site Rubix, using the modules. Heck, that was lightening fast compared to using web page editors.
JennieG Premium
Wow, can't believe you have made it even easier, I wouldn't have thought it could be easier....I remember years ago having to go through all the filezilla installing etc it took me hours! I think I still have a notebook with pages of notes on how to do this!
I have one or two (ok maybe 3!) domains waiting to be set up so excited to try this new easier system! And I'll add categories to my current websites. Thanks WA for constantly improving for us!
Carson Premium
Hey Jennie - the days of FileZilla and installing Databases, then creating Database users, then manually uploading WordPress zip files, then going through their installing process - took hours for someone who is seasoned!

This is the kind of problem that we love to solve and we feel pretty good about solving the extremely time consuming and technically challenging process of building a new website!

Let me know what you think when you get your sites installed!

Thanks for the comment and for reminiscing about the (not so good) old days of building websites ;)