Wealthy Affiliate Has Gone Mobile!

Last Update: September 12, 2018

Hey everyone!

Today marks a long-awaited and incredibly important milestone in our history at Wealthy Affiliate. I am really excited to announce that Wealthy Affiliate is now Mobile Ready and mobile device users will get to experience our brand new responsive design!

Mobile Responsive Design, Why it's so Important.

First off...Responsive design means that the site will work beautifully on a device like a mobile phone or tablet, I wanted to explain that before we move on because it's something that everyone should be aware of.

Google recently announced that their default web crawler is the Google Mobile Bot. This means that Google is experiencing a very high percentage of mobile device usage. It also means that a lot of traffic and rankings come through the mobile versions of Google.

The better equipped your website is to handle mobile devices, the better the overall search presence will be. This is why all websites built at Wealthy Affiliate on the WordPress platform come equipped with responsive designs.

Mobile Usability Prior to the Update

Mobile Usability Now

Our WealthyAffiliate.com website has long been Mobile ready, but the WA members area historically has been designed for DESKTOP users. This doesn't mean that the WA members area has not worked on Mobile Devices, it's means that we haven't had a dedicated design for mobile devices...until today!

With this update we expect that our already GREAT rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing will get a boost in traffic and rankings. Your Blog posts, Questions, and interactions at WA may rank a lot better - thus giving your activity a chance to earn you referrals :)

Much of WA is Mobile Ready...but Not All Yet.

As of today, about half of WA is Mobile responsive ready. There are literally hundreds of pages within WA which required redesign, and rather than wait for them all to be done at once, we wanted to release the most highly used areas of WA first.

You'll notice that your experience on a mobile device will switch between desktop and mobile (explained below). In the "mobile" design world it's been common to have a mobile experience that does not offer 100% of functionality when compared to that of the desktop version. This IS NOT something we've ever been interested in. We want the mobile experience to be the same high quality, and full experience that is available to desktop devices. For this reason some areas in WA are yet to be designed for mobile devices, and this is a current focus.

Available Mobile Responsive Areas include:

  • Main & Top Menu
  • Training Courses & Lessons
  • Blogs
  • Questions
  • Member Profiles
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Live Events Menu
  • Account Settings
  • Jaaxy Platform within WA
  • Blog Editor
  • Comment Areas

Future Responsive Areas:

  • Task Manager
  • SiteManager
  • SiteDomains
  • Website Build
  • Live Events
  • Private Messages
  • SiteContent
  • SiteComments
  • SiteFeedback
  • Affiliate Area
  • Notifications
  • Training Builder

Many of the "Future Responsive" areas have been left out on purpose because we are in the works of significant updates to them, we'll release mobile ready design at the same time we update those areas :)

Switching between Mobile and Desktop.

As you browse the WA members area on a mobile device, you'll notice the User Interface switch between a responsive design to the design you're used to already (desktop).

If you need to get back to the mobile menu, you can always just visit the "dashboard" as it's 100% mobile ready.

If switching back and forth is not something you like, then you can turn OFF the mobile responsive mode from your account settings.

We've found that readability, engagement, and overall usability at WA is MUCH improved in the responsive mode on mobile devices. It's easier to comment, it's easier to learn, it's easier to navigate, it's easier to search, it's simply EASIER when using a mobile device!


The initial roll out of our Mobile user experience for the WA members areas has been something we've been working on full-time in the background for a very long time (seems like forever). All new development of platforms include mobile designs and we cannot wait to release more in the coming weeks and months.

In my last post I alluded to having many updates coming to WA this fall, and we're just getting started with them all...you're going to hear from me quite a bit with every significant release :)

I'll leave you with a few questions.

Do you use WA on a Mobile Device? If not, will you now that we're Mobile Ready?

Leave your answers below.

Chat soon,


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LindaRiel Premium
Love that you are now mobile as I do most from my iPhone or iPad. Sadly on my iPad the search bar doesn't work, so I cannot look-up people (not on iPhone either BTW) or search for articles to help if I have an issue.

Any chance of fixing that?
joerice Premium
Yes I use mobile, when I was driving a truck full time used my mobile a lot. Even done some work on my website. Most all off my family uses mobile kids, grandkids, sister, nieces and nephews. I don't think they even have a laptop or desk p.c.
Thanks for the updates.
SteveCrozza Premium
A vast majority of my work in WA has been on a desktop, and never on mobile device. Yet here I am in my hospital bed trying to type this message. Very glad to go home tomorrow .

I doubt I will use this device again but I will be looking at a new larger screened device very soon.
fyre Premium
I'm glad you are on the mend! I prefer my Laptop to do major work but, all around having a responsive mobile site ..it's certainly the way to go these days as far as appealing to the masses.

I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 9...it's huge and, hard to hold ha! However, I got it for it's large screen and awesome camera. The last thing I want to do when I'm checking in on my phone is to have to squint! So, I totally feel ya there :)
SteveCrozza Premium
I have just logged in on my Samsung 5 (yes I know it is ancient - but it still works!) This is the phone I tried in hospital above, it is now so very easy to use.

Magical update to WA again. Now I can work on it when I am out, a whole lot easier.
fyre Premium
I had the 3 then the 5 (I loved them both!) for quite a few years. My 5 worked just fine and it just allowed me a massive discount for trading it in...that's the only way I could upgrade to the insanely priced 9 *giggles*!

Yayz to working on the go!
Phillip21 Premium
Excellence is WA, Carson it's awesome to see that you are always building onto wealthy affiliate. This is why WA is number I in affiliate marketing. Thank you Carson and Kyle for all you do to make it possible for people to build a business for themselves. With what your teaching and giving support through the community. Plus now you have included the mobile device's, I use a mobile device all the time, so yes this helps a lot, between my laptop and the mobile this is great news. Thank you so much WA, Carson and Kyle. Phil
nora-wa Premium
Hello Carson,
I know you mentioned that private messages will be a future responsive area. Maybe why I had a problem.

Let me explain, will be easier to understand.
Private messages can be open without any problem, perfectly readable (you can adjust the size if needed), you can add an attachment, you can write back (I mean you could write a "book" if you want like you could do it on your PC/Mac), and you can use the smileys as they are available on your mobile keyboard (for those who can't live without them).
BUT when you send your private message, just the first line of your message is sent (without emoji). Attachments doesn't seem to be a problem. (But I have a question, is there a reason behind giving your attachments a name, I can understand that sometimes it might be useful, but honestly, most of the time everything in my folders is already named. Sorry I know it has nothing to do with mobile version but as I just thought about it).

This is NOT a complain at all. Just wanted to let you know what I observed so that you can give the info to your IT if needed.

Most of the time we forget to also talk about positive things, so I just want to say that WA and being premium is a great experience and the "community or family if you prefer" members are all so nice and friendly.
smokeywins Premium
This is awesome news! I often would avoid checking my WA emails on my Phone because it was so difficult, although not impossible, to view on my phone. So glad to see this change. You guys are awesome and are always on top of things that only benefit us for years to come!
IKAWRA Premium
Hi! Carlson, thanks for new updates, Actually, am not using mobile for WA, coz' I have my tablet that easy to carry. Aside from that , I'm living in this country were communication is monopoly. Right now, It cost me, $145.00 per month for my internet and mobile maintenance. But, let me try using mobile, if I could save some few dollars for my monthly bills. God bless. - Lulu
PPeveto Premium
I didn't know that it wasn't mobile user friendly. When I started I just added a link to my front screen on my phone and when I have a free minute at work its the first thing I go to even over Facebook! Love being a member of this amazing community thats already changing my life!
KBean Premium
Thank you Carson,

Since I spend a good deal of my computer time on my smartphone, it will be a blessing for all of the site to be mobile-friendly. I appreciate Wealthy Affiliate's direction in this regard.
I will be looking for more updates as work progresses on the rest of WA's areas.
ckbear Premium
Thanks, Carson, for a great update. "Arthur" (my trusty Samsung Galaxy S5) and I look forward to expanding our WA adventures together. For now, we do best checking out written material starting with an email link. VIdeos are tough because I need a bigger screen to view step by step processes. Thanks for all the hard work!
Omosomi Premium
Carson, thanks for this new development, this is great for the WA members. Although, I had been using my Android phone infinix hot 4 to opened my page for blog posts, questions, and interactions at WA and it's do responded well without any interface.

I know it will be more better and effective now that it has officially launched.

Great job, you and Kyle has done noble.

Dorian4 Premium
This is Wonderful!

I have been doing everything from my phone since I signed up from the beginning, so this is absolutely wonderful!!

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate for always creating new ways to simplify the system!

I am most appreciative for ALL you do to help us Grow!

coxscastle Premium
Hi Carson. Been a while since I heard from you. I spend 70 percent of my time at my day job. I keep up with WA blogs on my I phone. I hope I can someday write posts in my back office with my phone. Then at break time I can enjoy writing and a coke. Thanks. Michael.
BobMargroff Premium
The mobile design is great...before reading this, I noticed it and was elated to able to read blog posts easier without turning my phone and expanding the text with my fingers like I have had to do since signing up in July. I look forward to the changes as I use mobile more than I use my laptop.
DavidCToone Premium
I use WA on my smartphone everyday to read blog posts and questions. My laptop is not as high a spec as I would like, my phone is quicker in fact. I will be restarting the bootcamp training on my phone as it's quicker and easier. Can't wait for the whole site to go mobile responsive. Excellent work and thank you.
Jay138287 Premium
I was waiting for this! Lol.. its just there' somethings I can do better from my phone than my computer because of how the colleges wifi works here. Its a pain sometimes BUT now that this is mobile friendly I think I'll be able to get so much more done.

Thanks for an amazing update to things. Cant wait to give it a go :D
D-Talcob Premium
Hi Carson

I love this feature and will use the phone and laptop simultaneously. I will watch the videos on the phone and update create using the laptop in these early stages. Will probably use the phone more when I have more experience.

Thank you so much for simplifying things even more.

Glen B Premium
Carson and Kyle, I have tested the new design on both iPad Pro and my iPhone 6 Plus. The design is great. The change between devices both yield a beautiful layout.

There are still a few areas that need updating but overall it’s a great design.

Well done!,

- Glen B
hermantt Premium
Moble device ready is ideal for me because I'm always on the move. As a matter of fact ever since I joined Wealthy Affiliate I've been using my noble device a lot. So I'm glad you guys stepped it up a bit, now I'll have access to more features on the run. Good thinking and good job.
VeganSheldon Premium
This is great Carson thank you very much!!!! I'm very much checking out the site on my Samsung S8 and I know these changes are going to really help me dig into the training even deeper. I find I get the most benefit when I watch the lessons on my laptop so I'm hoping I can switch to really digging in even better with the screen optimized for my cell phone.
bexfiliate Premium
I usually work on a desktop but today I had some free time outside and logged in on my phone. I was eager to get back to my desktop as it seemed much more user friendly than I was experiencing on my mobile device and then I arrive home to read this! Fantastic!!
LouisMunro Premium
I have named the lack of mobile readiness within WA as one of the cons during my review. Now I can change that to a positive. Yeahh!! I think this is brilliant and another great step forward for everybody involved with WA. Thank you very much and thank you for not suddenly putting the prices up, This is what other affiliate programs have done with improvements.
Kyle Premium
Awesome, another positive. There are going to be many more positives and added benefits that you will be able to add come rollouts that we have slated for the fall/winter. A busy few months ahead.

And yeah, we definitely have NO plans of jacking the prices up.
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for the update Carson, I went to Wealthy Affiliate on my phone yesterday and noticed it was different, something I hadn't seen before! I must admit I often prefer the desktop view from my mobile on many websites, it just seems easier to find things that way, but this is just me!

Thank you for a great website and for all your efforts that you put into Wealthy Affiliate.

Enjoy your day.

preciousns Premium
This is great news Carson, I’m so excited to check it out on my mobile device! I’ve been looking forward to this update and glad to see it’s finally here.

Thanks guys for working so hard behind the scenes to give us the best experience, and help us grow successfully in our online businesses.

Carson Premium
Hey Steph, glad that you like the look and feel on your mobile device. I’m pretty happy about this new era of the platform!
ThomasTay Premium
I notice it this morning when I checked my email and click on the link to Wealthy Affiliate platform. It is amazing, I like it. Wonderful work by your team. WA has always been upgrading the features and platform since I joined in 2015. Keep up all the good works and really help us to stay in the game with Google.
AStrickland1 Premium
I use mobile all the time. It's all I have.

Cheap phone and tablet.

I use the phone at least 90% of the time. Worked well for me so far. Always wondered if it was slowing me down. But then again I'm pretty slow anyway.

Thanks for everything you do behind the scenes.

ValerieJoy Premium
Great news Carson.

Yes, I've been using WA on my phone for keeping up with training and member content. But, had not been active in terms of entering data.

I noticed today a new WA appearance on my phone. So immaculate as I swipe down the screen!

Many thanks for the ongoing progress. WA continues to inspire participation and success.
Freedomseekr Premium
Awesome news, Carson! This will only make things easier for us here at Wealthy Affiliate...I've used WA on a mobile device occasionally in the past, but found it rather difficult to navigate around on it then.

I'd have to enlarge the screen to see anything before this update, which sometimes could be a tricky process to do so without accidentally clicking over to something I didn't want to click on.

I just took few minutes to check it out tonight, and it works so much better! I love it! Now, I'll be able to check on posts or replies to comments here much easier while on the go, no more trying to enlarge my screen and getting lost in the process, lol.

I'd wondered when WA would go more mobile friendly and now it has, which is awesome! Thank you both, Kyle and Carson...always working to update and improve things for us here!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry
DanHoek Premium
This is awesome! I have used my phone to responded to people on WA before. It worked fine, but was somewhat hard to use on my phone.
I will be using the mobile version of the site. It will give me the chance to work when I am not at home. This is very exciting to me!

Thank you for all your hard work!
TonyHamilton Premium
Awesome Carson!

Thank You so much for all that You & the other leaders do for our WA Community.

Now that Wealthy Affiliate has gone mobile, I am even more excited than I was before about sharing this amazing community, training and opportunity with Friends & Family worldwide.

The world and the digital media environment is indeed constantly evolving and it is wonderful to know that we here at WA can count on that we are not only keeping pace but leading as well.

Thank You Carson,

AlexEvans Premium
Hi Carson definitely a milestone for the platform, you, Kyle and your team will be pretty stoked to let this see the light of day.
I have been adapting to mobile for a while, this new development is streets ahead of anything I have seen, this is going to be awesome on terms of useability and engagement, Thank you.
ycsing Premium
This is so great for someone like me. I'm in the initial stages of training with WA, and my day job includes a LONG train commute of over an hour each way. I can now use my phone or iPad to reclaim that "dead time" and work on my business! Thank you Kyle and Carson - you don't know how much this is going to help people like me!
Bliss1111 Premium
Awesome News! I do everything from my phone these days so as a mum on the go! time is precious! I have access 24/7 in the palm of my hands when I have a spare minute between food shopping and throwing the laundry in the wash to pop on my phone and keep up with building my business.
PediaDar Premium
This is great! since everyday more of us use our mobile phone to do some tasks in WA. For example, in my case, I usually read the blogs and questions from who I follow or follow me in my phone.

Congrats @Carso, @Kyle and all the team that made it possible.

Bliss1111 Premium
Absolutely agree congratulations guys you rock
EvanLanglois Premium
The irony of course is that I get the notification on my phone, open it on my phone, and here I am trying to read the announcement while squinting and zooming because the content - the part of the site that matters - is evidently not mobile friendly. Luckily, there is the Chrome "Simplified View" to make it legible
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Carson,
I check my emails on mobile all the time, like ALL THE TIME. This makes it so much easier. Now I can even write blogs. Some of my pictures don't fit on the screen and I can't resize them:( But other than that so far I love the new look!!!

Tried and True

phakacha8 Premium
Hurray! Hurray!
That's the very interface every WA member must benefit from.


Site Domains and Affiliate Area may be put as the first Future Responsive areas.

haroda Premium
I do use my mobile for WA while I am out and about. I opened WA today and did noticed the difference. The layout and readability looks great.

Thank you for doing a great job transitioning over. This will definitely help me read & navigate through much better than before.

bpais1 Premium
It's an amazing testament to the WA leadership how truly innovative you are, Carson.

Both you and Kyle continue to show how much you care about the little things and the big things - that make it great to be a member of the WA family!

Every day - and in every way - I appreciate what you both do to make WA a better experience for all of us!

And, did I mention that I am also impressed with Jay and his informative weekly training webinars?

OK - now that I've cozied up to the WA powers that be, I'll get back to creating a money making niche.


jwaffil2018 Premium
Great news here Carson :)) To answer your question, I do use my mobile-device quite often, but I haven't liked to visit WA on it, because of the low-readability that I have experienced. Whenever I visited the WA site, wording would be so tiny, I would have to magnify my screen. As you have stated here though, many of these issues have been addressed, and will continue to be. Thank you for continuing to improve and evolve WA! :)) Jim W.
Dhind1 Premium

This is amazing news. I have not used WA on a mobile device because like most people of my generation I am more comfortable on a laptop and or a desktop machine. It is what I grew up with, it is what I am used to and it is what I find easiest to use.

I am not really much of a mobile user.

However, that does not mean that I am not very happy that WA is going mobile. The majority of people in generations after mine are mobile friendly and primarily mobile users. Therefore this is a huge benefit to WA members who are reaching out to audiences on the web.

Mobile use is only going up and the fact that people can now access WA on their mobile device is good for us.

Thank you.
DebbieRose Premium
This is great as I have always used my mobile for most things...except actually working on my website. I love it...everything is just easier on the eyes. I experienced the change before your blog and thought something was wrong with my phone and when I realized it was an improvement...I was hoping it wouldn't go back to the old viewing!

So thankful and impressed that you and the WA team never stop upgrading this platform!

Stella2 Premium
Hey Carson, on my phone now! This is awesome. :-)

I'm taking the mobile thing serious. Yesterday I spent some time making sure one of my sites looks good and is user friendly on mobile. It's an Amazon site and many people shop from their phones now.

Thanks so much to you and the team. What's not to love about WA! :-)
Carson Premium
Great idea Stella, I actually ONLY make amazon purchases on my phone because the mobile experience is really easy to use and I’m always logged in etc. Building a site so that the mobile experience is a good one will only make your site rank better, and help your visitors engage and consume content more efficiently!
serenedreams Premium
I use WA on my mobile device daily. Yes, i did notice it was not ready. glad to hear it is now.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Carson you are awesome! I noticed some of the changes earlier and I was doing the mobile happy dance.
I use my cell phone ALot and you have made me a VERY happy lady.
Y'all have made our lives even better. I love how you Kyle and the rest of your team are always trying to make it easier for your members here.
Thank you very much

Lee Ann
Carson Premium
Hey Lee Ann, you noticed within a few moments of releasing the update and blogged about it too. That’s just AWESOME!! I’m glad you are doing the mobile happy dance, I am right there with you!
LeeMcQuay Premium
There are many of us members dancing.
I even blogged about the changes I noticed from my cell, replied to the few comments I received, from my cell and responded to you from my cell.

You have no Idea (you probably do, but you know what I mean) how y'all have helped those of us who are on the go a lot and are addicted to WA.

I have always taken my cell and my tablet with me so that I could continue to work on my site, traffic, research and etc..
As long as there was internet I would be either busy here or on my website.

There were challenges, but I still did it. So with this update, you have made me a VERY happy lady as well as many other great WA members.
Thank all of you for all that you do for all of us
Lee Ann
MatthewLS Premium
This is pretty cool To be honest yeah its 50/50 for me when i am at work .I work on my blogs and I check things out through the social part here and there.

when I am at home I use my laptop to work on things and whatever that is harder to do on my phone i touch things up when i get home from my 14 hour days. so this is something I have been looking forward to

thanks for all the things you Carson, Kyle and all the WA team in the background. I hope the best for you guys
Carson Premium
Consumption of content on a mobile device is sooo much better now...here’s hoping it makes those after work blog posts and interactions that much better without having to pull out the laptop!
herinnelson Premium
You are always amazing me with new and improved features! This is a wonderful post with great information of state-of-the-art tech! I use mobile on occasion and will be logging on more often now! So excited for all the advancements, improvements and updates at WA!!

Erin :)!
Carson Premium
Hey Erin, thanks for the comment and words of support. We are always pushing forward and have so much up our sleeves!
littlemama Premium
Super, Super Carson!
magistudios Premium
[mic drop]
magistudios Premium
In all seriousness, I understand how much work goes into a mobile friendly version of a site... so Kudos to you!
Carson Premium
Thanks Jay, you of all people know how long we have been working on this, and we are really excited to get this released to all those mobile users of WA. Lots of mobile updates coming to other areas that have yet to get a shiny new mobile design!
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Awesome, Carson! I use WA on my laptop and a lot on my smartphone. This improvement will be v-e-r-y helpful and so much easier to use. Woohoo! Thank you! You guys did it again! :)
Carson Premium
In the past 30 minutes I've used WA so much on my iPhone, it's a breeze writing these comments from my mobile phone, and dictation makes things even easier :)
Glen B Premium

This is Awesome News!

I have been looking for ways to do the majority of my work from an iPad Pro. It's just so much easier to tote than the Mac Air. Also there are other nice features of an iPad that I really love for marketing.

I can't wait to try this out.

- Glen B
Carson Premium
Hey Glen,

Let us know how you like things on the iPad Pro - with the screen being so large, you should see the same desktop version of pages. Mobile responsive designs shine on smaller screen sizes like Mobile Phones. My iPad Pro has a larger screen than many laptops and it works beautifully with WA :)
Glen B Premium
Awesome to know Kyle,

I have an iPhone 6 Plus too. I'll have a look with that device as well.

My eyes just aren't as good as they used to be staring at a computer screen for well over 30 years.. lol..

- Glen B
MariaB4 Premium
Great achievement! I'm curious to give it a try :)
roydude Premium
I was surprised when I to went to WA today on my smartphone and noticed.. it's now mobile friendly!

Thanks, Carson!
Carson Premium
Hey Daniel, I can't stop smiling because this means less hand cramps from pinching and zooming :) YAY!
roydude Premium
Yes!! And no more hoping my big thumb hit the right button! LOL
Does this mean that there will be a shortcut app for Wealthy Affiliate? If so, that is greatly appreciated and useful.
Does this mean that there will be a shortcut app for Wealthy Affiliate? If so, that is greatly appreciated and useful.

Does this mean that there will be a shortcut app for Wealthy Affiliate? If so, that is greatly appreciated and useful.
JariBruna Premium
Amazing news!! I'm excited to have this especially when waiting in the car line for my daughter!