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Time for a holiday after 3 months flat out - back in 10 days (4th Oct)

Getting ready for launch at


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We have something very, very unusual & very, very special planned!

Hello and welcome from me, Andre Kish....I do hope you've got a sense of humour, you will need one lower down when you meet my imaginary friend - My Mate, Bert. He's my greatest ally and greatest critic when reviewing my own stuff.

If you're in a hurry to meet Bert then we're at https://globalhomeworkers.club/

Bert is sometimes useful at so many levels his brain hurts now. "Marketing, Networking, Informative, Helpful", he says. And supposed to be funny, I keep telling him, so people want to read more and learn in a way they don't forget.

Imaginary friends are extremely good if no-one is on hand to help you review your own efforts, so unleash your imaginary friend and they will help you!!

We're creating a new approach to affiliate marketing training with a punch for use outside of WA so we can grab new friends from outside with the concept of:

"You'll never forget My Mate, Bert and you'll never forget what you learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

"Affiliate Marketing With A PUNCH"

- aimed at a specialised but large market where it stands out.

What do you think? Your opinions will help me always learn about new things and potential markets out there in the cold outside of WA, so thanks.

And now......since one of my favourite pass times is cutting out all of any kind of promo sales crap and never rushing anyone, this is for all new friends here at Wealthy Affiliate, so we get you going and you feel safe with our best guidance possible.

From here down is where you'll need a sense of humour but it shows how some mad people try to do thing creatively and in a unique manner.

While the boss is out the really-really-really-useful-for-new-friends-stuff's lower down and that's worth a view if you're a new member 'coz it lists and answers the main questions most new members have when they join.

Basically, it's what they forgot to mention in the sales brochures but you wish they jolly well hadn't.

You can earn your subscription fees within the WA platform - cool. Bert's up for that, ta!!

Checkout this brilliant guide here at WA showing how you can earn inside WA.


My Mate, Bert, knows about online stuff, he says. He says - when you get the very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very best out of Wealthy Affiliate you will have a real and lasting foot-hold online.

Bert's good at this 'fishy-old-marketing-malarkey'. He says it's a right larf when he does it but it MUST be done properly.

The goldmine of information and help here is sooooo rich that it would be a shame if you can't upgrade because of budget since that takes time to get going really...it's like an un-ripened fruit that will grow in the sunshine, Bert says.

"My Mate, Bert is my imaginary friend but he keeps getting me arrested."

Since Bert 'n' me learned all about doing it proper but especially on the 'cheap-as-humanly-possible' we ain't had to leg-it with our suitcase full of dodgy gear once.

That's why both My Mate, Bert 'n' me love learning all about fishy-old-marketing at Wealthy Affiliate.....'coz we are proper "Respectable Dodgy Geezers now" and will soon be off probation.

We are all LEGIT and now we get called five letter words instead of four letter ones so it just proves we're going up in the world, eh?

You can even do affiliate marketing from a prison cell. .

If you're a new friend here at WA - a warm welcome to you, from My Mate, Bert 'n' me. WA has so much stuff here for you at your fingertips that your brains might hurt a little by now.

But never fear...My Mate, Bert 'n' me are here with the top 3 questions that our great new members often seem to ask.

Very, very, very, very often asked question 1

- How long does it take to earn your first cash?

Well, when you get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, we are all here strictly for the cash as fast as we can get it anyway, especially My Mate, Bert, so that's an entirely reasonable question.

The general answer is that it can take anything up to a few months. Ain't the general answer boring?

But My Mate, Bert says not at all. Learn as you go and the time soon passes and the end result can be so much worth any amount of effort. Like ripening wine.....

Very, very, very, very often asked question 2

- How long does Google take to index my new website - (stick your site on that thing they've got for people to find stuff what they probably don't really need anyway and stick it somewhere on page 476)?

My Mate, Bert says Google is a pain in the commercial rear end* because they think they own the internet just 'coz they've got some computers turned on.

*Bert really used the word Bum but that's just far too rude to repeat here, eh?

My Mate, Bert's aiming for the very last place on the very last page on Google.

That'd be an achievement in anyone's book and he think's WA should give him a special badge if he makes it. Let him know what you think. Just shout out, we love's ya, Bert and see who gives you a funny look.

But, My Mate, Bert also says that if you really want to get Google to index your sites you need something on them for Google to get a bite into, like half a dozen pages and a dozen posts.

If you're a free member and you haven't yet let anyone talk you into parting with any dosh because you're careful...good on ya, mate!! But when you see what you're missing, I bet you'll want to upgrade but when a free member...

...you'll sadly have to wait a little while - even days - until Google can be bothered to index your site 'coz their medication wears off quickly and they could well be drunk under the table for all we know, eh?

If you're a premium member, never mind, eh? It must be worth your while when you've been here a while or you would've gone long ago, that's what Bert says.

That's why techy folk took all that time (about 5 minutes it was if I recall correctly) to go and invent auto-responders - so we could all get leg-less under the table together.

My Mate, Bert and Google have a few things in common. Neither one can be bothered when the pub's open or when their medication runs out.

Very, very, very, very often asked question 3

- Why can't I see the changes I make to my website when I try to view it online?

It often happens when you've got a laptop and forget to lift the display up.

My Mate, Bert says it's all about cleaning the cash but he thinks it's all about money laundering.

It's all about cleaning the cache not the cash, Bert I told him, but he was already off in a huff in the corner dreaming up yet another little scam. You have to keep a very careful eye on imaginary friends, as I'm sure you'll agree.

If you're completely new to computer why not download and install a program called cCleaner. All the best bloggers use it.

Then, if you want get really serious and make it go & run it.

But if you need to get rid of some seriously incriminating stuff off of your computers and start over with a fresh computer you'll need something called Dban for that one. Not even the coppers can find anything then.

You'll see the changes when you reload your site.

You can also clear a cache inside you browser but since they're all different and cCleaner clears ALL browser caches it works out much quicker in the end, but you'll have to re-login to any sites and enter your passwords.

My Mate, Bert likes that bit 'coz, being an imaginary friend he can pop into anyone's brain-box and pinch their pass-codes while they ain't watching - they're far too busy watching over their shoulders to make sure no-one is pinching their passwords to notice he's arrived inside their heads.

He's a crafty little beggar is My Mate, Bert.

So there you have it. Just about time for me (Andre) and Bert (Dunno who he is) and say -

Happy web designing and happy affiliating and happy earning loads of cash and happy birthday if it helps.

Ta Da, folks - the BOSS is coming and now I've gotta do the washing up, she said. So all the very best and keep your chins up and havva nice cuppa tea from My Mate, Bert 'n' me!!
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
None - start as you mean to go on, I always say.
Money I would be ecstatic earning
None - it's much easier this way and saves a lot of disappointments when yet another plan goes wrong.
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
Loads, I suppose, as long as the pub's shut and I ain't got that double vision again.
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Jul 16, 2017
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My-Mate-Bert Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
None - start as you mean to go on, I always say.

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
None - it's much easier this way and saves a lot of disappointments when yet another plan goes wrong.

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
Loads, I suppose, as long as the pub's shut and I ain't got that double vision again.
Ingvild Premium
If you invest a lot of time here, and do the work you will be greatly rewarded :-)
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Carson Premium Plus
Hey Andre! Today I just wanted to follow up with you to see how things are going! I hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself here within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

I want to make myself available to answer any questions or help with anything as you are getting started! Please touch base with me if you ever need a hand with anything or are feeling stuck, I am here to help. :)
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Hi Andre - Thank you for the follow. I am now following you in return and I wish you great success with your WA venture :)
My-Mate-Bert Premium
Thanks, Valerie - I've designed eCommerce sites for years so can say from experience that what I've seen at WA is professionally excellent. The in depth knowledge of WordPress is stunningly good on the chat area.

So many experts in so many fields of expertise. It is genuinely amazing here and everyone is so welcoming so thank you.

Very best wishes - Andre
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
You're welcome Andre.
And thank you very much for leaving your comment :)
Hi! just joined last night so im not really sure how to work this site yet, message me any questions you have on dropshipping
My-Mate-Bert Premium
Thank you ever so much.

I will do, if I may. I get asked about it often so all info is very, very handy. I often deal with homeworking groups here in Brighton UK and lots of folk ask about it.
Dmk71152 Premium
Welcome to WA - lots to learn here- stay focused - go through the Certification Courses first - you will get confused or frustrated from time to time - ask lots of questions - people are here to help you. 

HERE ARE 3 WA'ers Training Posts - they helped me - one is vocabulary you use here - one is a detailed use of your dashboard to find anything you will need - one is a plug-in to add to WordPress - that will help you build your sties. Hope they help - they did me This one I wrote - deals with how to "close" for the result you want. Stay with it - you don't need a wish of good luck - you need a plea to study the material and stay at it no matter what - it will change your life and hopefully the people you touch with your message.

My-Mate-Bert Premium
Hiya- thanks for the info - lots still to learn here so thanks for the welcome.
Ingvild Premium
Hi - and welcome to WA!
You're quite right, this is a great place to learn affiliate marketing.
Wish you the best luck :-)