Swag my new high

Last Update: February 23, 2018

SWAG has certainly taken me to a new high with my writing. To put it another way, for each post I write, my aim is at least 1000 words. You see, when I first started writing on my mini website, I settled for the minimum of 500 words. For sure, that was enough for me and I just wanted to move on to the next post. After getting a feedback, from a WA member, the suggestion was that I should try and write more for some of my posts.

Looking back at my shorter posts, I realized that I really needed to add more details. Getting feedback is awesome. As a matter of fact, I was just skimming the surface. Clearly, the basics are not enough for visitors who need more than just that. Remember, they visit for information, for answers to something. Of course, the more details we can give, the better.

The SWAG challenge has taken me from the basic 500 words to at least 1000 words and more for every post. As a matter of fact, when I first saw the number of words for this month's tasks, my first response was, “Wow how am I going to get there?” Surprisingly enough, I have surpassed the required words and I still have 4 posts to go.

SWAG has certainly taken me to a new high. In fact, all those posts were quickly indexed in Google. Bear in mind here though that Jaaxy plays a big part in that too. For one thing, SWAG is making me write more. Hopefully visitors will get the information that they are searching for. As they say here at WA, it is "Onward and Upward."


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linda956 Premium
Great job advancing in your posts.
MarkBa Premium
Good to hear Carol! ~Mark
BillandSue Premium
Hi Carol,
Many times in my life, a big challenge would lead to depression in my life. But in the SWAG challenge it has lifted me like you have said.

When it first came out that we were to write 12, 1,000 word minimum posts, I thought I doubt if I will be able to do that!.

Since I started working on the Big Twelve, most of my articles are in the range of 1,200-1,300 words.

It is amazing how this challenge has brought out things I didn't know I had!

Thanks for sharing.

haroda Premium
Great job!!! Glad to read that you are making progress!
carolbinger Premium
Thanks Ha, making progress indeed
JerryMcCoy Premium
good post keep up the good work
carolbinger Premium
Thanks Jerry, I will