WOOT! My Tablet Is Alive Once More!

Last Update: Nov 15, 2014


For those of you following my technology troubles of late, I have some good news to report!

It's Alive!!!

My well-loved MS Surface Pro 2 is alive once more! I was getting more and more frustrated with Microsoft's customer service, so my long-suffering hubby took over. He got on a service chat with them and the tablet and, after about an hour or so. . . it works!

The Problem

From what I understand, it had something to do with not getting updates to certain drivers because. . . I had powered it down instead of putting it in sleep mode. If it's in sleep mode, it will get its proper updates, but not if it's shut off. Lesson learned.

Happy Camper!

Yeah, I'm a happy camper. When he handed it to me and told me it was okay, I immediately grabbed it and set about a new, comprehensive project. . . that thing plays a mean game of Bejeweled!!!

One Fight Over

This one is solved, for now. Still awaiting word from Brother on the printer SNAFU.

And Now. . .

My laptop is, sadly, on its last round-up. It's been shutting itself down. If not the entire computer, the video has been shutting down and leaving the computer on. I did a little research and this model of HP seems prone to power supply problems. Oh, Goody! It's a few years old and I've beat it to death, so not too upset over this one.

I Haz Idea!

I was perusing laptops and cringing at the price of a good one (can we spell M-A-C, boys and girls?) Then I remembered that new desk top sitting under my old desktop, the one that never came out of the box. I tend to buy super specials when they appear if I know I'll be needing a replacement to something soon and my old desktop is way past its expiration date.

I can't use a large screen on my work desk, but I can use a small one. So. . . I ordered a 15" USB screen that looks like a tablet. Will hook the desk top up to the wee screen and use that until I can sort things out.


So, for now, I'm happy. Thanks to all of you who are reading my sagas of technological woe!

Till the next time something breaks!

Recent Comments


Well done Carla., I knew you'd get there.


Carla, glad to hear the tablet issue is resolved,
things seem to be ok at the moment. You are
a trooper and an entrepreneur. You find a way
and carry on. You get things done, good on you.
Have a blessed weekend my friend.

Awwww, thanks for the kind words, Ken!

Woot! Woot! So happy your tablet is working again. Can you use the monitor from your old desktop with your new desktop? You just need to plug it into the back of the PC in the only place it will fit. That's the good thing about computers you can only plug things into the right holes so you can't mess up. ~Marion

Well, I could, Marion, except my old monitor is a 24" granny eyes monitor. LOL It won't fit on my workspace now. So I ordered the little one. It was pretty cheap and way cheaper than even a cheap laptop. If it holds me for a year or so, I will have time to decide which way to go. Yep. . . . WOOT! I'm overjoyed right now. :)

Glad everything ok now and have a great weekend Carla. :-)

Thanks, David!

Was quite keen on the 'Surface' before it came out but never got around to it. Must say have seen little of it in my country. Quite happy with my (now aging) 6yr old desktop PC, my daughters abandoned +-12 yr desktop PC, Kindle Fire 8.9 and now (after 12 years holding onto the old Nokia!), getting new Samsung Mini S3. Enough technology for now!

I have several older computers, Shawn, but I have to keep updating because (1) they no longer run what I need to work and (2) I keep killing them! I'm murder on laptops. Not sure why. Desktops are a bit sturdier, though, so I wish you luck with yours.

I started in the mid 80's with the Spectrum 48k, (Yes that was it's memory, 48k!) using a TV as monitor, and an audio cassette tape as Hard Drive, and I had as much joy with it, as I have with whats around nowadays. I find technology an increasingly fast moving target, these days.

Laptops don't last as long as Desktops. Not exactly sure why but probably, heat, 'mobility shocks', battery, smaller components, inability to upgrade etc.

Great news Carla!

I rejoice with you on your victory .........

Having been there myself, I know its most annoying when told on shutdown that your machine has to remain on to allow it to get the updated drivers!
Anyway as they say in the classics:
"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
Love the image from "Frankenstein!".....very appropriate, LOL!

So...... onto the next fight......... Don't worry there will always be a "next time" ....its the nature of the beast!

I agree, Arthur. It's one of the conditions of this thing called life!

Technology Wars continued, round 2....you might want to consider purchasing an adjustable notebook stand with built in fan!
I have also experienced that as they get older these "monsters" tend to overheat quite easily, hence the shutdown!
You may get more life out of the old corpse yet!
In any event, even if the corpse is literally beyond resurrection, it always pays to keep even the new laptop or notebook running cooler.... know this worked for me!

I have one of those, Arthur. It still gets so hot you can barely touch it. Apparently, it is a problem with the larger HPs from what I read. This one has never been completely "right" either, although I've gotten used to its quirks. I said next one will be a MAC and then I started shopping. After the sticker shock wore off, I decided I didn't want to have to take out a loan to finance one.

Hot Dog! You are up and running again.It really is ALIVE!

It sure is!

Miracles do happen for you Carla, the tablet resurrection will go down in history:)

That it will, my friend!

Technology, funny thing. ..

And sometimes not so funny. :)

Hi Carla! -

I am pleased to hear you are 'up and running' again! :)

Thanks, David!

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