3 Simple Ways I Test my Website Mobile Responsiveness Fast

Last Update: July 23, 2018

With over 70% of persons visiting your website on a mobile device daily, it's a no-brainer you should have a website custom-made for mobile.

Google has recently focused on Mobile loading time also, it can affect your site ranking in a way or another, doing all you can to get your site looks good and load fast on mobile is something you should definitely pay attention to.

Let's take a look at 3 Free tools from Google that will offer you the opportunity to test your page speed and simulate its look on a Smartphone, so let's go.

For the Look and Feel

1/Open the Google Chrome Browser
2/Type in the address of your website

3/On the Top Bar, Go to the View Menu

4/Select the Developer Tab and Developer Tools

5/Press on the Icon that precede "Elements" on the menu Bar

6/Done, you can test now.

Speed Test

To test your website you can use Test my Site With Google, to access the site do a Google search.

When, you're on the site, enter the URL of your website and it will analyze it for you.

What kind of information can you get from Test my Site with Google:

  • The loading time
  • The percentage of customers you're losing depending on of your page speed
  • When you scroll down you will see a graph of how your page is performing.
  • The last section will show you some solution you can apply to speed up your page

You can also tell Google to send you a detail report on your mailbox.

Mobile Friendly Test

This test is different from the Speed test.

It first function is to show you how your page will look like on a Smartphone.

For developer or people who want to learn to code you can also have a look the code.

Looks like you can also send the page for Google Indexing, however, when I tried it, it wasn't able to do that, probably a problem on the server side. I will try again later.

You can also learn more about mobile-friendly pages.

Thank You Google

It's a very smart move from Google to offer these tools for us to use for Free as Online Business and Marketing are moving very fast.

Having this kind of insight will allow us to detect and solve the problems quickly.

We can work faster and focus more on creating great contents.


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newlive Premium
Good thoughts there Calvin
CalvinC Premium
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Calvin,
This is something I will have to check out because I never knew about this. Thanks for letting me know!!

Tried and True

CalvinC Premium
You're welcome Elaine, don't hesitate to try them.
CandP Premium
This is something we will try. Really awesome, thanks!!
CalvinC Premium
You're welcome.

You can try to get the results send to your email, it's pretty detailed.
CandP Premium
Excellent, thank you for this, Calvin.
MKearns Premium
Has it worked on different sized screens!
CalvinC Premium
Do you mean by trying the tools on a smartphone for example or changing the screen size when using the tools on a laptop.

I haven't tried to test the tools on a smartphone.

However, on a latop, no, you can't choose the screen size.

I believe the reason is on a tablet the result is very similar to a laptop Pc. I tried to visit my website on an Amazon Fire 7" and I was surprise to see the result is very similar to what I can see on a laptop.

I guess starting from 5" we will see some significant difference.

Good point you get there, have to try and see from which size, we can really see some significant changes.

They have a feedback section on the Mobile Friendly tool, it can be interesting to let them know.

RAFStuart Premium
Most interesting, mine loads onto phones perfectly, word and photos aligned, and I have done nothing, it could be the theme.
CalvinC Premium
Yes, a lot of themes are responsive now.

However, sometimes you will meet with some problem with few themes.

Being able to detect where the issues come from will allow us to fix them faster.

It can also be a good indicator that perhaps we have to consider changing themes.

RAFStuart Premium
Absolutely right.