20 Millions Hacked - Are You One of Them?

Last Update: July 30, 2018

Are you using Ad Blockers Chrome Extension?
If yes, DESTROY them immediately.

20 Millions Users Hacked

Recently a researcher who work for AdGuard a security firm discovered 5 malicious ad-blocker you can install from the Chrome Web Store.

Here are the culprits:

  • AdRemover for Google Chrome
  • uBlock Plus
  • Adblock Pro
  • HD for Youtube
  • Webutation

The creators of these malicious extensions copy legitimate Ad Blockers.
They abuse of popular keywords in their names and descriptions to rank on the top spot in the search result.
Once the Copycat has been installed, the problems for you start.

What Are the Risks?

Since Chrome Extensions ask for the permission to access all the web pages you visit, the damages they can inflict to you can be unlimited.

Most of the time they will access all your browsings history, however, they can do whatever please them.

It's like inviting MR. Problem into your house.

What Can You Do?

If you have any of the ad blockers on the list, Delete them immediately, no matter you think it's the original one or not, just kick them out.

Fortunately for you Google has removed the bad seeds from their Chrome Web Store.

Don't install any Ad Blockers extension again.
When you think about it, Ads is not so bad and we will need them for what we're learning and what we will be doing here at WA.

Just for that particular reason this is not a so bad news, finally.

Be careful when you install any Chrome Extension, check carefully who is the creator.

Install Extensions you find useful only, there's no place and time for useless things, even it's FREE, free sometimes means Problem.


I wish you all, the WA Amazing Community a very Good Holiday.
And of course a fantastic Holiday to Kyle, Carson and Jay.

Enjoy the Sun and the Fun.

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BradB18 Premium
Great ADvice Calvin. Thanks for informing
CalvinC Premium
You're welcome, Brad.

Let's sign a petition to get rid of these ad blockers, Lol.
BradB18 Premium
I just had a look at my extensions and I had ad block so I just removed it.
CalvinC Premium
I believe ads are very useful to us, Lol.

I've never mind having those ads, as long as they're not too invasive.

After all, ads are one of the ways for the writer to earn a little extra money.

If I appreciate the contents, I don't mind having ads.
heljam404A Premium
Good info thanks for sharing.
CalvinC Premium
Happy to help Heljam.

I hope I haven't misspelled your name, sorry if I did.

Wish you the best.
Loes Premium
Hé, I am an affiliate marketer, I am against ad-blockers, I want people to get my ads!
CalvinC Premium
Yeah, let's take a pledge to remove these useless ad blockers.
CandP Premium
Thanks Calvin. We don't have any of those extensions but that's very useful information to have.
Colette and Philip
CalvinC Premium
Good news for you.

Extensions are like plugins, keep it to the minimum.
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks for this valuable information, Calvin.
CalvinC Premium
You're welcome, Valerie.

I hope you don't have any of those extensions on your browsers.
ValerieJoy Premium
To my knowledge I don't have any of those extensions on my browsers. But, for safety sake, I will go and check them now.

Thanks again.
CalvinC Premium
No problem.