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This morning I read an article from CNN about a 21 old girl who died because of her illness, Claire Wineland.Wineland was born with Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable disease.You can learn more about her on the internet.She became an inspiration for me, she has accomplished so much at such a young age that it put me to shame.And being able to be who she is, knowing she's gonna die is incredible.Note: the title is not from me, it's from one of her quote.A Lesson Of Life"Life isn't just about being ha
August 26, 2018
In my previous post (, I discussed about how Facebook is losing its grip on the number of its visitors and rank.I also stated that they will for sure making a come back.Their first move to gain back traction they lost to Google is an expecting one for many of us. Again the wind is changing direction for Facebook and they're doing it in an outstanding way.Facebook MarketplaceAs it name suggest FB Marketplace allows you to sell goods
Since Facebook made the change to how it displays your news feed last year, it hasn't stop falling.Even crashing recently, bringing back Warren Buffet on the N3 spot of the richest persons in the world.A Good Signal for YOU Affiliate MarketersFor many years, it was easy for big companies, brands and people who want to run adds to drive awareness and being seen:They just need to post on Facebook and run adds, it was so simple and convenient.It was so easy that even newbies with the right trainin
August 14, 2018
If you haven't found your niche yet.You may consider Game Of Thrones as one, let's dive in deeper and see what's make GOT a good niche.A Huge Fan BaseFor 10 persons, there are probably 3 who watch the TV Show, I don't have the hard number, this is just speculation.What make GOT watchers different from other TV Shows is they're FAN, as a fan they're willing to spend money on GOT related products.I know because I'm one of them.If you do a search on Amazon US, there're 20 000 results for GOT. 20 0
As a beginner there's one thing you don't want to waste: TIME.Because Time once you used it, you will never be able to get it back.The Time we Spend as a Beginner to Find a Nich is WrongYes finding a niche is the starting point of our business as an Affiliate.However, if you think too much hesitating asking yourself too many questions to know if this or that will work: It's A Waste Of Time.Why?As a person new to Online Business, there're just too many skills we need to learn and assimilate.Just
You may have heard of Facebook dating service 2 months ago.Now new sources has confirmed that Facebook is testing a dating service.Where Can You Access It?For the moment it's not possible to use it if you're not a Facebook employee.They're testing it internally only.What We Know So FarYou can create a separate account for this particular Facebook's service.The service is a good fit for people who want to find a serious partner, people who are looking for quick encounter for whatever reason shou
Every year Google will roll out several updates to how it searches engine will behave and rank websites.However, this month is what many professionals believe is a big one.Some of you may have the feeling that your website has been hit with a lower ranking when others in contrary got a good impact from the update.Why Updating Something that Already Works?As everything relate to Online moves and changes so fast, search engines also need to be update. The goal still the same, showing better resul
Are you using Ad Blockers Chrome Extension?If yes, DESTROY them immediately.20 Millions Users HackedRecently a researcher who work for AdGuard a security firm discovered 5 malicious ad-blocker you can install from the Chrome Web Store.Here are the culprits:AdRemover for Google Chrome uBlock PlusAdblock ProHD for YoutubeWebutationThe creators of these malicious extensions copy legitimate Ad Blockers.They abuse of popular keywords in their names and descriptions to rank on the top spot in the sea
You probably heard of the Trade War between the US VS China, Europe, Canada and other countries.Recently the US imposed tariffs on $34 billions of Chinese export.Of course China has retaliated, so the US decides to impose even more tariffs on Chinese export, this time it can reach $200 to $400 billions.Again I'm sure China will retaliate and things will escalate very quickly.The ones who will get hurt at the end are e-commerce, consumers and retailers and it will also affect us whose want to bu
With over 70% of persons visiting your website on a mobile device daily, it's a no-brainer you should have a website custom-made for mobile.Google has recently focused on Mobile loading time also, it can affect your site ranking in a way or another, doing all you can to get your site looks good and load fast on mobile is something you should definitely pay attention to.Let's take a look at 3 Free tools from Google that will offer you the opportunity to test your page speed and simulate its look