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My name is David Yeo and I've been in WA since 2016. Afterwards in 2017, I also became a member of the Clickagain network to promote the Regal Assets gold and precious metals IRA's (which consist of physical gold and precious metals coins and bullion) and also their cryptocurrency IRA offers.

I love reading and memorizing the Bible, honing my Taekwondo and martial arts skills, and practicing bass, tenor and alto-soprano harmony notes from traditional hymns. But most of all I love Jesus, my King and my God.

Wishing you all the Best!
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nevrob Premium
With so many accounts where do you find time to keep up with every thing else ? I also read the bible a lot 12 times to be exact .To me you are all set to jump right in to WA and be Successful right away.Welcome to this community and ,need i say more /Success is yours.
Marcel92 Premium
Hello David and welcome to our Wealthy Affiliate community.
You are in good hands here with all kinds of training and people always ready to help out with your online journey.
Thank you for following.
Wishing you the very best with your online journey.
My profile page -  https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/marcus92
>>>> A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you..
In Friendship
buyeodavid Premium
Thank you so much for the kind words, sir! You are correct about the fact that a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.. but even if it doesn't come back to me it shouldn't deter me from doing what is right! To your success, as well, Marcus!
ToveL Premium
Hi, David

I hope your day is great.

I wonder if you could help me out with something. I would have been very happy having more followers on my social media. Would you like to join my Facebook and Twitter page and become a follower?
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I am writing about coconut oil and are crazy about it. I thrive to help people who struggle in life to get information that can benefit them.

If you're interested I have now a subscriber list that will give you all the information you need to live a healthy life. You can visit my site on: healingwithcoconuts.com and check it out.

If there's anything I can do for you just let me now. I will be happy to.

Thanks for reading my mail and I wish you a wonderful day.

Kindly regards
buyeodavid Premium
Hi Tove! Sorry for the late reply - I've sort of been all over the place recently. I had already liked an followed you on your social media accounts from before. I just subscribed to your emailing list as well - I'm actually a big fan of coconut products, so it's a win-win for the both of us. :)

I hope everything goes well. We are all here to support each other so let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!

Take care and talk soon
ToveL Premium
Hi, David. I am so grateful for your support. I hope you will have great pleasure being a subscriber to my email list. I will try and do my best to meet your expectations.

Do tell me if you want anything from me. I will be happy to be of any help.

newstar Premium
Hey David. Thanks for the follow. I also have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and having a business of my own due to seeing my parents struggling with their lives with their 9 - 5. Happy to have you as part of the WA family as well and wish you good luck!

HelenpDoyle Premium
David, nice to hear from you. You are right about the janitor bit and that is true for lots of other jobs that some people look down on. I had an engineering student working with me. He used to put so much s**t on the admin staff that I finally took him aside and gave him a pointed lecture on how if he kept alienating them he might find his pay had gone astray and also without their support he wouldn't have a job. He didn't speak to me for the remaining time he was with us. But the admin staff were left alone.

Hope you do very well here.

I am now off to view your site. OK I looked but you haven't much there yet. Get your About page done asap.

Keep in touch.
buyeodavid Premium
Thank you for the awesome advice, Helen! Yes, I need to post up content like ASAP and that's what I'm gonna head over to do right now! Well... I want to finish the certification course first but I'm still gonna do it ASAP!

Yes, It's very important to respect people of all trades and backgrounds because we wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for those people who do the "dirty work." Heck, even they have their own potential niche going...

Anyways, I'm off to finishing off the courses and creating some content on my website! Will let you know when I do! :)
Becka56 Premium
Hey David, thank you for the nice message you left on my profile page. I'm now following you in the social media sites that we share in common. I'm past the level were the lesson in social media was taught and have shared my links with several people here in WA. I also posed them on my profile page so anyone who wanted to could link up with me. Such as you did.

You should never let other people tell you how to feel about what you can do. That's a mistake people make. Own your dream of having your own business and go for it. Believe in yourself.

It starts with a dream.
Add faith and it becomes a belief.
Add action and it becomes a part of life.
Add perseverance, and it becomes a goal in sight.
Add patience and time and it becomes a dream come true.

Talk to you later :-)
buyeodavid Premium
Thank you very much, Becka!!
Becka56 Premium
You're very welcome. :-)
MyraBeth Premium
David, thank you so much for your very helpful message that you send me. That really meant a lot. I know you will go far because you are willing to help others.

My husband has researched MBTI personality types and I took that test, but I forgot what mine is.

My parents taught me and my siblings that they would rather see us be honest and ethical janitors than be crooked and corrupt lawyers.

"And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

Blessings to you, David.
buyeodavid Premium
Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, Beth. It's what we should do as brothers and sisters in Christ. :)

I read that the Hebrew word, "tzedakah" is loosely translated to "giving alms" but it is actually the root word for "righteousness" and implies both "duty" and "giving/acting from the heart," which seem contradictory because we seem to think of a duty as something we are obligated to do and not necessarily something that comes from the heart, but we know that the Lord looks at what's in our heart and our sense of duty to help our neighbors should come from the heart!

I love what your father said. I would also teach that to my children, as well.

If you want to take a quick MBTI test, this site is pretty reliable:


I wish you the best, Beth! Blessings to you and your family, as well.
stevecox Premium
Very information profile David. I am an ENFJ also on Myers-Briggs.
This is the place for you to be based on what you have told us about yourself.

This is an intelligent and giving group of people from around the world, and if you want how to do it right, this is the place.

Welcome aboard,

lynndrew Premium
Hi David,
Welcome, and I so look forward to seeing your site soon. I think it is wonderful that you memorized the Book of Romans. No one will ever be able to take that from you!

If you have any questions, just ask! I also believe Jesus Christ is the King of Kings!

Many blessings,
Loes Premium
Hello David, ♫Welcome! Nice to meet you ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun on WA. Thank you for following me. Followed you on all accounts:)

From the start, I have written training for every issue I had problems with myself. I also made a list of 1001 niche ideas, a checklist with 25 points to go through before you publish a post, 101 blogging ideas when you get stuck and an A-Z WA dictionary. It has been very helpful to a lot of people. You can find them on my profile on the right under training (click on my picture). I hope to help you with those.

If you have any questions, please add a comment to this message or leave them on my profile.
Success building your business in 2016. See you around, Greetings Loes
Dmitriy Premium
Hi David, thanks for following me - it's nice to meet you here at WA!

I wish you to become an AWESOME online marketer (if you aren't already :) ) and live a life of your dreams!

My greatest passion is video games and I strongly believe that games can influence our lives in a very positive and beneficial way. I'm always ready and willing to discuss the topic, so feel free to contact me anytime, if you're even slightly interested.

Also, if you ever need anything, have questions to ask, thoughts to share or just want to chat – just send me a message and I will try to help as best I can.

Cheers, good luck and see you around!