Avoid using Amazon

Last Update: November 17, 2017

Like the title says, avoid using Amazon.


Because Amazon has been having serious issues with both tracking and attribution of sales; tons of low to mid-level affiliates have seen their conversion ratios drop through the floor for no reason in particular since June. Because of that, some affiliates have seen their revenue drop by upwards of 40%.

If you don't believe me, feel free to check out this thread (https://engagedforums.com/disc...) on the official Amazon Associates help forum. It was started in early Sept and has since received over 55000 views and around 700 replies.

Personally, I've been experiencing this same issue. I've now invested thousands into different "experts" to look at my site, all of them have told me the issue must stem from Amazon as there's no logical reason why my CR would drop off.

You might be wondering "well, why would Amazon do that?" and you're not alone. This is the same question that's been asked directly to Amazon and also thrown around the Amazon Associates help forum A LOT. No one knows for sure but we have plenty of speculation.

Feel free to use Amazon if you really want to, just don't say that I didn't warn you when you're sitting there wondering why your hard work isn't paying off. Chances are, you can find another program that pays more and doesn't have a track record of decreasing commission rates every single year, not to mention this issue of stolen missing sales.

[update] I think there's been a misunderstanding about the purpose of this post. I'm definitely not whining or complaining about my own sales. My bad for not explaining better.

The purpose of this post is simply to bring to light an ongoing issue that a relatively large chunk of Amazon affiliates have been experiencing now for months. As well as Amazon's record of docking commission percentages on a whim.

Based on that, it would be a good idea to find an alternative program to Amazon until these issues are sorted out. Why risk running into the same issue when you could focus elsewhere instead?

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TerryAsh Premium
Thanks for the heads up...Blessings
littlemama Premium Plus
Wow, that’s horrible, are you in the process of switching them out then?
bthiel Premium
I've been working on alternatives.
ownonlboss Premium
But you are using it for your main site, no?
bthiel Premium
Sure am.
ownonlboss Premium
I'm just removing oneLink javascript code from my site. There is a chance that is the cause of some of the people that are having issues. OneLink is still in development and isn't properly tested. OneLink javascript code seems to be causing some tracking issues.

Otherwise I do hope that Amazon will respond in due time and resolve their issues. If not then indeed we should consider staying away from them. It's a shame though, most people shop from Amazon.
NickHoyt Premium
Keep us updated on this, I'm interested to see what your results are with removing OneLink.

laurenjean Premium
Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing.
EKautz Premium