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Hey, I'm Branton. I joined WA in late 2013 and since then I've been able to grow a single niche site to the point of earning a "full-time income" by using the exact same training that you're currently learning from...

2020 update: Or, that was true throughout 2015-2019. It's early 2020 now and I've parted with (as in sold) that particular site for a 6-figure profit and have launched multiple others across various different niches. Here's to hoping they turn out as profitable!

Otherwise, I'm a late-20s Canadian and there's not much more to me than that :)

2021 update: Well, now it's mid-2021. I'm no longer a late 20s Canadian and now I'm an early 30s Canadian. I no longer have any affiliate sites of note, but I do perform digital marketing as my day-to-day job. The past year has been a journey and a half and with so many industries being negatively impacted by the various component shortages, many of the niches I'm adequately knowledgeable in are no longer viable. Long story short, I decided to opt for the 9-5 route by using a lot of the information I've learned here at WA to secure a very healthy salary in the meantime.

"Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers."
- Socrates
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
All of it
Money I would be ecstatic earning
More than all of it
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
A bit
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Jan 28, 2020
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bthiel Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?
All of it

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?
More than all of it

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
A bit
megawinner Premium
Goals are meant to be established in order to have a target in your endeavor.

One of the most effective ways to realize your dream is to write it down with your plans and goals.

This is what you have just done. Now is the time to take action. Have determination and focus as well as patience and hard work with all these in your endeavor, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams!

You may also want to follow me and read my blogs, they may help you persevere in realizing your goals and dreams!

Have the best success,

Carson Premium Plus
Awesome goals Branton!!

Now that you have goals to work towards you are going to be able to really focus on the training. Take action on what you learn and the lessons will take you towards achieving your goals.

I look forward to working with you and having you as an active part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


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Labman Premium Plus
Hi and Welcome to WA. Thanks for following me back.
pesurfmayr Premium
Hey Branton, thanks for the follow. Good luck here at WA and in the octagon as well.
hart48 Premium
Hello. Thank you for the follow. Best wishes for your success.
lanesamarie Premium
Hello and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Branton! I wish you all the best...Nenita
Kyle Premium Plus
Welcome Branton! Just stopping by to say hi. I am Kyle, co-founder of WA but just one of the many awesome people here within the community. You have lots of help here so if you ever need anything just let us know. You can leave a comment here or you can join in on a live chat (for instant support).

When you are ready to get started with your initial training the please make your way over to the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course:

Here is the link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/online-entrepreneur-certification-getting-started-level-1