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That's a pretty strong claim, right?Well, let's jump right in and skip the formalities for the sake of time. Keep in mind, as I mention in the title, both of these tips can often be quite niche-dependent and definitely won't work for everyone.Tip #1: "For" and "under"If you're writing a "best of" post, or a "top X" post, look for keywords that end with either "under" and then a dollar amount, or "for" and then a purpose. Sometimes, you can combine them.For instance, if you search "best 4K TV fo
The time has come to cash out on my affiliate site. It's not going to be a life changing amount, but it'll be more than enough to start on something new... And little enough to break my complacency. My full asking price is already in escrow and the sales agreement has been signed by both parties. The only thing left now is a short inspection period. By the middle of this month, the sale will be completely finalized and I'll no longer be a semi-successful affiliate marketer - I'll be unemployed.
I'm constantly seeing people ask if there's anyone here making money without promoting WA. Well, I'm one and I've been doing so since mid-2015. By early 2016 I was earning a "full-time" income entirely online and that hasn't changed to this day. Although I hit a bit of a lul in spring 2017 and have been effectively beating a dead horse since then, let's take a look at my main site's 2019 - be forewarned, it's not very impressive. This site is in the consumer tech niche, primarily focusing on PC
Did you know that lots companies use your Alexa rank as a primary determining factor for sending you a review item, or not? Well, it's true! I'm not talking about affiliate programs, but companies you might approach to ask for review samples from. Not all of them do, but some do and one of those could potentially be a company you want to work with.Sometimes, a company will want to see your Global Alexa rank under 100,000 before they'll even consider sending you items. Sometimes they will want i
I'm going to preface by saying go buy this book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini. It's around $10 and it will change your entire outlook on marketing. Not only will you be able to more easily drive sales, but you'll effectively gain an understanding of how the average person's mind works during the buying process.If you don't want to buy that book for whatever reason, well, I'm going to write 6 posts here on WA that cover the 6 different marketing principles yo
November 12, 2017
Like the title says, avoid using Amazon. Why? Because Amazon has been having serious issues with both tracking and attribution of sales; tons of low to mid-level affiliates have seen their conversion ratios drop through the floor for no reason in particular since June. Because of that, some affiliates have seen their revenue drop by upwards of 40%.If you don't believe me, feel free to check out this thread ( on the official Amazon Associates help forum. It was
March 19, 2017
Google rolled out another update to their ranking algorithm on March 8th that they dubbed "Fred", it's impossible to say 100% what exactly Fred changed, but based on the resulting articles up until now we can take an educated guess.There's a ton of articles floating around right now about Fred, and they're all talking about pretty much the same thing - how Fred is targeting websites which focus on ads or placing excessive affiliate links, but it could be explained even easier...Fred is targetin
January 01, 2017
A while ago I posted about earning $5K in a month through a single niche site, that site has continued earning and generated just shy of $9K throughout December 2016.I'm not really doing anything different than what's taught here. Well, I haven't really started with social media, yet. No AdWords, no intentionally built backlinks, no guest posts on other blogs, nothing special has been done. Just simple white hat SEO bringing in organic search traffic.Here's a shot of my Google Analytics so you
Depending on your niche, Cyber Monday can be an awesome day for sales. Here's a screenshot of how my primary site did: 559 is up from an average of 100-150 ordered items/day which is a pretty huge jump! Now, if more than ~200 things /day would ship, that would be great! Keep in mind that this is the same site I mentioned back in June 2015How was your Cyber Monday? I hope it was productive, if nothing else!
I recently resubbed and I've decided to drop a bit of inspiration for anyone who might be needing it. I've been away from WA since last August or so, and some crazy things have happened since then.What you're going to see/read shouldn't be taken as gloating or bragging, but simply as an example of what's possible (after time) when you follow the training that's been laid out for you here, and also what could happen if you don't.Oh, something to keep in mind before we jump in: It doesn't really