Who Needs A Good FREE Image Editing Program?


My background before I got into Sales, was Photography. I did the Fashion Photography for a couple of major NYC department stores, for many years. I had a studio, a studio manager, assistants, stylists, makeup artists, hair dressers, propman, layout artists, copywriters, art directors, advertising executives, darkroom staff… and the person that could make everything I photographed look better, My Retoucher Mike.

Mike could and did save my butt, more times than I’d like to admit to. I did what I could to make Mike’s job easier (believe me I wanted to keep him happy) because I couldn’t do Mike’s job. I didn’t have the skills… Until Photoshop.

Or should I say Adobe Elements, which came Free with my first printer. I could do things in Elements that Mike could only dream of, way back when. It wasn’t long before I enjoyed editing photos more than I enjoyed taking photos.

Every photo can be improved with an Image Editing Program… every. I don’t care how many years you’ve been taking photos, or how many you take, or how much you spend on a camera. Without an Image Editing program, you’re not showing your photos in their best light.

So, I graduated from Elements to Photoshop, the industry standard in 1999. For years I told people that Photoshop was my favorite video game, it still is. I love it. Photoshop may be overkill and not cost effective for most folks.

That’s okay, there are Free alternatives that will do everything most people will ever need to do; GIMP, PicMonkey and Pixlr are all Free programs I have tried. When my friend Ed needed an image editing program I recommended Pixlr.

Why Pixlr?

Nothing to download. Nothing to sign up for. Easy to use, and there’s a ton of YouTube tutorials on how to use every aspect of it. What more could you ask?

If you don’t have an image editing program, or even if you do. I’m going to suggest you watch this video.


If you like what you see, go to https://pixlr.com/

Click on Pixlr Editor, and you’re off and running.

Please note, there is nothing you can do to mess up your photos in Pixlr.

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy to use, you’ll determine that for yourself.

Here’s 30 video tutorials to learn anything you could possibly want to know about using Pixlr.


If that’s not enough, you’ve got me. You can ask me any questions here or PM me…. okay?

Oh the image above, it’s Photoshoped, but I could have done it in Pixlr.


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I need to figure out a way to get creative with my pictures. Thank you for the resource Phil. I will be seeing if it's even blonde friendly. :)

I'm here if you need me.

Thankx, Phil!!! I need something that can reliably enlarge photos. The article joint I write for has this huge photo requirement that they be a minimum of 450 x 850 pixels. It's very hard finding an image that large, even if you snip from You Tube. I'm bookmarking this. Thanks again!

Carla, I usually go to http://www.freeimages.com/ for my images and they're huge. I need to scale them down, not up.
I have an Action on Photoshop that I can blow an image up to a poster size, without loss of detail.
PM me if you need help.

Thanks, Phil! I will.

Thank you for the info Phil, I bookmarked so i can check it out latter.

Just watch the first video, it's less than four minutes. You will be hooked.

Will do, Thanks Phil:)

Just been checking it out, VERY clever, I'm off to share! :)

How about them videos?

Haven't looked at the videos yet, too busy playing with the programme!

Since I bought a Windows 8 computer I don't have the editing program on here I need and I didn't really want to buy one. Now I don't have to. Thanks for the info!

Always my pleasure.
Donna, did you get my PM from the other day?

I've used Photoshop for years. I remember applying a filter then going to cook the dinner while I waited for it to process!
I'll have a look at Pixlr Editor, looks like a good programme. :)

Kathy it has the BP (BrookynPhil not British Petrolium) Seal of Approval. ;^)

That's good enought for me!

A good article but I have a lot of things to do at the minute.I bought myself a panasonic video camera a while ago,I take photo,s and video,s when out with the dog.I know that there are 100,s of other things the camera can do but for now I am happy that I am able to put my photo,s on the laptop and they do come out very good quality.

If you're happy, I'm happy for you.

Yes, I've been using it for a while on my phones and chromebook, it's very good!

Yes, I was using it for a while before I decided I really needed Photoshop CC. Pixlr, does everything a normal person would need... free

Thanks for sharing Phil
Will check it out.

My pleasure Jimmy, it's good to know it's there...right?

I love products where I don't have to download. Thanks for sharing:)

Me 2. Thanks for looking.
Do you need an image editing program?

No not at the moment. Maybe down the road.

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