You Better Get Control Of It

Last Update: March 24, 2017

Time is your best friend

or your worst enemy when building a business

As business owners, we do not have someone looking over our shoulders telling us what we need to do and when. That can destroy our business if we do not take control of our time. I know that for a fact because back in 2001 when I went full-time on the Internet my biggest struggle was staying focused on what needed to done.

There are so many distractions, checking emails, social media, interesting articles, messages from friends, new programs etc., etc. It was easy for me to start something and end up not finishing it. Even when I had the best intentions. First thing I knew the day was over and I did not do what I needed to do.

So here a few things I learned that might help no matter if you are doing this part time or full time.

  1. The day before decide what you are going to do the next day and write it down. Have a planning session before you quit working each day where you plan out the next days work.
  2. Decide which of the task is the most important and do it first
  3. Always do something each day that has the potential to make you money. Post and ad, write content, follow up on leads, do something that can make you money every day. That is where most people miss the boat they get busy doing busy work but not what makes them money.

Do not worry about doing everything perfect just do something.

Once I have decided I am going to do something, then I decide how long I will work on it. Say for instance, I am going to open emails and respond to the ones that need responses for the next hour, I am going to do the training here in WA for the next hour, I am going to write content for the next hour, I am going to work on my website for the next hour. Whatever it is I put a time limit on how long I am going to work on it and stick to it.

Then I set an alarm on a timer one I have on my desk. You can use on on your computer, your phone or whatever as long as you use something to remind you time is up move on to the next task.

Then stick to the time. Do not do anything else but the task before you for the time you allowed.

This is the one thing that took be from making small change, $100 to $500 a month on a good month, to making a steady 4 to 5 figure income each month on the Internet.

When people ask one thing I did that made a difference in what I made this is what I tell them. This little cheap timer drastically changed my income. Deciding what I needed to do, how long I was going to work on it and sticking to it changed my income.

No matter how much time we have each week to work on our business, there is daily task that we need to do. Like learning something better or new each day we work.

On the next blog post, I will let you see what my schedule looks like each day. I cannot tell you what you need to do to succeed, but I can share with you what I have done to succeed.

Talk Soon

Bo Tipton

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TeamIceCream Premium
Yes, I found that I stay much more focused if the eggtimer is audibly ticking away next to me, since it is a constant reminder that I am chasing that clock. I need to implement the part of deciding the evening before what is the next day's tasks. Thanks for sharing Bo!
botipton Premium
Your welcome
kkwee Premium
Great! Although i knew what I'm going to do daily, but I still schedule out every tasks in my google calendar as a guide and reminder. Sometime we tends to mess up things when we're busy or when all sort of things come at once. Reference back to your calendar will help to keep align and take control.
botipton Premium
Yes it does so when we draw the blank on the what's next question we have something to look at.
KeithWilhelm Premium
Hello, I found your article absolutely life-saving finantially. I have been at this WA program since last November. My biggest excuse was not having enough time.
The first thing I did was cancel my NetFlix subscription. TV will steal your life away if you allow it.

As Bob Newhart would say, Stop It! And so I did.

My next excuse was I was too tired after work, so, I stopped it. I am fortunate in that area to be able to leave my job. I feel so great now, It's awesome.

Please pay off all your bills and put some money in savings before you do this.

My last Stop it was negativity. I use a gratitude journal for this and turned my grumpy old self around. You can't be grumpy and productive at the same time, so I switched.

I lead a discussion today on this topic and it was unbelievably positive. I loved it.

Yes, I agree, 100%, "You Better Get Control Of It." If you can't get some help getting control. I did it you can too.

To Success, Keith K Wilhelm
botipton Premium
Wonderful story thank you for sharing it.
amyr2017 Premium
Wow Keith great story. I'm tired after work, feeling negative and not sure how to snap out of it. I don't want to work full time anymore and as the sole provider for myself, my college-aged son, and my home, I can't leave my job. How can I make this work...??!!
manifesting Premium
Thank You Botipton. I really needed to see this. I have been a worker all my life so this internet business is new for me and the distractions are numerous with exactly what you shared. I have been either busy making no money or busy getting nothing toward my goal of making more $$$$$. I'm considering printing this and post it around my house. I really want to get some momentum with this web business. It's nice to connect with people doing this and sharing....Send intentions for my success....Thanks.
botipton Premium
Touch base with me i would like to hear how your journey is going.
manifesting Premium
Thank you botipton....I needed to see this cause this is exactly what I have been doing, being busy and not really making any $$$$$. I may even print this out and post it to keep me on task. Going to make an effort to complete this internet business . Send out intention for my success!! Thanks
botipton Premium
You can do this as long as you stay focused on what makes you money