Save Your Website Login Info Outside of WA

Last Update: February 04, 2017

For anyone that has been up for the past 6 hours would have noticed they couldn't log in to WA.

Been here almost 2 years and this had never happened to me. So, like most people on here, I don't have my website info saved anywhere else because it's easy to access your website through WA.


Lesson learned after not being able to work on my website for the past 6 hours.

Make sure to save your password somewhere else so that way if you need to access your websites, and can't log in to WA, you won't have any issues.

If you're unsure how to access your website without WA, it's very simple.

all you do is add "admin" to the end of your website url.


Type in your username and password.

And then bingo! you are in.

Every great program in the world is going to have some technical issues. There is still no platform out there that can match what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

We just need to be more prepared when server issues happen.

Best Regards,


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jvranjes Premium
Useful. Many thanks.

Yes, the same was here all the morning.
WilliamBH Premium
Good thinking Brandon. Cheers, William.
GregoryAllen Premium
Thanks for sharing I thought it was maintenance time.
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks for sharing this great info,
It's great WA is working ok again!!
petervcrisp Premium
Oh I thought it was just me. I'm working in Shanghai China so no internet is a way of life here... thanks for the good idea.
boston10111 Premium
Ya, it was happening to everyone. So, Ive learned my lesson on not keeping my info saved