How Long Does it Take to Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate


I promote WA on social media almost every day and I’m asked, how long does it take to make money at Wealthy Affiliate? I answer in this way.

If you were to go to a college to learn how to be a chef, how long do you think it would take you to make money in your chosen profession? The obvious answer would be…well that depends on the person and a lot of other factors.

The same would be true for becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate, an online university of sorts that gives all of its members, both free starter and paid premium, the training and resources to create a thriving online business of your own.


Have you ever wondered why people ask the “how long does it take” question? Well it culminates from many reasons, especially when it deals with making money online. This particular niche is loaded with many scam offers.

Being that there are all of these scam programs on the internet, makes it harder for the legitimate ones to thrive. To make matters worse, a lot of the scams are beginning to hijack the “affiliate marketing” name just to sound more legit.

But one of the main ways to know if an affiliate marketing program is legit or not comes down to cost. A real affiliate marketing program will always be free. If you have to pay to be an affiliate, which most of the scams make you do, then that is not a legit program.


For example, the affiliate program within Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and earn money. You do not need to be a premium member of WA in order to make money in their affiliate program.

Naturally you will make 100% more as a premium member over that of a free starter member, but you do not have to pay to join the program. Try doing that with any of the other online make money at home programs.

Some may assume that the paid premium membership is considered paying for the affiliate program. Not true! What you are paying for is the education and all of the website building and hosting resources. Just like it costs you to go to college to learn how to make money, the same holds true for WA.


Too often people decide to join a work from home online opportunity when they are in need of immediate money. This is and will be a problem for them because they are under the impression that the money making part is quick and easy.

The opportune time to get involved with a program like Wealthy Affiliate is when you are still employed or if you are willing to give yourself at least a year of working hard to achieve your goal. If a person seriously thinks that they can join and start making money quickly, I want what they are smoking.

Being able to make money online quickly and easily is nothing but an idea pushed on people by scammers. There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme online business, more like get broke quick would be the correct term.


There are many reasons why Wealthy Affiliate stands head and shoulders above the competition. Not only is it free to join from anywhere in the world (except for 7 countries, see below), but you are not confined to selling or promoting one kind of product. You can make money on almost anything.

There are also NO upsells with WA, which a majority of scam programs always seem to push on their members. There are only two price points with WA, Free Starter and Paid Premium. The cost for premium is only $50.17 per month, $49 for membership and $1.17 for a domain name.

When you join a make money online opportunity that charges you a membership fee and then charges you upsells for more training, this is a pretty good indication that the program is probably a scam. Again, affiliate marketing programs are free.


For the majority of the world, Wealthy Affiliate will let you join for free and try out their training program. If you are reading this and you are not a member yet, I highly recommend that you take full advantage of the first 7 days. After 7 days you will lose some of the direct communication that premium members enjoy.

Even though you will lose these premium perks after 7 days, you will still have full access for as long as you want to the first 10 free training lessons, first 10 free Affiliate Bootcamp lessons, and your 2 free WordPress websites. But some countries are not free and they are:



You will be amazed at how simple the Wealthy Affiliate experience is. If you are a newbie to the WA community or you are not a member, do not be afraid to create your website. It literally takes less than ONE Minute to create yourself a website, NO Programming Required!

The entire website building process, as is most of the training, is automated and simplified. The only ways one will fail here is if they either do not give themselves at least a year of working hard or they quit. You will never taste any success if you do either.

Another thing you need to avoid doing is creating your website content with the intent to sell. I know that may seem a bit ass-backwards but your website content should not be about selling but more about helping people with info.


If you are already a non-newbie member here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can use this blog by linking to it from your website. Just remember it will be considered an affiliate link. Or you can share it on social media for possible referrals.

If you are a newbie member of WA, use the information in this blog to motivate yourself to bigger and better things. Remember that success will take time and results will come about through the results of taking action on the best and easiest online training.

If you are not yet a member and you are wondering how long does it take to make money at Wealthy Affiliate, click either of the green “Create a Free Account” buttons above or below, and find out why WA is the best opportunity you will ever have at starting and running your own online business.

For members looking for additional WA training on how to properly use keywords, finding a profitable niche, or finding free pictures for your website, check out my WA training at the links below. And if you want to use this blog by linking to it from your website, there is no need to ask me. Just do it!




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It takes long hard road to be on the meaner place. The first year will be always the learning curve and more lesson to be learned first testing, tinkering and us on the tested times,

The second year, about taking the step up, gather the momentum and sources. The need of gaining the experience and exposure while looking up the success people working method. Before the end of the year unleashed everything from those but in our own fashion.

Thanks, my friend. I am trooping further and hopefully manage to get back and thanking you!

You are welcome. I am happy you are enjoying my posts and tutorials.

I made a little video here showing graphs and examples of how long it takes to make money online. Hope this can help!

Thanks for the video. I hope people watch it and understands that the WA training REALLY works!

Hi there, I keep coming back to your blogs, reading them and re-reading them. I think my husband thinks I have got a thing going on with you because all he see's on my computer screen is your picture! LOL.
Thank you for the offer to link to your blog. I am going to take you up on your offer.

Uh Oh! LOL

In a time where I'm at the age where most people want things to happen instantly and want to achieve instant success, I'm actually quite amazed I've lasted as long as I have. As nice as I guess it would be if I somehow became rich overnight I know that's extremely unlikely. If I wanted to play that game I'd try winning the loto, not building my own business. lol.

That is the problem nowadays. Instant success and wealth is a total myth and achieving that with an online business of any kind, even a scam, is totally impossible. Every single successful online millionaire and billionaire became wealth over the period of years not days or months.

Exactly. I don't know if my one website will make me a millionaire or not ever! But I certainly don't expect it to do it within the next 5 years or so of doing this. If anything my plan is to get good enough with running one site and see if I can reach of minimum of $14,000 a month with just one site. Then I can try the same for any other site I create in the future. I have so many niches I could have an army! Lol. But I don't think I'll make another site until next year.

Thank you Robert! This is so well written and so much better than anything I could write that I will be sure to like to this blog from my WA site since if I am unable to convince someone of the value of WA this blog surely will! Thank you Robert!

You are welcome Barbara. Feel free to link to this blog from your website by using your affiliate link of it. I hope it will be able to help you land some referrals.

Thanks very much Robert! I hope so too!

In two weeks, you will receive a great, big paycheck! NOT!

When people ask, 'How long does it take to make money at WA?' they still have a 'job mentality' - they want to know when they get paid.

Building any business, online/virtual or offline/brick and mortar, takes time. And it takes an entrepreneur way of thinking. We are not just going to work at a job but creating our own business. We are the business owners, not the employees. So, making money depends on seeing the big picture, not just waiting for a big paycheck.

Exactly! In my opinion, anyone who has to ask how long it will take to make money is not seriously looking to start their own online business and should more than likely go out and look for a job.

Hi Robert,

I like a lot of what you post at WA, but I can't help but wonder if this particular post is a bit misleading.

Wealthy Affiliate is not free. It's free to try, and yes, you are right, free members can earn referral comissions. I don't think that's a good way to go, though. In fact, if someone is looking to earn money without any financial investment, I wouldn't point them in the direction of WA. I would tell them to write articles for Text Broker instead.

I also disagree about the upsells. I consider Jaaxy to be an upsell. Sure, it's not a one time offer, so members are not pressured into buying it immediately. But if you type "define:upsell" into Google you get "persuade a customer to buy something additional or more expensive". Seems quite straightforward to me.

You contribute a lot of great stuff here, Robert, and I know your intentions are good here, but please, can we just tell it like it is. WA costs money, and Jaaxy is an upsell.

All the best,

JAAXY is an up sell...of sorts. But you don't need it. WA, as everyone knows, has it's own Keyword tool so you don't need JAAXY to take advantage of all the training at WA. I'm not sure, but I think boomer uses the WA keyword tool and doesn't pay for JAAXY. I could easily be wrong about that, but if I'm correct that could be why he doesn't consider JAAXY to be an up sell.

And another "up sell" of sorts is the Domain registration and website hosting at WA. Again, you don't need to buy these products, but they're available through WA. They're competitively priced and you can get by without them if you can live with a SiteRubix subdomain.

So maybe those are two WA up sells, but I don't consider them to be in the same category of "traditional" up sells. My definition of up sell is when you can't take full advantage of what you paid for without buying something else from the same company. If that's the definition of up sell, then WA has no up sells.

Yes, I know what you mean, Jeff. I do agree that it is a matter of degree. I can see that the kind of upsells you get on really awful scams are unnacceptable, and Jaaxy and SiteDomains are 10 times better by comparison.

But there were two things I noticed when I was new here:
1) That the free membership is not the way forward, it's just a trial, and then if you want to proceed then Premium is the way to go.
2) I was genuinely disappointed that there was this extra keyword tool I was being encouraged to try out. I remember feeling strongly that it should have been part of my Premium WA membership.

If I felt that, maybe others will feel like that too?

So if you sell WA to people on the idea that
a) You can do this for free, and
b) If you do decide to sign up to Premium, you won't be asked to buy anything else....

...then they come here and find out both of those two things are false, that's kind of misleading people, isn't it?

But I agree, it is minor compared to a lot of what goes on in the MMO world.

I totally agree about JAAXY. I don't have it. I'd like to but I don't see paying extra for it. And it is a sore spot for me.

And I am not a WA defender in any way. There is plenty to like about WA. But it's not perfect. And there are a couple of disappointments. I believe the benefits offset the downsides.

But in defense of WA with regard to both of its "up sells"...they are both introduced to a new member as part of the free "Starter" membership training. A person doesn't have to spend money to join WA just to find out they have to spend more later to become successful. So a person can decide to pay for a "Premium" membership after being introduced to JAAXY and SiteRubix/site hosting. It's not a big surprise like some sites who lead people to believe that if they just spend $X.00 they'll get everything they need only to find out after they purchase they are told they just need to buy something else and something else and something else if they are to make money.

Free members at WA are exposed to JAAXY and SiteRubix as part of the training and I don't think there are really any heavy handed, high-pressure sales tactics used to sell those products. It does make sense to have your own domain but that is just the nature of the business, and not some nefarious scheme unleashed on the vulnerable. And a would be internet entrepreneur can buy a domain and web hosting somewhere else and still stay at WA (or leave).

In the end I think JAAXY, for sure, makes WA seem a little cheesy. SiteRubix not so much.

You are missing to point of this post Marcus. I never said Wealthy Affiliate as a whole was free. I said that the WA Affiliate Program is free. Big difference. Nothing misleading about it.

Even Kyle points out a couple of times in the Bootcamp training that real affiliate programs are always free, just like the affiliate program at WA. And if you have to pay to become an affiliate, you are not joining a real affiliate program.

I also go on to say what a member does pay for, "What you are paying for is the education and all of the website building and hosting resources. Just like it costs you to go to college to learn how to make money, the same holds true for WA."

As for suggesting that someone stay a free member and make money in the affiliate program, I do not think that is a good way to go either, nor did I imply that they should. I was just repeating what is mentioned in the first lesson of Bootcamp training, that even free starter members can earn commissions.

Yes Jaaxy could be considered an upsell but Jaaxy is not a training program. When I talk about upsells above I am talking about the cost for training upsells. Wealthy Affiliate has only 1 training amount, $47 and no further upsells of training.

Like I said, "When you join a make money online opportunity that charges you a membership fee and then charges you upsells for more training, this is a pretty good indication that the program is probably a scam."

Okay, fair enough. Thank you for the explanation, Robert :-)

It's also like asking how. Long. Is. A piece of string! Unfortunately a lot of people who join are desperate for money and don't understand what it takes to run a business. By the way what is the $1.17 for, this is the first I've heard of it....I know you pay $13.99 to host a website.

I am still working on my degree!

d'reckon it is monthly cost for a domain?

No it is $13.99 to host and we get 25 free domains...unless he is using more than 25 domains then maybe it's $1.17 for extra domains..I don't think so....

i reckon he's broken it down to monthly pricing - similar to wa costs less than $1 per day for yearly!!

It is $13.99 per year for a domain name, not hosting. Divide $13.99 by 12 months and you get $1.1658333 or $1.17

Thanks...cleared that up!

You are welcome.

I heard from fellow Filipinos that they can't join for free from the Philippines, but I did join WA mid April 2016 when I was still in the Philippines, so I am confused about this matter.

Maybe that's why when I try to promote there, they send me messages but never get through with joining.

Did you join as a free member or paid premium? Only paid premium is available to those living in the Philippines.

I joined as a free member and used the free trial period before I upgraded to premium. It must be a new security added, because a friend who signed up the same month as I did also signed up as a free member with trial period.

Interesting, unless WA changed its policy.

You are definitely right on that boomergp! The more you work on your site, the greater the chance you will see success. It will not come over night, but working on it consistently and following the lessons here will ensure your success. I've worked harder on my website this year than I have before and I'm seeing some successes. I've started generating revenue for the first time and my traffic in the last two weeks has really started to take off, but I posted the most content in a single period than I ever have before.

I'm also embracing social media much more than I ever have and starting to see positive results with that as well. This is what it takes and I'm determined to reach my goals and to never quit.

There is a reason why Kyle and others have been preaching to just keep creating content on a consistant basis. Eventually it will pay off.

But the problem with a lot of people is that they are either lazy or they expect that making money online is easy and quick. I blame this notion on the scammers who make these stupid claims and then many people believe them because they do not know any better. Hard work will yield results. Laziness will yield failure.

You are right on the part of scammers promising to make money quick, but I also think it has to do with our society as a whole as we want that instant gratification. We don't want to wait, we want the money and success now.

We are forgetting that it takes hard work and determination in order to be truly successful. People don't realize that it took Amazon a few years before they became profitable. A lot of new people at my job are amazed I have the position I do and ask how I got it. I told them that I came to work everyday and followed my schedule daily and religiously and when new opportunities came about, I was chosen to be a part of those opportunities which all led to where I am at my job currently.

I've told them that I've been here getting close to five years now and I've come to work everyday even during times I really didn't want to. The right people saw that and knew that I was reliable and worked hard so when the position finally became available that I have now, I was pretty much a shoo in for it.

I certainly don't want to stay at this job as my ultimate dream is to travel as much as I can whenever I want to and spending more time with my friends. In order for me to do that, an online business is the key. I like the idea of being my own boss, but I have to continuously work at it and not let up.

Yes it also has a lot to do with society and how many people want success without a lot of work. In my opinion it comes down to people not spending the time to think rationally about ALL businesses are created and built.

People are lazy and when the scammers want to make a quick buck they prey upon the desires of people who want to get rich quick because most do not know any better. The media shows all of the fame and fortune but never really shows all that it took to get there.

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