Web Hosting Service 000webhost Hacked, Information of 13 Million Leaked

Last Update: Nov 1, 2015


Just a heads-up for anyone who has used the 000webhost service for hosting. From threatpost.com:

by Chris Brook October 29, 2015 , 1:07 pm

"Information on nearly 14 million users of 000webhost, a Lithuanian web hosting service, was spilled earlier this year when a hacker exploited an old version of the company’s website and gained access to the backend.

13.5 million customer usernames, plaintext passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and names were exposed as part of the breach, according to a Facebook post from the company Thursday morning.

000webhost first disclosed the breach Wednesday morning in a preceding Facebook post but was hazy with details, claiming that at some point a hacker leveraged an exploit on an old PHP version of the company’s site and uploaded some files.

“Although the whole database has been compromised, we are mostly concerned about the leaked client information,” the company wrote, adding that since it discovered the issue, its reset user passwords, and is cautioning any users who used the same password on another service to change it.



at: https://threatpost.com/web-hosting-service-000webh...

If you tend to use the same password for various sites and have used that password at 000webhost, your password may have been compromised.

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Thank you for great information.

Thanks Bob. That's a big concern for everyone. It's to bad that people with that sort of talent can't use it for good.

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the warning!

Thank you Bob, this does not affect me directly but I am sure there might be some members on here that it does. Great heads up.

Great info.

I agree with EKautz.
Thanks Bob.

Thanks for the information!

Thank you for sharing this important information.

This does not affect me but I value the fact that you and others in our community take the time to keep us all warned about potential issues that could negatively affect our business's and personal information.


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