Going yearly

Last Update: September 30, 2014

Yep, as of Thursday or Friday I'll be going yearly. There's a lot of savings by going yearly, a one-time debit as opposed to monthly at a lot less per month. But more than that, this represents commitment. Commitment to WA, commitment to the training and mostly commitment to myself and my niche to work at providing what I came to do.

I came to do this work on my time where I choose so I can, through my website, provide information. Turn people on to things they may not have known about. Learn things on my own because as I get to find more to present and share on my website, I learn about them as I'm researching and writing. This is all part of the process.

But I'm still learning more about integration. SEO, social media, targeting my audience, ads, Adsense and a whole bunch more.

And I do believe in contributing to the community. It's finding the balance. Keep a ranking that makes sense to you because it shows that you are using what you are learning to help others. But it isn't a race to a ranking that compromises your prime goals and purpose. Or it doesn't have to be. It could be one that you have enough time through your own time-management to achieve.

So, yes. I'm going yearly. And plan on being around. But it is time to get fresh content onto my site so that's my October goals, to be more consistent about that. But also to maintain somewhere between a 210-260 rank. And if it goes higher, great. But there's also another goal of content no longer than 4 days old I'd like to achieve by Oct 10.

Stay the course, everyone here!

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mlshands Premium
Congratulations Ben! I will be going yearly as well because, as you stated, it is a commitment that I need to make to myself. Sounds like you have a great plan and I wish you success!
CarlaIves Premium
I did it, too, Ben! Makes a lot of sense. Congratz!
bmusic Premium
Thanks, congrats to you as well.
Loes Premium
Really good, congrats, Loes
mrpeter Premium
My sentiments exactly Ben! Good decision.
benzburg Premium
Indeed a wise choice / decision!
Go 4 it!