Life at the top must be hard.

Last Update: September 30, 2014

I was reading a blog from a top WA member and he said he did not mind dropping down in the rankings. He stated that being high ranked was a real chore to keep up with the personal request from people.

It has been stated that Kyle gets 3000 e-mails per ??? And since he cannot possibly get to most of them, people automatically turn to the next highest ranking for answers.

Man,the pressure to to answer those requests must be awful stressful.Hell at my level(77) I get 100-150 email notifications per day. Can you imagine how many you get at the top.

It scares me to think about it, because a lot of the questions being asked, I don't know the answers.

So I think I am in no rush to get to the top until I have the answers. And how will I do that.?

By getting involved and reading and going through the lessons. And repeating lessons.And e-mails and notifications and unanswered questions and hands on experience. Just do it and learn.

So,See you right below the top. bingopauls Vegas

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Loes Premium
In the beginning I read all mails I got, nowadays I read selective, otherwise I wouldnot have time to work on my site anymore, and some blogs are just to long, and written as one block, so those I skip at once, how interesting they can be, Loes
tmmom Premium
I hear you Paul!
MisterWailor Premium
You don't have to read all the emails. I use the delete button often. Some people just blog about anything, when I see their names. I know what I need to do.
bingopauls Premium
I know mistorwailor. I pick and choose
Pro2100 Premium
I think a lot of the stuff I see should be on FB not WA!!
MisterWailor Premium
You are absolutely correct.
bingopauls Premium
Pro, I gave up on live chat because I asked a serious question a couple of times and these people are talking about what they had for dinner
TGE Premium
:-) just do you! That's why I put out there that I'm not a guru or anything crazy like that. It takes the pressure off expectations that you know all the answers.

I bleed too! Great post!
benzburg Premium
Good insight and analysis Paul!
Indeed, as you go up it could be more stressful going for all the expected inquiries. . .
We just have to go on with our own pacing on trainings, lesson, etc. to acquire more knowledge and info.

Thanks for the blog!,