"You are Unique and Awesome Creation!" (Be the Best With Your Talent)

Last Update: September 18, 2014

In our journey in life and in our experiences here at WA, as we encounter the ups and downs and all the challenges it is always great to be reminded that you are created as unique and special. “You are God’s Own Masterpiece”, which means you are not ordinary or average with your talent; you are one-of-a-kind original! By having this mentality and mindset you are able to overcome anything towards your goals and dreams in life.

We are all unique individuals with unique gifts to offer. What makes us unique is our different journeys in life. No two people have traveled in the same direction and time in their lives. And no two people have the same perspective or interpretation of their journey. The problems is not all value their gifts and therefore do not develop to their full potential.Each person offers a unique combination of skill, creativity, talent, maturity, knowledge, understanding, focus, motivation and commitment. Not everyone will respond to the gifts that we have to offer because different people will respond to different things. That is why it is good to be unique!

We just have to understand that while only few got in-born talents all of us we got the hidden skill and talents. We just have to discover this talent and nurture them and become productive and successful. Many of this skill and talent are simply learned and applied as we do here at WA. At WA, we got the platform and all the support and we just need to have the big dream, motivation and passion to work hard and move on in order to succeed. As an analogy, this short video depicts an inspiring work of art which definitely is a result of not just an inborn talent but a painstaking refinement of his trade. This has gone viral in the past in various social media. While some of you might have seen it is always great to see it and got inspired once again.

David Garibaldi (Speed Painter Entertainer) - Awesome Work of Painting!



In our journey in affiliate marketing it is known that a lot of people fail. Those who succeed are those who have really big dreams and those who persevere and willing to succeed. The road to success is tough and is not easy. Many people find lot of excuses on their failure and use to call them “excusitis”. Excusitis appears in a wide variety of forms, but the worst type of this disease are health excusitis, intelligence excusitis, age excusitis and luck excusitis. (This is a very good blog by itself, and perhaps I will do so as time permits {(;-0). This 4 forms of excusitis are well depicted as we hear people say: “I have a lot of health problems”, “I don't have a degree to know that”, “I am too young or too old for that”, and “I don't have the luck to succeed”. The following video depicts an individual who concurred many of this reasons of failure in order to succeed or excel in life.

An Extraordinary Man With a Severe Disability Creates Incredible Works of Art Using a Typewriter!



Hope you got inspired and realized that you too is a Unique and Awesome Creation . . . . .

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Pio Premium
This brings my self confidence back! Thanks for the post Benjamin
benzburg Premium
Wow! what a complement Pio!
I'm just glad that the blog is instrumental and touching us even just in small ways. . .
Thank you.
cookma54 Premium
I am me! M
benzburg Premium
Short and concise M. . . .
Thank you!
U are u.

*invite u 2 view d videos if u got time. . . they r inspirational!
CarlaIves Premium
Very nice! Yes, we are all unique creations and we are all works in progress.
benzburg Premium
Thanks Carla for the compliment!
The videos are awesome 2 worth investing ur time. . .
Stonefox Premium
Wonderful post Benjamin. Thanks for sharing today. Best.
benzburg Premium
Thank you Jeannie!
I appreciate it! The videos are inspirational . .
They are just short. I invite you to view it when you have time. . .
dhayman Premium
Great post. We are all unique. We are all called according to His purpose. When we match our skills an talents to His purpose, there is no limit to our success.
benzburg Premium
Thanks Doug and Debbie!
Great commenent. . . .
The videos are worth investing your time. . . Very inspiring!