My Dream Job was Makeup Artist

Last Update: Aug 28, 2016


Hey guys

I created a youtube channel a while back but was too shy to share it and make more videos ... I now feel ready to go live and share my passion =)

I would really appreciate it you could subscribe to my channel or share it if you know people who are into makeup. I will be happy to return the favor if you have a youtube channel! Or any other social account




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OMG Sarah!
... those are AWESOME! - both videos!

Stellar job - love it!

Thank you Joanne ! =)

Wow cool!!!


You are really GOOD! I loved your videos and subscribed to your channel and clicked your Adsense ads:)

aaaw you are adorable Loes =) thanks

I clicked the ads too.

You are so nice guys, thanks

subscribed. That's me, who commented and liked

thanks a lot !

I always wondered what u looked like moving. now I know!


ahahah do I move ok? lol

yeah, I'd love to see much more of you animated. Extremely Gorgeous! Heart melting and stunning beauty!


=O I can't stand so many compliments in one post! I am really not good with compliments they make me blush and hem and haw... thanks hem.... a lot ...

You're beautiful. Please post more videos and don't forget about us, the beginners

Thank you.... I will post tons of videos! all kinds

May I start calling you 'Pierrot' from now on, Sarah?

You may =)


Eeeegads! I used to face paint for years and do evening make up for years! It was so much fun! I did it for children as well as adults! I will subscribe to your channel!

thanks my friend! I'd love to see your makeup =D

I will post some to you tomorrow....

I will be waiting =)

Here are a couple I did a number of years ago for my partner LIsa...somewhere I have others..but I am not sure where they are...I will have to dig deep! Enjoy!

love them! they reminded me of when I used to work in a school and I would do the makeup on the kids at the end of the school year party.. let me see if I can get my hands on those pictures... =D
You did great, they look awesome!

Thanks.....I await with bated breath!

found 'em!

Great! Aren't they fun to do? The boys always asked me to do them as vampires, that demon guy in star wars? Spiderman, Superman (Which was stupid because all he had was a single curl on his forehead so I would paint his 'S' shield on their faces), zombies and mummies...mummies I loved because once I got the bandages to look authentic even their mothers were a bit freaked !

I love doing makeup, any king of makeup... but I really love the halloween stuff lol, it's so much fun to see someone transform under your fingers, right?
Hmmm the demon is from nowhere I think lol... and yeah guys love scary stuff and most girls want to be princesses and butterflies. I must be a guy in a woman's body lol... I prefer the scary makeup =)
I've never done a mummie.... will do!!!!

Darth Maul was the demon character from Star Wars...see image.

I also did mermaids, butterflies (a master at butterflies) princesses (they got a bit boring...) and cinderella/snow white!

yeah I am familiar with Darth Maul but the demon on my picture is not darth maul it's just a lame demon ahah
My sister did an awesome Darth maul makeup, maybe I can find it ^^
Yeah princesses are boring lol

LOL ! It was what I was asked to do by the boys, read my last message...I know yours was a devil....I am glad you found princesses boring..I thought it was just me being unkind!

Oooooh sorry I misunderstood you lol. The heat must have fried my brain

Nah don't worry... lol each time a little girl would go "can you make me a princess pleaaaaase " I was like -_- "sure" but thinking to myself : "I wonder what she will say if I make her a zombie" #evillaugh

LOL ! I can tell you would have been a hoot at the birthday parties!

I loved it when you would get the one little girl who would be adventurous and ask me to make them up as a zombie and then the other girls didn't want to be left out so they all became vampires much to their mother's !

lol I never thought I'd have makeup talks with a guy =) it's fun
Yeah... I turn into a makeup factory at parties and on halloween. I spent more time doing makeup last halloween than actually partying lol but it was cool

The best part about face painting and I have done quite a few adults and was published in a couple of newspapers for opening events and fairs was with children managing them to keep still and hopefully get the paint where you wanted to get it...especially when they had a friend standing next to them and would turn their head quickly to talk to their friend....I bet you've had those moments!

Yep, not many guys do this, but I usually used to do one and a half hour birthday parties and in that one and a half hour party I would play games, balloon sculpt, face paint and then finish with a magic show. The characters I used to play were: Obi Wan Kanobi, Batman (I used to do Hens nights for women as Batman!) Spiderman, Wizard and Clown. Phew that was work!

Sarah you look beautiful. All the best

:blush: thanks Louise...

hi Lou, yes Sarah is very beautiful... why she was shy I don't know.

Eeeem I guess we all have our fears and complexes... some that others can't understand sometimes but they are still there...

You will do awesome, when you make your video, imagine your all alone in the room talking to yourself.. lol

thank you... =) I guess the hardest part is putting the video out there, for the world to see. But I'm I'll get used to it and figure out a way to not be scared of what people think. I'll just share my passion and be happy about it
thanks again

all done I subscribed and will surely share on my FB

you're awesome, thanks a million. Let me know if you want me to do the same with your youtube channel or facebook page

I will Sarah.. thank you

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