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The reason I joined WA is I need a way to make my daughter's life easier and happy.
She had a very bad cold which wouldn't go away. She is just 58 and the virus settled in her spine leaving her nerve endings stripped and her completely paralyzed. My heart breaks each time I see her struggle to just get through a day.

A tornado took my job of 35 years. No one wants to hire an 84 year old receptionest secretary. I also lost my husband during this time with Alzheimer's. His disease wiped us out of both our homes and left me just on social security. Needless to say not enough to care for her needs. She only gets a pitiful amount on disability.

We have been living together since the tornado sharing expenses. That leaves nothing for the therapy she needs which cost $45 a treatment to try to get her on her feet a little. She requires at least five a week. She never complains even tho she has been left in terrible pain in her hands which are knarled like a stroke victim.
I have been trying so long to find a way to ease her daily life. We have no car as neither can drive so rely on taxi twice a month to Wal-Mart for supplies and groceries. I want to be able to put her in a cab for intense therapy and be able to buy equipment to use daily. She will never walk again unassisted but maybe get her out of that wheelchair a little. Oh yes , they never found a virus that matched hers so the named it Debbie's Virus.

I know that was a lot to spout about but I am her Mother and not getting any younger so need to find good income I have spent my adult life working. I raised three children and lost my high school Sweet after 32 years in an accident. I was 50 and working at a job with people taking me under their wing. I worked at a skating rink for 35 years until the tornado.

I had many hats. I was a confidential secretary. I was an office manager. My boss dipped into many ventures in that time. I learned how to drill oil Wells in Kansas. I was an apartment manager for 32 apartments in Kansas. I lived in Joplin MO. I kept complete books and payroll on 5 skating rinks I kept books and payroll on 3 hydroponic greenhouses. I promoted all of the PTO skating parties for Joplin and area. Designing and printing posters ,free passes etc in color for. Each school and each month. I also set him up on daily stock market deals and made him a bunch of money. A lot of these jobs ended and another took their place but believe me he got his monies worth every day and I loved going to work every day.

I am like a fish out of water without a job. I took up knitting to pass time. I made dozens of pretty things. Debbie and I took up making jewlery. I have a lot of beautiful pieces. We also are painting . I took classes for years and now I'm teaching her. She's doing wonderful!

After 20 years of being a widow I met a wonderful man in August and we married in November. We had three wonderful years and the Alzheimer's crept into our life. We fought it three years. I still worked full time and cared for him at night. I refused to put him in nursing home as long as he knew me and his family. That choice was not mine as the dear sweet man became violent and early one night hit my son who was helping me shower him with a meat cleaver. He had to get stitches. So into the nursing home and loss of his social security check which went for his care. Of course my income and social didn't get job done and we lost both our homes. The day he died I got a letter lowering his cost with Medicade from $1600 a month to $325 a month. Too little too late.

I love to keep busy and accomplish something each day. My dear Mother was a teacher and raised me all thru grade school and high school with. LEARN A NEW WORD. LEARN THE MEANING. LEARN TO USE IN A SENTANCE AND HOW TO SPELL IT. MY first husband while we were dating in high school said he needed a dictionary to talk to me. I'm proud of that!

Between my two husbands and I we have helped raise the population by 73 grandchildren and great grandchildren. We had 7 children between us. Christmas was hard as Gale wanted to buy for all of them. We did it plus all birthdays.

My goals are as stated. Give my little girl some ease in her life. That is all I think of when I see her struggle to get up or hold her hands high above her head hoping they would ease a little in pain.

My star pupil Debra has changed her mode of operation in art. She has changed to drawing and painting cartoon characters. She just finished a 24x36 canvas of Popeye and family. She sketches the entire board and then she calls it her "paint by number' canvas.
I don't know his she can do all of the intricate parts with her hands hurting so but she does. I'm attaching Popeye below. She looks like she's in another world when doing this. She didn't get this from me. I can't draw very well with pencil. I just trudge ahead with paint brush.
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$1500 a month
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Anything over $1500
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I will spend any amount of time to achieve it At my age of 84 I only want to get her into therapy get needed equipment and find a better place to I've wheel chair suitable. We have to live way below the level I have always had. I want BEST FOR HER
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Jul 3, 2017
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Bawashom Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
$1500 a month

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
Anything over $1500

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
I will spend any amount of time to achieve it At my age of 84 I only want to get her into therapy get needed equipment and find a better place to I've wheel chair suitable. We have to live way below the level I have always had. I want BEST FOR HER
Lucym46 Premium
Welcome to WA. Best wishes to you and your business.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
All of these goals are absolutely possible Billie. There is really no limit to how well you can do in this business! Just follow the training, work hard and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Just know that if you ever need any help that you have myself and the whole community here to help you 24-7 :)
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antonetteC Premium
You are an inspiration to us all the strength that you give everyday I'm helping your daughter you will also be able to take that strength to help others if anything that anyone can do for you myself and all at wa please do not hesitate to ask and welcome to the community and also the family.
Dmk71152 Premium
Welcome to WA - lots to learn here- stay focused - go through the Certification Courses first - you will get confused or frustrated from time to time - ask lots of questions - people are here to help you. 

HERE ARE 3 WA'ers Training Posts - they helped me - one is vocabulary you use here - one is a detailed use of your dashboard to find anything you will need - one is a plug-in to add to WordPress - that will help you build your sties. Hope they help - they did me This one I wrote - deals with how to "close" for the result you want. Stay with it - you don't need a wish of good luck - you need a plea to study the material and stay at it no matter what - it will change your life and hopefully the people you touch with your message.


Seems like you have lots to learn as I did - ask lots of questions and stay with it. there are many on here that will help you.
bubbletokki Premium
First, I just wanted to say, that it's great to connect on here, Billie! One of my old boyfriend's mother's name was Billie! I just love that!

I hate to hear about your daughter! I have spine issues as well, but thank goodness I don't have paralysis, just some nerve damage and slight hand mobility issues, due to arthritis and the nerve damage. I surely hope she is on the road to recovery soon, very sad to hear about all of your losses, Mrs. Billie.

I truly hope you find success here! If you ever need any help with Wealthy Affiliate or with your sites, please be sure to let me know! Just send me a message or leave a comment on my profile and I'll get you going in the right direction.

Best of luck to you!

Heather M.
Bawashom Premium
Thank you. I'm sure with so many good people in this I will achieve my goal
cwelliver Premium
Billie Welcome to the incredible world of Wealthy Affiliate. The information here may seem overwhelming at times, but follow the path to success. Two crucial trainings that will build the foundation for your success are the Getting Started and then the Affiliate Bootcamp. Follow the path that has been used by others to success and you will succeed.
The second bit of advice is begin to work on your network of connections. Follow people as they follow you. Your network will prove to be a most valuable resource and will come to your aid along the way. So I have followed you to watch your progress, why not follow me in return?
Here is to your SUCCESS within Wealthy Affiliate, and everything that is offered here for you. -Dr. Carl Welliver
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Hey Billie, I wanted to stop by and personally welcome you to WA. Rest assured everything I mentioned about them is true :)

Whether you're here to build a business, a website or just want to learn and make money online, this is the only place that will show you the best ways to do it.

Here are my 2 quick recommendations on getting started out the best possible way:

1. Please complete your account sign setup. This is just a simple 1 minute process that will better help myself and WA know more about you and your goals. I'd like to get to know you better and help you get going.

2. After you've done this, check this page out: (I think Kyle or Carson already recommended this). This is where everyone who joins WA should begin as it will explain everything.

The course is the most important part of WA. It will guide you to success!

And that's it!

Believe me when I say this stuff works. Just follow the instructions and if you have any questions Billie, feel free to leave them by just posting a reply here. I usually respond within 24 hours and will be more than happy to help you out!

One last thing I want to mention:

Currently you're a Starter member of WA. This is completely free and you can do a lot of things such as build 2 free websites, get access to training and the online chat, among other cool perks!

If you see that WA and it's training is something you'd like to continue, I would highly recommend upgrading to the Premium membership. It's usually $47 per month, but if you sign up within the first 7 days of joining WA...

1. You can get a 59% discount ($19 for the first month).

2. I'll send you my personal guide to Reaching Your Financial Independence in 2017. This guide is based on my EXACT profit generating techniques I've used with WA. If you are serious about online business, you need to have this. :)

3. You get access to my personal support, 24-7. If you need help, you can be sure that you can fire any questions my way. I have been in the Internet marketing world since 2006 and have likely seen it all! In short, if you have ANY questions, you can come to me anytime and I will help you out (if I can't, I promise to find you the answer). You can count on that.

Certainly this is up to you Billie. For now just check out the recommended things and see how it works out :)

Talk to you soon!