Have I got a deal for you!

Last Update: September 13, 2016

Wealthy Affiliate is a place I have come to learn how to grow my Online business and to fill the gaps that I have from all the other incomplete training I have seen, read, and bought over the last number of years.

So I have had two private messages in the last couple days promoting their “Money making Idea.”

I’m not offended by the offer. After spending 13 years selling computer solutions to small business; I can understand why they are doing it.

I am just a bit surprised that it is happening at WA.

So is this acceptable behavior?

Or have I been lucky and found two people trying to build their business with WA members?


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WilliamBH Premium
It is UNACCEPTABLE. And thank you for putting the issue on the table (or desktop). Cheers William
bigrog44 Premium
With-Kev Premium
As far as I know it is not acceptable. Cheers Kev
Cervantes1 Premium
My guess is that if someone is having something that is honest and real and willing to share, I'm open to look at an oportunity.
onmyownterms Premium
No, it is not acceptable behavior, and the Terms of Service specifically prohibit it. You should report them for spam.