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July 30, 2017
I haven't been active at WA for a while but i"m 1 year in
When you start your website, I am sure you started with a lot of different emotions include excitement and wonder but also some fear and uncertainty. Joining WA was one of the smartest things you have done when it comes to getting the information about HOW to create your own on-line business.We want to learn all we can, and so we spend hours going through the lessons and taking notes and working on our websites, implementing the ideas and proven strategies that are presented here. Add a few boo
Time is flyingI can't believe that 6 months has passed since I started this journey and although I'm not were I want to be thank God I'm not were I was.I haven't been as active with WA forums but I have been moving forward with my website and working on my voice.I'd like to thank everyone for the ongoing encouragement. Most of you will never know how much your post(s) given me the encouragement to keep me going. Thank youPercy Barr
September 22, 2016
SO Day 5 has been interesting.I have continued to post at least 5 Comments I have continued to work through the lessons.AND then the unexpected happened. I fell down the stairs. I don't think I broke any thing but it sure rattled the old bones. If I don't feel better tomorrow I will not finish before Saturday which is a disapointment,So I may be a few extra days but I'll get it doneThank you everyone for the encouragement Percy
September 19, 2016
Last Friday I opened my big mouth and layed out a challenge for a stretch goal for the week. So the challenge started on Saturday and will end this Saturday.I said I would do the following2 Post this week to Publish 1 Post to and have 3 more to be published on successive TuesdaysComplete another set of courses.Comment on 5 blogs per day with comments of substance.SO ...... here is the update I have made one post to ChooseSuccess.caI have written 3 articles for Bar
I was reading a couple of new blog post today on WA and came across this post from Marlene W about Goal Setting have been taught that our goals NEED to meet the Acrostic “SMART which stands for S – Specific and SignificantM – Measurable and MeaningfulA – Attainable and Action-OrientedR – Relevant and RewardingT – Time-bound and Track-ableI’d like to lay down a challenge to everyone on my list that r
September 13, 2016
Wealthy Affiliate is a place I have come to learn how to grow my Online business and to fill the gaps that I have from all the other incomplete training I have seen, read, and bought over the last number of years.So I have had two private messages in the last couple days promoting their “Money making Idea.”I’m not offended by the offer. After spending 13 years selling computer solutions to small business; I can understand why they are doing it.I am just a bit surprised that it
September 12, 2016
So I have been working on a series of articles about mastermind groups and what is the definition and how they work and what are the benefits and I started to thinking. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Mastermind group?You would join a Mastermind Because you wantedSupport: you have a group of other people to help you reach your goals.Ideas: other members of your group are doing different things and reading different books and articles than you. They have different perspectives and can offer critical feed
September 11, 2016
Do you feel like it’s too late to achieve a significant amount of success? A lot of successful people do start when they are young. The press loves to write about the zero to multi-millionaire stories. It can be disheartening for the late bloomers among us.But many of the most successful people you know didn’t get started until much later in life. If you think you missed the boat because you’re middle-aged, you couldn’t be more wrong. You’re wrong even if you&rsquo
September 10, 2016
It might seem obvious to the normal person that to have a blog online, even a video blog you will have to write.For a lot of people, the idea of writing every day or once a week can send twinges of fear to their very core.Have you ever thought about the reason you don’t write? That thing that keeps you from even starting to move the pencil or type the keys? The reason for your writer's block?It’s not hard to understand the reason for this. Let me review a couple of reasons that I th