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Last Update: May 07, 2018

So this is a question as we go forward in this new week. Ready?

How many NO's would you take until you get a YES?

We have all heard those stories of incredible success. But do we know the back story?

Edison failed at just about everything until he created the phone and light bulb (yeah I know Tesla did it first).

And Abraham Lincoln lost all his elections before he finally became president of this country.

And Steve Jobs took a few turns before Apple became what it is now.

Walt Disney was turned down with his drawings of Mickey Mouse, really?

Einstein was dyslexic and yet created theories that still boggle our minds.

Amelia Earhart was told that women absolutely could not fly. Yet she flew.

Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban and was told she would not speak again. She won the Nobel Peace Prize. Yeah. goose bumps. And she said

  • “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” ...

And the list goes on and on. People who never gave up. Because their vision was their drive and their life. Shiny object syndrome did not exist for them.

So here is my challenge to both myself and all of us.

What is holding us back today?

And how do we choose to let it go?

What do we need to know that failure is just a stepping stone to magnificent things that are coming into our world?

May this be the day that no holds are on us.

That we are living in our own committed life to all that is success, joy and growth and potential

May it be. And so it is.


in peace and gratitude,

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CDeMoss1 Premium
Do it over and over tell it's right.
arielharris7 Premium
That works!
Steven-A Premium
in sales the general rule is 100 no's to get one yes. You do develop a thick skin.
arielharris7 Premium
A very thick skin Steve until we finally get to that place where only yes's come in..yay!
Steven-A Premium
So true, Ariel. That's why I hated cold calling for potential prospects.
DavidCToone Premium
Another famous quote you forgot to mention
"Do or do not, there is no try!"
Yoda, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

It means just get on with it and see what happens.
arielharris7 Premium
How could I possibly forget that one lol! And my mentor Bo always says that also..there is no try just doing
Yes we can.
arielharris7 Premium
You are so right..indeed we can and then we do! Thanks for being here.
DDarragh Premium
Awesome thoughts and u r spot on the moment.

I learn from mistakes and then in sinks in, perseverance is golden in this market for sure!
arielharris7 Premium
I so know that its in the mistakes that greatness happens.. and we go forward.