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How do I upload a folder into wp contentpluginsdirectory?

How do I upload a folder into wp contentpluginsdirectory?

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I want to install WordPress Landing Pages onto my website. I downloaded it but when I read the about the installation, it told me to upload landing-pages folder to the/wp-conte

Thanks for this, I just learn all the time.

You can upload it as per Sefan's instructions but, I just checked and it's in the Wordpress repository so in your Wordpress editor you can go to Plugins > Add New, then do a search for the plugin and install it from there instead of downloading it

You might want to ask if she bought this plugin? The downloadable versions from the repository are free, but often offer more options in a pro version.

Maybe she bought a pro version then she will need to follow up the instructions below.

Thanks :)

You are correct but I thought I would throw that in there just in case she didn't know how to install a free plugin from Wordpress

Oh absolutely, it was great to add that, thanks for your great support! :D

Hi, ToLiNoLi! No, I didn't purchase it. It is free. Thank you for inquiring and your advice on my behalf. You are much appreciated!

Thank you so much for your help, Hagstf!

Thank you, Hagstf! You have been very helpful to me! You are much appreciated.

You should be able to do this through Wordpress, by going into your plugin menu and select add plugin, upload and select the zip plugin from your pc.

Then when it is done, click activate.

Should there be an error, file could be to big, contact Site Support and they will assist you that you can upload it.

Second option is through FTP, file transfer from your pc out, but I would advise to do that when you have more experience as it is not that easy for a beginner.

Hope that helps.

Thanks so much, Stefan! I will try to do this soon. Your answer was very helpful. Thanks again!

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What does tag name mean in a blog post?

What does tag name mean in a blog post?

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I just completed my first blog. I pushed the publish button, but it said to put a minimum of two tag names. I don't think it will let me publish unless I add this. Thanks in ad

From my understanding, tags are very similar to, but not the same as Keywords, I believe that they are tags associated with the Wordpress community.

Thanks, Dave! The problem was solved. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the question, Kimberly, I did wonder, just put in what I felt like, at least I know what I should be doing now. Have followed you.

Great question and answers. Thanks for sharing, I have learned something

Thank you, Lilian!

tags are helpful for 'sorting' out your blogs, so that people visiting your site can see all the posts relating to on particular subject when they click on your tags.
Its a kind of filing system =)
Yes you can name tags any which way you want!
If you use the AIO tool then your tags will double as your meta keywords - so you can name your tags strategically too.
Hope this helps - Orion

Thank you so much for your thorough explanation, Orion!

Yes, it won't let you publish without the tags attached to your blog. You can make the tags anything you want them to be.

Thank you Marmar for answering my question. Much appreciated.

You are very welcome I was happy that I could help you out

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