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Is the number reflected under traffic in jaxxy an average over a month?

Is the number reflected under traffic in jaxxy an average over a month?

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The question mark by the traffic number says "for achieving page 1" I am being told that it is an avg over a month? Is that true? I thought it was the average of people that a

Hey man,
Check out Jay's training video here at around 11 to 12 minutes in:

It's not referring to the average number of people who achieve page 1 rankings, it's a guesstimate referring to the number of visits your website will get in a month if you're on page 1. It goes hand in hand with the "Avg" column which is average number of searches per month.

I understand all of what you are saying I just wonder why the word is "achieve" in the Jaxxy explanation

Onward n upward

Achieving page 1 rankings means your post is listed on page 1. That's an achievement. So the number for that column is a guesstimate of how many hits your website can get per month if you've achieved page 1 ranking. It's always going to be less than the average searches per month.

It is not an estimate of how many will achieve page 1 rankings.

I am so sorry you are confused lol. I personally think that I know that you must achieve page one to get the traffic. No where in any of the Jaxxy or WA training are the words "a month" when referring to traffic or explaining that. When using that reference newbies are assuming that if they use that keyword they will get that many visitors a month. So if you are right about the month can you please direct me to where you got that information and if you are just assuming that it is ok to just say it.

And I guess I worded that question wrong I am sorry I did mean the average number of visitors that the people that achieve page 1 get not the average of the people that achieve page 1.

onward n upward

If a keyword is showing Avg of 144 and Traffic of 25, that's telling you that out of the 144 monthly searches, potentially 25 of those monthly searches are clicking on your post if you're on page one. I think that's pretty straightforward.

So with those numbers of 144/25 let's say you rank somewhere in the middle of page 1 and get 15 hits one month, then 20 the next, then 30 the next, then 18, and so on...

That would be great. When you're doing this for countless articles that's exactly how you build solid traffic and authority. Let's say you write another article that doesn't make it to page 1 but lands in the middle of page 2. It could be getting you 8 or 9 hits one month, then 12 another, and so on.

Traffic doesn't just stop at page 1.

If a newbie thinks he or she is "guaranteed" a certain number of hits per month they'd obviously be misunderstanding the data. There are no guarantees.

All in all the values given in Jaaxy are simply estimates of data to give us a leg up on ranking.

Good luck, brother!

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Can we have an approval system in site comments?

Can we have an approval system in site comments?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

This is just a thought about the Site comments platform. Maybe a system like a TOC that has to be read before you can start using the system that gives the basic protocol for a

That is one of the biggest hurdles....educating newcomers as to what feedback is and what a comment is, etc. It would be nice if they could make watching a video or reading a post mandatory before enabling someone to use the tools.

That's exactly what I am talking about!

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