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November 08, 2018
Hello Dear WA Family, I am so missing you all. I apologize for not stopping by more often. But do know you are all in my thoughts. So I was thinking how starting a hugging train could so easily change the world. After all here we are in WA so accepting of each other yes? We are a model of how the wolrd could be yes? SO today I am stretching out my arms to hug each of you .. and knowing that at this one singular lovely moment.. there is nothing we cannot accomplish.. or be. or do.. or change. Ge
Hello all!I have been so busy that I haven't been here very often much anymore.. So forgive me for not posting as often..I just wanted to share with you the journey of one step, because we all get to make that choice,yes? Well almost to this date a year ago, I got so out of my own comfort zone and decided that YES indeed I can. So I signed up for WA.. and have never looked back!Know why? Because I discovered a huge secret to living life. .. wanna know what it is? That just taking one new step
Well I have been really absent from this space! And I am missing all of you! First I was busy working on my business, And doing 15+ hour days. Yeah, no comments on that please. And then to my absolute surprise, (?!) I found myself collapsed on the floor and being whisked to the Emergency Room. And after way too many days at the hospital of being prodded, wired, tested, and feeling somehwat bionic, LOL. I am finally back home. A very kind and compassionate doctor said to me as he discharged me
Happy Day to all women, not only those that bore kids, but those that have Spirit Kids, and fosters kids and kids who they stop to hug each day. You have no idea how you have touched another's life. and for that we are so very thankful. May you know that your heart has changed the world. This small gift of flowers is for all you do and all you inspire. THANK YOU!Do you have a story about a woman who changes your world every day? in peace and gratitude,
Hmm clarity, focus and outcome, really? What is she talking about now?? LOLSo today as I was sitting at the river, i was mesmerized that no matter what the riiver knows its course and purpose. It always stays so focused and directed.Made me take stock of my world and business.And these questions arose:1 Am I honestly staying true to my purpose?2. Do I look for the shiny object or know that its just one step at time? 3. No matter the frustration am I ready to just keep going forward? 4. Does my
So this is a question as we go forward in this new week. Ready? How many NO's would you take until you get a YES? We have all heard those stories of incredible success. But do we know the back story? Edison failed at just about everything until he created the phone and light bulb (yeah I know Tesla did it first).And Abraham Lincoln lost all his elections before he finally became president of this country. And Steve Jobs took a few turns before Apple became what it is now. Walt Disney was turne
I know this sounds very unbusiness like..But then again perhaps not?You know how when we see someone just glowing we are, wow, what is their secret?Well, don't we all want that glow? It is so attractive isn't it? And contagious. And we want that . Or at least I do. It feels great to glow. LIke being in love, all the time. Who doesn't want to live in that space? And the more we interact with others, we hear people say, hey I want what she has! Because we are positive, thriving and vibrant, yet?
Wow that is an eye opener yes? I mean i don't know about you, but before I started with WA, I did not know: (well anything, grin)1. About SEO2. About setting up a website3. About writing quality content4. How to convert our Ebooks to a PDF5. about keywords6 about free lance writingand the list is endliess. BUT now we do! And so much more!So here is what our mentor Bo told us to do.. ready for this? Yeah really ready? THIS is truly showing how far we have come. CREATE A SERVICES OFFERED PAGE ON
Anybody ever been told "No you can't do that?"I am guessing we all have at one time or another yes? And look at us now. All entrepreneurs!Wow, so much for no you can't, huh ?Well when I was growing up, in the time before well ,everything we know now as technology, there was delineated gender roles. Yup boys could do anything almost, but girls, welp girls not so much. I had an adoring father who was also a bit on the patriarchal side, but probably in line with his generation. And he was so gende
Would you? So yesterday I was on another one of my fabulous day adventures. And riding around the mountains its always a bit of surprise as to what might just pop up. But I was on a mission to find this sanctuary where I could spend the day in quiet meditation. .I drove though really windy mountainous roads. You know the ones where you don't want to admit its a white knuckle drive? No barriers and a long fall .. yeah? Get the picture? And it was also a glorious day, high sunshine, no wind, th