Which plugin or how should I have more options for font?

Which plugin or how should I have more options for font?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Which plugin or how should I have more options for font characters and colours?
Like Script or calligraphic I just want something different and beautiful please!!!!

what you want is google fonts ...or you can use advanced editor plugin...
the standard editor has a range of font sfor you to use...
if you don't see two rows of menu icons then press lthe last one on the right on the forst row and this will open up the second row...
i hope you find the font you want...
but don't make it too difficult to read...

Hi Phil, thank you for your input, I don't know how to implement Google Font into word press as I have just the bar with Headings and comas that's all,
I don't even have the standard editor since I changed my theme, I don't know how to do it
On the other hand, I don't want to add another plugin as it will be hard for the website to work properly?
so, I really really need more fonts, not just headings. and colours...

Hey Ariana, when you go to the editor in your site do you see the first image with the one line of tool
if you click on the indicated menu item then you get the second row...
but that only allows you to add color to the text...
adding well coded plugins will not slow your site down and hte advanced editor is only active when you are editing...so will not slow your site down...
i still search for tinymce ... it is now known as advanced editor tools..install and activate
now when you goto your editor you will have a few more menu options...
you will have more fonts available to you...
if you want to use a font you have found then i would suggest useanyfont plugin...this will add the font to your editor and you can setup styling for your theme as well...
have fun
which theme are you using Ariana

Hi Phil, thank you for the super advice.
I have followed you although with so many disturbances it is quite hard too, step by step.
I found out that I had by mistake uninstall tiny mince and now, I have to activate it. soon I activate I had the fall the fonts you have to show me on the second prtscr.
Less the icon the box which expands, the one with a red arrow I don't have that, don't know why.
I am happy now, thank you.
I didn't understand what I've done
Bcs I wanted to delete I have so many plugins and I understand that more than 10 it will make your webs slow down.
Ohhh I am using it for this webs, the pet business one and for the other generate press. which I want to change with masonic or other as doest give me options to add pictures or features.
do you have any suggestions
thank you

it might be worth creating a siterubx site called testpet or similar... then you can add a theme and test it without disturbing your main site...
i would try a theme called oceanwp or astra...
these maybe will do what you want ....
but i am glad you have managed to install hte plugin and have found the fonts...
when you install tinymce then you lose that menu icon and gain a few more to help you...
don't worry too much about the plugins, as long as they give hte user a good experience then they will be ok...

Thank you, I will do what you've suggested. Thank you Phil you so good at this wish one day to be the same .....
Blessings to you &family;

PS. I need another nice wonderful colourful theme for the other fit website so....

i would seriously look at astra... this can be transformed into many wonderful design and in the future with hte block edtor (i know you don't like it) but with the block editor then you will be able to creaet whatever you want ... it is close now but hte future holds few boundaries...
try on a test site adding in the starter pack and choose the block editor as hte pagebuilder... then browse the possibilities...there are some free ones to play with...

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Are there any problems with the platform?

Are there any problems with the platform?

asked in
Getting Started

Are there any problems with the platform as I keep writing& writing and suddenly stop? and I can't save it or do anything just wait? Then I get back after 4 min and the Sit

I'm unable to continue with my lesson number 2..I struggle with creating my first funnel

Can you give us more details so that we are able to help you. Does your inquiry relates to "Understanding How to Make Money Online"?


I'll do a refresh and try again. Empty cache or try a different browser.

I've done it, Phil help me a lot, thanks Abbie

So very welcome.

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Which plugins shoud I keep on my websites?

Which plugins shoud I keep on my websites?

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Everything Wordpress

which Plugin should I keep as all of these is what I have on one of my websites?

1. Add Google ReCaptcha. 2.Add to AnyShare Buttons. 3.All in one SEO. 4. Advanced Editor

Thank you so much my dearest. It looks like we have different opinions here and in the end, I kind of don't know WHICH Plugin should I delete?


What I use I keep and not then discard. However if plugins are well coded, then it should not slow down our sites.

Thank you so much Abbie but I need to know for sure which one should I keep

I would keep 3, 8, 10 and 14

keep all in one and delete the rest

Hi - I presume you mean TablePress for no. 16. Have you created any tables in your posts? If not, you can delete that. And if you want to create tables, you can do that in Block Editor without a plugin.

Hi Diane, aaaa I've tried but this table press converts all my writing into a tablet press so I don't get it. with every tablet press I've installed all are doing the same. I don't understand.
thank you for your help

13 can go, deactivate and delete.
This from Diane

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How can I delete a comment already make it because is unwanted?

How can I delete a comment already make it because is unwanted?

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Everything Wordpress

I am sry how can I delete 1 comments left on 1 website as this is take it as inappropriate.
Thank you

Hi M
If this is a comment someone has made on your website you can just trash the comment. That will get rid of it.
Hope this helps

Hi Louise sry for my delayed answer.
Thank you so much for your reply.
I haven't been me lately. This was a comment made by me, it said "very nice but I can't take it" so, I want ME, to delete it. I don't know why I bother to make compliments on nice and well-structured websites to be taken as"inappropriate?" I don't think this is the way to answer someone...
anyway, .......
many blessings to you

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How to fix this 3 mobile usability issues:?

How to fix this 3 mobile usability issues:?

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Website Development & Programming

How do I fix this uffff these people cause me a headache as is the 2nd time happen with the 2nd website and I really don't know how to fix it, cos no one explain me Better, an

Hi Angell
You are using the Masonic theme which doesn’t seem to allow much control.
However, your site is generally readable on my iPhone (the font size is ok) but...
In the posts there are areas of white space that could be better and...
the overlapping fields are towards the top of each post/page. It’s difficult to see properly but I think it’s the author field and menu items.
In your shoes I’d do as Marion suggests.
- First backup your site.
- Try another theme... GeneratePress is my favourite.
- If that works ok, then ask for feedback.

Thank you so much, my dear Richard, I will look into these problems as I remember the good I've back up my site before. Do I have to back up every day or how?
To be honest, I've tried before Spacious but I kind of don't like it and I understand that Google did not like you, as an Authority, to keep changing the theme so, I didn't change.
I will give a look at Generate Press theme to see
TY Ariana/Ct

Personally I back up daily (automatically with Updraft plugin). If you are using WA hosting, they backup daily too.

I believe that changing a theme periodically should not affect SEO so long as the URLs are not changed and user experience is not worse.

You can always set up a free siterubix site for testing and experimenting with things such as getting to know a new theme. If you do this, you should set the test site up to ‘discourage search engines from indexing this site’ via the tick box at Settings / Reading. Then when you review the way the site looks, do that from within WP.

If you try anything I suggest and get stuck, just ask more questions.

HI Richard and ty 😊 for the feedback. I've just remember whe i read now that I have not back up the site before I have changed the theme. Hopefully nothing bad will come from. I am really stuck as I have been here now for 4 months and not even £1.5 passive income come from my all work. I'm quite disappointed and discouraged. as I've said today also in the chat room. I wish I can find an alternative to get some small amount of money from anywhere as life..... its quite hard. Ty for your help

Hi Angell
Have you properly asked for feedback on your site?
If not, you might find this thread useful: :-)

Hi Richard, I have done this, but I have just 1 reply yet I don't understand this looks like people did not care so much after all. All I got was comments relating to the articles but not the overall website.
As I said, I had 1 critical which I take into consideration and make the changes although now, if I change the theme all my sidebars widgets disappear and ufffff I have to look over again for those ones.....
you know even the lady who apparently I've come from-which I don't remember this- she said will check my websites and give me feedback............nothing happen, she's too busy for this
I can ask again, just now Ii will.

I see that you have switched to the GP theme.
If you go to Search Console now, do you get the same or different error messages?

Also, if you are able to identify another site that you like I will help you figure out what you need to do to:
1. fix GSC issues and
2. change the look of your site closer to what you want.

Hi Richard ty so u have. Your advice is well much appreciated and I make the changes as you guys teach 👍 me. The other website, I know I know some said to leave it aside and just concentrate on 1.
the other one petssanctuaryctsp dot com , I've tried to implement to both my sites what you've told me but I lost the widgets that I had on the other theme.
Also "my mentor" advice me to add the Legit pages on the Footer side is that riight, shall I do this? Also, I know another also, I would like to add amazon banner in order to pro one them on my sidebars but, the fact is I actually don't remember how and from where to get it.

I have just experiencing the same problem, just receive today same message

The way your site looks is dependent upon the theme you've chosen. Try a different theme. GeneratePress will allow you to choose the size of the font so that the text will not be "too small to read", the clickable elements will have sufficient space between them and the content will fit within the screen area.

Thank you MarionBlak, I will definitely work on it and let you know.many blessings to you

Found this may be could help https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9063469 please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.

Thank you Lula, I will definitely look up and let you know.
many blessings to you

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