Autoresponders - Free VS Paid

Last Update: Sep 5, 2017


This will be pretty short and sweet. :)

For years people have been recommending MailChimp as a free autoresponder and to be honest it really is crap when compared to others, not to mention they don't like affiliate marketers.

Next up has typically been Mad Mimi. Although I think it is better than MailChimp it is still not great. I used them when I first started out and I can say their support is really good.

My #1 Recommendation

I recommend Active Campaign to all my clients.


Because it has a lot of great tools and is pretty easy to use, not to mention it is only $9 a month when you have less then 500 subscribers. So a pretty good choice for someone starting out.

BUT ... if your budget is already busting at the seams

Sometimes even $9 is hard to do.

Luckily there is a new player in town :)

There is a new FREE autoresponder called MailerLite.

It is very similar to Active Campaign and is easy to use.

Please do check them out as your free option.

Recent Comments


I use MailerLite. It's free up to 1,000 subscribers. If I ever get to a thousand subscribers, I'll probably just stay there.


I am using MailerLite in my way, which means a trivial one, good tool so far, no issues. Warmly recommend to anybody. I think it is free up to 500 or so, so I still have some time to go.

So glad you are liking it. I think it is a good alternative to the other free ones out there. I hope they stick around for a long time.

MailerLite is what we use as well for e-commerce, not sure if it will be a long term solution, as we grow, but for now it is fine...Their prices are also less than some of the bigger ones like AWeber or GetResponse...I will have a look at ActiveCampaign, I always like to see what the competition is doing in any service we use! Cheers! Dave : )

So glad you are liking it so far Dave :)

I have an issue with mailerlite, as they do not allow the affiliate marketing and work from home niches.
That's what their support told me,
So I use icontact.


you do have to be careful. Most autoresponders will tell you they don't allow affiliate marketing and it is in their terms - they are concerned with people being spammed with offers.
I have never presented myself as an internet marketer. I am a business owner who gives advice and information to my subscribers - and some of the advice I give is about products and services and I use an affiliate link for that. :)

I didn't tell them anything. They just checked my site (which gives people advice, info and tips for online marketing).
After that, they just refused it, although they accepted another one which is in completely different niche.

Strange :(

Great to know as mail chimp has been promoted a lot more here at WA. Should I get it even though my site isn't complete yet?

I wouldn't worry about an autoresponder service just yet. We'll get your site straightened out :) and then you can put together a lead magnet (free offer) to use for building an email list. You don't need an autoresponder until you are ready with a free offer to give away.

Thank you for this info, Angela

My pleasure :)

I have been using Mailerlite for a few months now and highly recommend them. They are constantly improving their features and the support is great.
I do hope more people are going to use their service.
~ Anke


I have been using MailerLite almost a year now. You are definitely right about their support. Not that I have had to use it much (just an issue with their knowledgebase).

I have several autoresponder series set up. Plus, I publish 2 newsletters using ML.

Thanks for sharing. I have to check out your recommendation.

You're welcome :)

Thanks Angela .. Cheers, William.

You are most welcome :)

Thanks for sharing this post

My pleasure :)

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