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September 17, 2017
I have seen a few posts and questions about sales funnels and in particular - ClickFunnels. In an effort to save some of you from shiny object syndrome, I thought I would clarify a few points.I'm not just giving some random opinions here - I actually work with various technology for my clients. The biggest problem I see with my clients is them buying tools they don't need and wasting money.Now, many people who are avid ClickFunnels (CFs) users, will try and tell you that you don't need a websit
There is an offer floating around online with GCloud Drive in the URL. The sales page displays Google logos and other information from Google.It is an offer for unlimited Google Cloud Storage for $40.I had an extensive chat with Google Drive Support this morning.This is what the rep told me:The Drive accounts created are valid Google Drive accounts.The offer is NOT from Google - they only offer unlimited storage via GSuite.The rep has passed the page on up to the appropriate department.What the
September 05, 2017
If you follow the training here at WA you will find consistent and valuable lessons on how to get your online business going.It's been some time since I went through the training BUT I am also pretty sure Kyle never mentions having to BUY any special themes or plugins in order for you to be successful.Nobody really. I make no claims to be the all knowing, all seeing - well you get the idea.All I can do is speak from my own experience.So that is what I will do.Many of you who may happen to read
September 05, 2017
This will be pretty short and sweet. :)For years people have been recommending MailChimp as a free autoresponder and to be honest it really is crap when compared to others, not to mention they don't like affiliate marketers.Next up has typically been Mad Mimi. Although I think it is better than MailChimp it is still not great. I used them when I first started out and I can say their support is really good.My #1 RecommendationI recommend Active Campaign to all my clients.Why?Because it has a lot
September 04, 2017
Sometimes it feels like a dream :)Sometimes it feels like a bad dream ;)(those who have service based biz and deal with clients every day will get this lol)Overall, I couldn't be happier though!When I started on my journey just 3 years ago, I only wanted to make enough to take care of my needs so my daughter wouldn't be supporting me any more. Here is a bit of advice I have always given my daughter and have always tried to implement in my own life."You can do anything in life you want. You just
August 27, 2017
When working online, there feels like there is always something new to learn. I have been building websites for three years now and I still learn new things I can do with WordPress.One of those things has to do with the menu.I never had need for this particular feature so I never looked into it. I just assumed it was not possible so never 'Googled' it.One of my clients is very particular about her links and wants EVERYthing to open in a new tab - including her menu items.As I said, I did not t
I just want to share an extremely useful tool with you today.How do you store your passwords?Do you write them in a notebook? Save them on a spreadsheet?Use the same password for everything so you won't forget?Now more than ever, when working online, we need to be security conscious.There are people out there who are just looking for ways to breach anyone's account - just to see if they can.How good is your security?There are many tools out there to help you with storing passwords.My preference
August 13, 2017
I don't know about you but sometimes life can really throw shit at you and if you're not careful it can knock you on your arse real quick.I am a creature of habit. I like to say I don't mind change but if I'm really honest here, I can be really stubborn and resistant to it.The problem with that is - to move forward and and improve in your business, things have to change. They need to improve.One of the hardest things for me is starting new 'good' habits. That's why I am quite surprised that I a
August 04, 2017
No - not S&M - SM as in Social Media!If you do any work online, you know that social media is just one of those things you need to do. You should have at least 3 SM accounts but really more is better, depending on your niche.Those 3 accounts - in my opinion - should be Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus - DUH - Google owns G+!If you are in a very visual niche then you should also have a Pinterest account.Lately I've been seeing a lot of big names on Instagram and SnapChat as well!OMG! I hear
Do you ever feel like your head's just going to explode with information? Do you get overwhelmed by it all and end up doing nothing?It has definitely happened to me!I mentioned before about the trip I took to Sacremento, CA. Well, less than 30 days later, I took another trip. I went to Phoenix, AZ with a client and attended ICON17.What is ICON you might ask?ICON is an annual event put on by Infusionsoft. ICON gathers amazing, brilliant minds in the biggest mastermind you've ever seen. This is a